Thursday, March 13, 2014

ALeeNa and MaNja....

Assalamualaikum wbt...



Aha, Aleena named her Manja, because as the name implies, Manja is very friendly, loves to be cuddled and pampered.

She came to our house a few weeks ago, with blood oozing out from her vagina, I believed she'd just lost her babies :(
So, we started feeding her and taking care of her.
Aleena loves Manja so much!
Whenever we are out to buy cat food, Aleena would chose which cat food to buy for Manja!
Hehe so cute kan (",)
Children are so innocent, and their hearts so pure and innocent, this is the time to encourage good deeds!

Tengok tu, baru bangun tido, belum gosok gigi belum ape, dah pergi tengok Manja dulu haha!

Among the three of them, Afeef, Fatini and Aleena, Aleena is the one who's soooooooo into cats. 
But not just that, she cares for them too... always wanted to feed them...
 So sweet kan (",)

When we are eating out, she would always want to buy extra fish for the stray cats.
So sweet kan.... (",)

So, the thing is, all children have this wonderful hearts, so pure...
It is up to us parents to either encourage them to keep doing these good deeds or discourage them.
The money we've spent to feed these cats were not actually wasted, the values you've just instilled in your children when you help those stray animals out there are actually priceless. 
And don't be scared to spend for those in need including stray animals, because when you give, Allah will give you more than you could possibly imagine, in the least unexpected ways!

But don't do it because you expect something in return from Allah SWT!
Do it because animals are also 'Amanah' from Allah SWT, and feeding and helping them are the right thing to do, because if we human being don't, then who else will?

Yeah yeah I know, hardly anyone in favour to feed stray animals regularly, they're nuisance some people would say, they would come to your house regularly when you start feeding them regularly, they  would make your lawn dirty with feaces and urine.
This is what I did, I spare some space with no grass on my lawn, just sand so they can urinate there. 
It worked well so far.

The key word is, do everything for Allah SWT, and Allah will make everything easy for you, insyaAllah..
So, lets start today, remember,
~~Mahatma Gandhi~~

Till later, Salam (",)

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Little SoMeThiNg.....

Assalamualaikum wbt..

One of the best thing about writing a blog is that, the surprises it'll give you when you go through any of your posts again later, and discover that you've totally forgotten certain things that have happened!

 I've been reading a few entries just to recall some stories from our life in DE, of course only stories in DE that I have ever had in this blog because I've decided to start blogging only when I discovered that hubby had to further studies there. So, I was thinking to put our new journey there into writing, coz pictures won't be enough, and I was right.
I was reading this ENTRY again the other day and was surprised to find how confident I was about starting our new life in Malaysia.
And how determined I was to make things happen!

Maybe the determination wasn't so obvious in that writing, but as I was reading it, it's all coming back to me, I remember all the feelings so clearly, the determinations, the confidence...
I closed my eyes and I saw everything so vividly again :)
There we were, going up the hill, hand in hand, having had one of the most wonderful moments with the kids, met Afeef's teacher and the sadness we all felt at the ideas of leaving Germany for good :(

So, I did remember, I've promised, I would never want to wait for things to happen, instead I'll make them happen! 

So ok, lets add some colors to the already beautiful life (",)

What's new? 

Ahah... Afeef brought a friend home!
The first friend to come over.
He was sooooo excited about it, I'm so happy to see Afeef moving on so well!
Please pay no attention to the girl on the right :P
Sibuk lebih tu, but the funniest part was when she frantically searched for her 'tudung' when Afeef's friend came over.
She said: "Ada boy datang, Fatini kena pakai tudung!!!"

Haha, thanx to PASTI :D

And also.....

Swimming lesson!!!

Fatini was supposed to join too, but I haven't gotten her the 'Muslimah swimsuit'
just yet, so she refused to join the 1st lesson. Punya lah alim... Haha..
So, I am now in the process of finding the cutes Muslimah swimsuit for girls (",)

Ok, what's more???
Just when my spirit was lifted so high and I was so full of determination for the days ahead, Fatini was down with a high fever....

Again, there we were in Pekan hospital, with the wonderful people around.. (",)
At 1am in the morning, they've never failed to smile and showed their care and concern!
I just love the people there so much!

Oh poor Fatini, her first experience with the needle in her, it turned out she had not a serious bladder infection, and she has recovered today (",)

Alhamdulillah for a little test from Allah SWT..
It makes me stronger each day and it makes me appreciate life even more...
Life, wherever we live it, is a blessing from Allah SWT.

Ps: Still thinking of the missing aircraft.... Lets doa and doa and doa...

Till later, salam...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Popular Boy...

Assalamualaikum wbt....

I asked him the other day, what does he likes most about his school and new class?
He said, being the most popular boy in school is what he enjoy most.
Is he really that popular??

Oh yesss...
You won't believe it, but that's really what's happening now.. He's the most popular boy in school, everyone knows him, simply because he just came back from Germany!
Ok, perhaps, if we are now in huge city like Kuala Lumpur, this is probably nothing, but since we are now in Pekan pahang, not a huge town, so Afeef became too popular.
Afeef enjoyed it very much, but as for me, the low profile, and the kind who love to stay behind the curtain kind of person, I found this quite uncomfortable.
Everyone stares at me whenever I'm there!!!!

