Monday, January 21, 2013

My LiTtLe PaSSiOn... (",)

mmmmmm... I have a new piano cover to share, something from Mariah Carrey, but hadn't had the time to record it and make a video etc etc.. 
So, why don't I share something with you guys, something I've been addicted to for so long..
Addicted to a song, actually a piano cover hehe.....(",)
I'm sure everybody knows this song, sape tak tau tu memang ketinggalan ketapi sungguh la hehe..

One Moment In Time, by Whitney Houstan, From the album,
 "1988 Summer Olympics Album"
Yes! It was once a theme song for Olympic games!

The song is wonderful, beautiful, and is worth every beautiful word to describe it. 
Some people say, this song should always be an Olympic theme song because of the powerful lyrics.

"I want one moment in time,
When I'm more than I thought I could be,
When all of my dreams are a heart beat away,
And the answers are all up to me,
Give me one moment in time, 
When I'm racing with destiny,
Then, in that one moment of time,
I will feel eternity...."

As for me, I'm in tears sometimes whenever I really really listened to this song and this piano cover by this lady from Japan here, not only the melody and the lyrics of the song itself that has touched my heart, but how she plays the piece so beautifully..... 
For those who have passions for music as much as I do, you know what I mean... ;) 

It looks as if her fingers are dancing on the piano keys.. lovely.. (",)

She is amazing, I adore her, she's my favorite pianist ever!!! I've never seen anyone played this song as wonderful, beautiful and as perfect as she did on You Tube... It's my dream to play piano like her, (tak tau lah akan trcapai ke tak hehe) and it's also my dream to join an orchestra.. 
Thinking to start learning to play violin.. (pulak dah..) hehe..

It's a motivational song, the best for me, when I'm feeling down, I get a lil bit motivated by listening to it, hope so do you (",)


sitiezahim said...

power gile...huhuhu

Miss Anna said...

kaaaannn... mula2 tengok dulu sy ternganga kejap hehe..

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