Monday, February 6, 2012

Fatini's little Party :)

It's been a busy weekend yet very cheerful and filled with sweet and wonderful memories :)
Saturday, 4th of February, we had a little celebration for Fatini's 4th birthday..
Not a huge one, celebrated only with a few close friends who's like a family to us :)

This time, I made sure that I fulfilled her dream, she had been requesting for a Princess cake, and I kept telling her, wait until your next birthday ok, and so, promise is a promise, it has to be kept :)

It wasn't that difficult, just a lil bit of perseverance haha...
It was well worth it, Fatini was so happy, jumping up and down while watching me decorating it :)

And... table is ready...
I made fried bihun, and pastry with sardine filling..
And... lots and lots of candies.. :)

Birthday girl is ready !!! yeay!!

Victor and Lily were the first guest to arrive, they were always on time :)
Mike was a bit late, coz he had to work on Saturday...
Too bad...
How I wished we could all get together :)

Heheh, Lily with her new short hair, and I think she looks gorgeous !

Then, cake cutting took place..

After that, the most awaited moment for Fatini...
Heheh, 3 gifts, one from Florian and family (the orange one), the pink big box is from papa and Afeef, and the last one is from mama and papa :)
And there's one more, from Mike, which she'd received the latest..

Excited tak ingat hahaha !!

From left : A gift from Florian and family, from papa and Afeef and from mama and papa :)
That Barbie princess was something she'd been asking for so long..
Previously, the price was 25euro in Toys'R'us, and when we were in Malaysia a few months ago, I checked the price as well and it was RM100.. and I was determined to buy this for her as a Birthday gift regardless of the price, because she wanted it so badly..
But, thank you Allah, for suddenly, the price had been reduced to 14++ euro..
Waaahh, ape lagi, terus grab without giving it a 2nd thought :)
Memang rezeki Fatini :)

And seeing her happy when she opened the present was the best moment..

Next activity, listen to Aleena playing piano...

Then, play time.. khemah is ready yahoo !!
Fuuuhh, riuh satu rumah, baru 3 orang kanak2 :)

Lily and Victor, layan wii game hahaha..

Then, our last guest for the day, Mike came, a bit late, bout 6pm..
He brought something for Fatini as well :)

Like always, Aleena saje nak mengade2 dgn Mike hahaha..
And Mike pun rajin je nak layan dia..
hehehe, sweet tau klu tengok diorang ni together2 :)

Tadaaaaa.. a Birthday gift from Mike :)
Princess Aerial ( the little mermaid) with gown version.. cute :)

At the end of the day, Khemah was the best and most enjoyable gift of all.... ??

Yeah, I guess so..
She slept in it for the whole night hahahaha !!

Sunday, 5th of February, a friend from Zweibrucken (Noorul, Idham and Little Adam) came over, and we had a great time together...
Ok, that story will be in my next post !!
What a busy and great wekend !!
Till then, Salam...


zahim said...

*komen dari hajar hihihi..
wahhhh tak tunggu kami...huhuhu
cantik la kek princess thumbs up unt ana...gut gemacht!! primaaa!! :D

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: hehehe, thank you very much :)
next: kek spongebob heheh, yg ni sy tunggu hajar wokeh !! :D

アヌムちゃん said...

comelnyeee kek tuhhhh!

ummi_ziz said...

Wah pandainya mama wat kek princess! Thimbs upkak, fatini lookrd so happy on her party..ada rezeki nti aunty send present k!:))

Zaza Fakharuldin said...

akak snow x disane?

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