Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Help Me !!

Oh no, HELP ME !!!!!
Tolonglah bagi advise utk manusia yg tak tau bersyukur ni heheheh !!

Ok, I currently owned this Yamaha P95 Digital Piano..
It's great, satisfying, modern looking, except....
It has no cover (saje buat alasan) and...

I have this problem...

Last Saturday, I've tried Florian's piano and...

It's just.... indescribably beautiful...
I mean, not only the look, but also the feel...

Oh i'm damn serious, his piano brand is Kawai, with price twice as much as the one I've owned and a better speaker, it delivers a wonderful melody.....

So, I kinda feel like getting a new piano, and sell the one I have now on e-bay..
and Lily was so supportive haha..
And thru observation, I'm quite certain that my piano worth more than half of it's original price, but still... I need to add a few hundred euros extra to have the one like Florian's huhu..

Oh help me !!
Please give me some advice so I won't waste my money on unnecessary thing..
And now, suddenly, I dream of this Casio Privia pulak, same features like Florian's piano...
So perfect...

I know I made a mistake, last time I didn't wanna spend too much on piano, but now after playing piano for a while, I've come to realize the importance of satisfaction in playing...
mmmmmm.... is it too much if I spend a lil bit more on a new piano and yet really is satisfying???
I know, it sounds a bit like 'membazir', but I've never dreamt for anything else before in my life, no dream car, no dream house, (oh ok, I have a dream house, but I don't mind if it's only a dream haha ), so, should I get a new piano ??

Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to be thankful with the existing piano, but, I can't forget the wonderful feeling I've felt while playing Florian's piano...

And listen to this, my piano is special, it has a function for duet, piano + choir..
So, this is me playing My Heart Will Go On with function piano + choir..

Sorry for the unfinished video, dun know what went wrong with my camera..
So, my piano is already lovely rite ??

Oh, help me !!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Great Saturday :)

Again, another date with Victor, Lily and Florian last Saturday :)
This time, they took us to lunch in a huge Restaurant here in Kaiserslautern..
mmmm, once before they took us to the Zoo, they've invited us to a bbq at their place, and also invited us to celebrate Florian's birthday party which we couldn't make it, almost every Friday after karate's finished, they would invite hubby and Afeef over to their place where they served dinner etc etc.., they adored everything we've shown or given them, and they showed interest and appreciation in every invitation and also food that we've served them...
Overall, I would say that, they've been so infinitely kind to us, they've done and helped us a lot, in many things and events..
I don't think we could ever repay them, but the most amazing thing is, I knew it by heart that they don't expect anything in return, not even the least...
Their kindness were utterly beyond words for me to express...
I mean, take this as an example, they took the trouble to drive two cars just to pick us all up, whereas they could just told us to meet them at the Restaurant straight away because the Restaurant was just nearby, we could even walk there, but the've just wanted too, wanted to do and give the best.. isn't that sweet??

And not just that, they've paid for everything and even planned for more activities together, like skiing, go to Factory outlet together, etc etc...
The most wonderful thing is to realize that they didn't do all these in return of a good favor from us, but simply because they'd loved to do it... I don't know how to say it, like I said, it's beyond words !!!!
They are just kind people, kind at heart, kind in act and in everything !!
They are just great, and I love being with them !!

So, this is inside the Restaurant.
Look at all the foods :)
This is one of the most spacious restaurant we've ever been to in Deutschland :)
And the variety of foods were massive, however, we had to be very careful for we're afraid of anything non halal..

So, to be safe, all fried food were our choices, like fries, fried squid, fried prawn etc etc heheh..

A candid :)

These two, as always, can't get their hands off each other :)
Nowadays, whenever they meet up, all they do is...
Karate, karate, karate...
I hope they'll make it together for the change of belt :)

Nice :)

There's a small pond in the Restaurant too, with 'Koi fish' in it.
Oh my, Aleena loved it sooooo much :)

Afterwards, they took us to their home, where Lily served her special Cheesecake which she'd baked herself, and it tasted super yummy !!
I've even got a neatly written recipe from her !! Hahaha.. so nice of her :)

Seriously, if you ask me where to get a nice cheesecake in Deutschland, I would suggest Lily's cheesecake hehehe, I really loved it, and I have the recipe too !! yahoooo !!

The kids were busy playing :)

And Fatini with her drawing..
I bet you all know what she'd drawn there on the board :)

Eh ???

And lastly.......
A gift from Lily... hehe..
What's inside ??
Biarlah rahsia hehehe...

Ok ok, how bout a little peep inside..

