Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AGaiN FaTiNi's StoRy...

Ok, today she had an argument with me, I was busy doing my Deutsch Homework, and she disliked that, and she kept distracting me, and she loved delaying me with my homework.. so today she wanted a milk in Aleena's bottle.. The bottle was too small, I knew if i use this bottle then she wouldn't have enough and would request for more and I'd have to leave my homework again, and prepare another round of milk for her.. so I told her "NO, botol Aleena kecik sgt"
but she won't accept "NO" for an answer, I must use other approach with her like "Jgn la guna botol aleena, Princess x minum susu kat botol kecik tau.." but this time it didn't work..
She wouldn't budge and insisted on having her milk in this bottle, and I realized no point arguing with her, so I gave in..
The thing is with her now, she wants everything that belongs to Aleena.. even when she has a far better stuffs for herself.. that purple cloth on her hair is actually Aleena's shawl.. I bought that together with baby's mitten and a hat. Aleena hadn't had the chance to use any of it! The shawl now has become her artificial hair! hahah! She has this on her hair all the time.. Ntah ape2 ntah..

This is another story... They have this in Town every Winter, so Afeef was really into this. Fatini was excited at first but something along the way had made her scared... Thank goodness they stopped shortly after she started crying..

At first...

Then Suddenly...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

AfEEf's 1st ICE SkATinG ExPeRieNce...

Last Saturday was a beautiful day coz it was sunny! Had been almost a week without the sun, and finally there it was peeking through the clouds. I noticed one thing bout these German's people, they appreciate the sun so much. I couldn't agree on this more and now I'm starting to feel the same way.. it was such a huge mistake if we didn't go out on the day when there was a sun.
During summer, they would spend their day outdoor as much as possible, they would take out their shoes, and they would walk barefooted on the hot pavement, enjoying the heat, they would purposely had their lunch under the sun, and they would put the sunglasses on and chat for hours and they didn't mind the heat, not even the slightest. They just enjoyed it too much, and I found it funny and amusing! But now, I'm the one craving for the sun! And I miss Malaysia badly :(
I think I'd prefer the same hot season throughout the year rather than this.
Anyway, we went for a skating last Saturday, and I was dying to try (ye la tu), but unfortunately smbody had to look after aleena kan, though she slept the whole time there. Check this video out..

This was when he had gained confidence, at first he was scared but eventually he did it!

After that, both of them wanted to play on the playground, which was not the right time, it was soooo cold.. I thought the dinasour would scare Fatini away like it did before but not anymore.. but she did steal an anxious glance at it once in a wyle.. heheh

She had overcome her fear for the dinasor to be on this swing.. Two thumbs up for Fatini! No matter how adventurous she is, I don't think ice skating is her thing... but we'll see..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

SnOwY ThURsDaY...

It's snowy today, fuuuhh, not so excited bout it anymore.. We are stronger now in a sense that we don't need the heater as much as we did last winter.. especially Fatini who remains the strongest! she has on her only one piece of clothes day and nite even when she has runny nose hehe.... perhaps thats the reason why her runny nose remain the way it is..
Ok, not so much of a story to tell, as I'm always occupied on Thursday and Tuesday, doing Deutsch homework of course hehehe. My classes are on these days. Anyway, I just wanna share this gud book with everyone..
I'd suggest to all parents to buy this book, it's a very good guidance for them.. I bought this in Malaysia, and only started reading it recently.. I shuld've read it earlier.. but it's never too late for anything..

Ok, just a lil bit on Afeef's cookies making day.. As usual he'd tell me every single thing he did at kindergarten.. Yesterday he baked cookies, he had a trip to town wif his frens and teachers so probably they were at the bakery and each student had an opportunity to get involved in cookies making.. he gets to chose his desired shape for the cookies and sprinkle them with colorful sugary beads.. mmm cute.. and the best thing was, he presented this as a 'gift' to momma... hehehe..

Not bad for a 6 year old!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A LiL BiT of HeRe AnD TheRe...

Finally what Afeef has been waiting for, arrived two days ago, but unfortunately I was charged with 25euro tax! What the heck! thats waaaayy too much for a tax.. I can get lots of other stuffs with 25euro, a trolley full of food stuffs, beverages, I can even buy 3 Barbie Dolls with that 25euro hahaha!! **sigh** nevertheless, it was worth it coz Afeef loved the Lego sooooo much!!
Check it out..

Cool isn't it? This robot can transform into a car, just like Transformers.

Thank you Aunty Tie. While Afeef was all smiley and goofy happy, Fatini had the hard time accepting the idea that her Toy had not yet arrived! haha..Actually, my sister had bought for both Afeef and Fatini a birthday gift, and Fatini knew bout it, but she didn't wait for the gift to arrive as much as afeef did.. due to unavoidable error, my brother who did the posting, culdn't include Fatini's toy in the package but instead he put in Barbie bangle. Having a strong memory as she is, she recalled bout what i told her, and started asking for her 'make up' set that was supposed to be in the package as well... poor girl, i felt sooo bad, coz i've never ever lied to her... i had to comfort her and thank goodness ther's the bangle, at least she had something..

And she has this doll, but u know kids, even when they av million new toys, they'd still claim for the one that we had promised them. Especially Fatini who never forgets easily.. hehe
Anyway, this doll is called Britney, I bought it for only 3euro, and it is a high quality plastic doll.. and her face looks a lil bit like Britney Spears... Lets have a closer look...

Yeah?? That's why the name was Britney.. Lets see again how long this Britney Doll wuld survive with her clothes on.. hehehe

Ok, this is another story.. We were suppose to go for a skating last Saturday, but ended up as a spectator.. They held it at a different place this time but way bigger, and we had to look for the place and it was cold, and basically we were late... we reached ther at bout 2pm, and they'r gonna av a break at 3pm.. so it wuld be a waste of money if we paid for only 1 hour skating.. But it's ok, insyaAllah we'll make it next wekend...