Ok, enough of that, so I asked him, what is his favorite subject in school?
He said~~ History, Pendidikan Islam (don't know how this is called in english), Mathematics, and Science!
Wow, what a combination!

He said he kinda enjoy school nowadays, "because he's tooooo Popular" :P
And when I asked, if he ever feels bored in school, for all different subjects compared to DE, 
he said, it doesn't matter if certain subject doesn't interest him, he's there in school for the knowledge, so he'll learn them regardless!
I never think the way he does until I've finished University!

Being the typical Malaysian mom before I went to DE, I've always wanted Afeef to be the best in class, the best in school if possible, but, after 4 years in DE, I've learnt a lot, that I realised, it's not number 1 and the best student in class that I'm after, it's the knowledge, and how we apply what we've learned in life, that's what matters.

So I told him, "Don't stress yourself with the competitive behaviour of some people, just go with your own pace, and never forget to pray and make doa everyday."
Not every succesfull people started off good you know.. Hehe..

Afeef may be a bit left behind now, but I believe, he'll really achieve something in the future insyaAllah..

By the way, this is our neighborhood now...
Isn't it nice?

I know I shouldn't be thinking about our home in Kaiserslautern Germany anymore, I'm here now, and it is a very peaceful place, and the kids are adapting well too and they love this new neighborhood.... but still from time to time, I couldn't help myself, those images keep flashing in my head, those moments when I oppened the window and watched the beautiful Spring lights, those beautiful sunsets from our window, those routines....

But, there's always a beautiful sunset that I can always gaze at here too, here in our new neighborhood...
Just as beautiful... 


I wouldn't trade anything in this world, not even the kind of life I once had in DE for these positiv changes in my children, they talked about Allah, Rasulullah almost all the time, they've memorized surah so fast...
It made me think, this is the Hikmah of coming back to Malaysia and I don't have to wait long to see it.

So, Life goes on...
Life's Like That...

Till later, Salam...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

There were some things you accepted might happen in your life, and others that were less likely. 
Like... My dream to live my life in Europe... Errrr... Which is so high unlikely to happen, but I accepted it as something which might happen in the future though it seems impossible... 
But.. I still think I might stand a chance.... Bla bla bla.... 

Anyway, there are a few things I wanna highlight here..
Number 1: I live in Pekan Pahang, where the internet service is super duper fast that I have to only wait till I'm at mom's place to update this blog. Yeah, mom's place has got wifi...

Number 2: I have lots of stories to tell, but I hardly have time! I'm far busier now than when I was in DE. 
I have some extra work that I never had to bother when I was in DE:

~~ I have to make sure the house is thoroughly clean everyday, THOROUGHLY CLEAN OK! 
As this will help prevent insects from getting into the house, which in turns, no lizards will want to get inside too, otherwise the kids will go crazy! 
This is hard work that you must not take lightly, sometimes I feel so helpless trying my best to prevent these tiny creatures from getting inside and still I found them inside the house every now and then, that I feel like begging them, 
"Please please please don't sneak into our home! My kids have so much fear for you guys, so please please leave us alone!!"
Or maybe I should just write on a piece of paper: 
"Lizards not allowed to enter." 
And paste it on our door.
Mmmmmm... Do you think that might work?

Anyway, Number 3: Afeef is recovering, alhamdulillah...
He was admitted a few weeks ago, a huge blow for me... 
I was lost and confused since the day we moved to Pekan, hating this place so much and the people in it, and this blow brought me back on track, it made me think and had open my eyes..

Afeef had 4 visits to Pekan hospital due to persistent and endless tummy pain.
During that 4 visits, the staffs there had come to know him, some really showed so much concerns and care that I just couldn't help myself but feel sooooooo touched and most of the times I felt like crying for their kindness.
Why shouldn't I be? All my life, I believed the only way to get the best treatment is to go to private hospitals, errrrrrr... Not the best treatment, but there in private hospital is where the doctors and nurses are kind because we pay them rite?? 

So, here's the thing, we paid not a single cent to Pekan hospital, but yet, they were super kind and extra nice to us! 
They all cared, and the best part was, I knew they're sincere! 

Yeah yeah.... I always adored my life in DE, the kind people there, and I thought I would never meet those kind and sincere people anymore, but I just did... Pekan Hospital's staffs had taught me valuable lessons and I'm totally grateful. 

Number 4: Afeef has started schooling again, alhamdulillah... But now in different class.. He's been transfered to the bottom class. Am I ashamed of this??
No, of course not... I'm proud of Afeef, always.... 

My biggest worry when he was put in the last class was that; 
He would mingle with less educated people, would they treat him nice?

Things always turned out unexpectedly... Afeef now has a very kind friend who helped him a lot, and cared  for him too, took good care of Afeef while Afeef was in school and he's the one accompanying Afeef anywhere he needs to go... When Afeef's in pain, he'd helped buy food for Afeef. Hey, nice people are everywhere, regardless! 

As for me, I am starting to really love this new neighbourhood and its own tranquility... 
Of course, not the same as the one I had in DE, but... Close... (",)
Waiting for another interesting something next year insyaAllah...  (",)

Nevertheless, I still miss this place terribly....
I am never gonna get over it, am I?

Till later, Salam....

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