Anyway, it was by far one of the best Saturday ever, had a great time together, we've chatted one issue after another until it's almost dark that Victor took us all home, we had a great laugh, Lily showed me her wedding album, we showed them our photos in Malaysia through FB, and Lily has recently enrolled herself in English course.
I guess, I'm her motivation to learn English and she is my motivation to learn Deutsch and we helped each other, and when we talked, we tried our best to explain everything, she'd open her dictionary and I would open mine, funny huh ?? hahaha,
Nevertheless, even though we speak different languages, and even though it's hard to sometimes understand what she was saying, and to explain whatever I wanna explain took so much efforts, we could still sit together, had a laugh together, hugged each other, cared for each other, appreciating, giving and accepting, it's a great feeling...
I feel like... we are soooo close at heart :)

There were times, whenever I think of their kindness, that I silently make a prayer for them, may God grant them all the wonderful things in life :)

mmmmm.. like I said once before, in a place where we have no family and friends, they make us feel like, We belong...


Thursday, February 23, 2012

My first project :)

My first real project hehe..
It took me two days to complete the whole thing.. not bad for a beginner like me :)

This one goes in the dining area...
mmmm... next project, is pink and purple tulips...

My very own painting is on the wall !!
It's not anything special or unique, but... it's my very own, and it feels great !!!
And thanx to Mr. Hubby again for his full support (as always :) ), he bought two huge drawing boards for me hehe, so sweet :)
Ok, till later, Salam...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Housewife's heaven...

A few years ago, I would strived to make sure that I'd have my own career, I couldn't imagined myself staying at home for the rest of my life...
For me, life at home was not a life at all...
I've gone through almost 2/3 of this marriage with me busy completing a bachelor degree in IIUM, a year ++ as a full time housewife in Malaysia and 2 years as a full time housewife here in Deutschland..
In that 1 year in Malaysia as a housewife, I had many plans for myself, to further studies, to get a job, to start my own business etc etc..
I just couldn't stand it, couldn't bear life as a housewife.. I found it utterly... boring...
But in these 2 years of life as housewife in Deutschland, I have not even felt the slightest boredom, I have no longer wished a life as a career woman, In fact, I don't want any other kind of life but, the one that I have now !!!
I don't know if this feeling is only temporary or not, because being a housewife in Deutschland is very highly acknowledged, and appreciated..
I got scolded once by my Deutsch teacher for saying,
"I have no profession, I'm a housewife.."
And she got all emotional and said,
"Housewife is a profession!! you cook, clean, take care of your kids, bla bla bla... maybe in M'sia it's not a profession, but here in Deutschland it is, bla bla... "

So I guess, I've already have a profession and it's the best !!
Count my word on that, and recently, I've discovered something from one of the stores here, a painting boards... lots and lots of them, with different sizes...
Oh my, suddenly, the desire to paint again overwhelmed me heheh..

So I started last week, my 1st trial, I bought a small board 1st, in case in turned out disastrous :D
But it didn't end up disastrously, fortunately enough for me hehe..
I tried a simple and kiddy kind of drawing 1st with Fatini nearby, watching me closely, scrutinizing details of my drawing, and repeated the same compliment over and over again,
"Wow... cantik nya mama lukis !!"
For a 4 year old, cantik sgt la painting ni, but.... hubby was also impressed???!!!!
Aiyo, wait till he sees my real paintings... haha !! :D
Just kidding, i'm not that good actually, but hubby said there's part of me that has never been exposed, or that part of me that he never knew about?? hehe
Maybe he's right, there's so much desires in me, to paint, to play music, to decorate, to come up with something different, but none of it was possible in Malaysia, the exposure was just not there..
But here, everything seems possible and is made possible by existing opportunity..
I'm not so good at any of it, but I can certainly make something simple looks attractive.. but again, it lies in the eyes of the beholder..
Some people might find it not even the least attractive hehe..

For example, I found this from a different stores, and combining it...

Not bad huh ??

Or, this...

And this...
Just a lil bit of imagination, and there you go...

By the way, the whole house is like 'kedai bunga' already hehe..

So, what a great life a housewife can have, you have lots of time to start your hobby, to do whatever you desire, as for me, I have so many things to do in one day that time never seems enough for me...

I have lots of time to read, currently, i'm on this interesting Mary Higgins novel...
And, I have lots of time to cook too..
Not just any cook, I can try any new recipes any time I want !!

This one is called Irischer Auflauf, obtained from Nuraliza's blog, sedap tau, I suka !!
Later I'll post an entry bout this recipe :)

And also, I have lots of time to play piano, to learn Deutsch, to start painting, to spend times with the kids which is priceless, to help Afeef with his homework, to go out and have fun anytime I want, and most importantly, I have lots of time for ibadah, isn't that cool ??

Isn't housewife the best profession ??
The answer is YES to me, and it's heaven on earth, and I know, later in Malaysia, things might be different, everything might not be as sweet as it is now, but...
Life can be interesting anywhere, everywhere right??
With God's will, everything is possible..
And, the truth is always there, God has plans for all of us, it might not be something we like or what we wanted in the beginning, but turned out to be a bed of roses, and with a lil bit of realization and a positive thinking, the truth will hit you.....
That life, wherever you live it, is full of blessings, in it's very own way..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fatini's 1st drawing class and a snowfall :)

The last two weeks had been a hard one for me, the temperature had dropped far below the freezing point. The worst was -20 deg !!! And it drove me crazy, especially in the morning where I found myself shivering uncontrollably inside my own house !!! And my own hand felt numb...

Nevertheless, all activities went on as usual, and Fatini's first drawing class started last week. We've noticed this drawing talent in her earlier that we've decided to register her for a drawing lesson.
So, last week, I had to take her for her 1st class while it was freezing outside..
It was so cold, that I felt like I just wanna give up taking her to her 1st class, we were halfway there when suddenly the snow fell from the sky...
It was one of the most wonderful and memorable sight..
And suddenly, all the unbearable coldness receded :)

There, Fatini inside her class :)
I imagined the far worst situation, like she wuld cry and begged me to accompany her there, like what had happened on her 1st and 2nd day at dance class..
But, she proved me wrong, she behaved sooooo well, didn't even ask me to stay, in fact, she even told me to go home !!!
She'd even picked up a few new Deutsch words !!

Look, she didn't even give me the last look before I left.. hehe..
Actually, I didn't really leave her there, her classroom was so near to the library, so I, Afeef and Aleena went there for a wyle, while waiting for Fatini to finish.

We've arrived a lil bit early, actually there's more kids in this class, I think about 8 kids :)

On the way home, the kids were all soooo excited to see everything covered in snow, well, I myself was so sure that there won't be anymore snow for this winter.. I had given up hope for the snow to fall..
And suddenly, there it was...
God's will :)

Throwing snow into the air :)

All white...

And, paling tak tahan, hahaha, aksi guling2 atas snow ni wajib tiap2 tahun :)

Still was not enough to make a snowman, but... enough for the kids to play with :)

And at home, papa asked to see what she did in drawing class,

For a 4 year old and a 1st class, I think it is super super wonderful !!
I kissed her 10 times on the cheek for her great art work and for behaving so well !!
Gut gemacht Fatini !!

And, this is what she painted on her 2nd day at drawing class this week...
Both me and hubby think it's great that we've decided to hang it on the wall hehe..
Ok, ok, i'll get a nice frame for it..
An extra special memory from Deutschland :)

What a happy and nice Winter...
Till later, salam...


Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Friend's Visit :)

Oh, it's been a week since their visit to our place, and only now that I'm able to write about them... ???
mmmm... what are my excuses ??
Actually, it's been a busy week, with Fatini and her first day at drawing class, with me being totally engrossed in a Novel, and also trying a new song on piano, and trying new recipe, haha..
Macam2 hehe..

Anyway, Noorul, Idham and little Adam were our special guest last Sunday... :)
Idham had been here in Zweibrucken, Deutchland for a while now, and Noorul and little Adam were here for two weeks to visit Idham and will join him later for good, insyaAllah..
I had known Noorul a few months back thru Facebook, she had written bout how we first knew each other, you can read it HERE.
So, for the past two weeks, they were all happily reunited !! :)
And I took the chance to meet Noorul and little Adam !!

And, lets see what I've cooked for the day, mmmm...
Ikan keli tu yg sebelah kiri skali hehe, but I asked them first if it's ok for me to serve them ikan keli and I got green light from Noorul, then only I went to Asian shop and looked for 'Ikan keli'. Next to it is ayam percik, sayur and lastly the very special 'Ayam golek'..
Ayam golek was specially cooked by Idham and Noorul and they brought it over with them, and it tasted super delicious, seriously, and thanx very much to them :)

Meal time !!

Little Adam with his goodie bag :)

And little Aleena busy bodying... hehe

Adam and Aleena watching Upin & Ipin, macam comel je kan, Adam dan Aleena, remind me of Anuar & Elina ( yg nyanyi lagu Suasana Hari Raya tu hehe )
This picture is from Noorul's camera, credit to Noorul and Idham for a very nice photo :)

And afterwards, we headed for the Museum which is only a few steps away from our doorstep, and yet we have never been there, haha, I know I know, the nearest always is the last to visit..
If it weren't for Noorul and Idham, we would probably set our foot there on our very last day here heheh..
Thanx again to them, because of them, we finally paid a visit to the Museum :)
Again, this photo was taken from Noorul's camera :)
For those who's not into art, they would probably found things inside the Museum a lil bit boring, as for me, I found certain things boring but a few was quite an eye catcher, I was attracted to certain drawings which I think I could just stand there and stare at them for hours..

And, this one is my favorite photo, taken by Noorul.. lovely.. :)

And lastly, is a photo in front of the Museum, taken by Idham..
Credits to them for a nice pics.

After the Museum visit, we went back to our place again, had a coffee and cakes and we had a great time !! :)
Idham, Noorul and little Adam's visit really was an enjoyable one for me, made our day, hope that later when they pay us a visit again, we could plan for a nicer and full of fun activities insyaAllah..
As for now, I wish them all the best, may Allah grant Noorul ease in giving birth to her second baby, and may Adam help his Umi in taking care of a little baby later, and may all of them always always are under God's blessings :)
Thanx for the visit and the wonderful time together, till we meet again :)
Bye.. :)

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