Afeef, as usual, not so excited bout this..

Ther's a Dinasour Park nearby actually, and we've never been ther.. This dinasour here was just an indicator of the nearby park.... but the park was closed due to Winter season. Maybe next summer we'll make it to the park..

I couldn't snap both Afeef and Fatini's foto here, coz Fatini screamed at the top her lungs at the sight of this Dinasour hehehe... To come near it??? Forget it!!

Cool isn't it..??

Now, a bit bout Fatini, she loved posing for the camera.. look at her eyes, She put on some eye shadows, but actually it wasn't really eye shadow.. it was a pen..

This is Fatini doing gymnastics, check out the flexibility, and her pink skirt, she looks like a girl in a belle class.. i'm planning to register her for gymnastics or belle class here.. she seems so into them..

Ok, a lil bit bout Aleena, she's getting smarter, and nowadays she'd only wanted to sleep on my lap. Once I put her in her court, she'd open her eyes.. fuuuuhhh, dat's fine with me actually if i didn't have anything else to do!!

I wonder why she loved this orange so much, she just held it in her hand like that..

She loves Aleena always...

One of every Saturday activities; they get to play any game they want in mama's computer.. but somebody was too nosy...

hahahaha, tengok la betapa busy body nyer Aleena.. her new skill, BUSY BODYING hehehe

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another brekfes with Hubby's curry..

I'm a curry lover, yummy yummy... today hubby prepared the breakfast for all of us again.. another round of roti canai and a specially made chicken curry.. still was tasty as the one we had before but a little bit too spicy.. not so suitable for the kids.. but I loved it!

This is why I love my hubby so much.. ok la, not just for the curry, for everything else too.. hehehe

Fruhstuck wir zusammen hehehe... tu je la yg pandai kot nak tulis german nih hehehe

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ther's no such thing as a coincidence??

'Everything happen for a reason, not merely coincidence..'
This was said by Dato' Dr. Fadilah Kamsah when my hubby attended one of his talks. Really? No coincidence? Though it may seems like a coincidence, but actually it's not, and for everything that happened, there's a reason behind it..

Incident 1:
My hubby told me once, as he was waiting for the bus at the bus stop of course, he was talking to his friend, and he noticed one German guy kept looking at him. Clueless, my hubby just ignored him. Once in the bus, this german guy came to him and asked wher's he from. When my hubby said "Malaysia", the Guy instantly asked "Apa kabar?"
Wow, it was shocking to me, but i was even more surprised to learn that the guy had once lived in KUANTAN! Of all the places in Malaysia! What a coincidence!!?? but ther's no coincidence rite??

Incident 2:
My lovely Deutsch classmate, she's from Thailand, a very very kind person, had prepared a Thai dish for me and a home made jelly, and I haven't had the chance to do anything for her.. anyway, on the 2nd day of class, she'd approached me and said she was so excited to know that I was from M'sia, and can't wait to talk to me coz she had once lived in Malaysia for a year I think... Then I asked her, "Which part of Malaysia?" guess what!!?? "KUANTAN" again! Why was she here for then? She's married to a German guy.. her husband had just transferred from Kuantan to German. So basically, we've reached German bout the same time in June, and had been living in Kuantan approximately the same time as well but never knew each other, who knows, maybe we might have bumped into each other wyle we were living in Kuantan! What a coincidence! But.. ther's no such thing rite?

Incident 3:
This happened only recently.. my hubby kept bumping into a Bosnian guy, 3 times, 1st when hubby and afeef went for 'Aidil Adha Prayer' at the mosque here, 2nd at the University and third i'm not sure where, maybe the mosque too. Bumping into the same guy consecutively was already something I would call coincidence, but to know that he was IIUM Alumni!! I was thrilled even though he's not from an Engineering department, but we used to be in the same university!

So, if ther really was no coincidence, then ther must be a reason for all 3 incidents though i have yet no idea what it was!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funny funny..

As usual, the first thing Fatini would do every morning after afeef was off to kindergarten, she would switched the television on, and watched her favorite cartoons, (Ummi zoomi, Backyardigans, Nihao kailan, Dora the explorer, Emily Erdbeer etc etc..) Not only that she enjoyed the cartoons, but the commercials too especially Barbie commercials!
This morning, as she was watching the Barbie commercial, featuring Barbie in a princess dress, so totally engrossed by it, she took off her pant and kept saying 'mama, nak wee wee, mama, nak wee wee...' but her eyes were still fixed on the tv screen. Amused, i just watched her fidgeting in front of the tv fighting the urge to urinate.
Couldn't hold it any longer, she switched off the tv, and said ' fatini x tahan nak wee wee, tutup la tv ni sbb fatini x nak trlepas iklan barbie princess..'
So i took her to the toilet and after she's done, she quickly ran to the tv and switched it on again.. and surprised to find that the Barbie Princess commercial is no longer on the screen..
'eh, mana iklan barbie princess td?!!!' she asked, obviously puzzled.. hehe
Funny, this reminds me of my own self, when i was a little girl, i used to think i could pause the telivision show if i switched the tv off. and i'd always wonder how those people in the tv got in ther in the 1st place.. i would imagine breaking the screen and took those little people out and played with them.. klakar laa jd budak2 heheh..

Monday, November 15, 2010

SiLLy Me...

I was a fool to believe that smthing went wrong with the FB system, when I culdn't find one of my fren in the frens list anymo. Puzzled, i started searching for her name again, and was dumbfounded to find "Add as friend" button on her profile. The 1st thing that came to my head was "Oh no! Wat went wrong? Smthing must av gone wrong wif the system, wat if she finds out and think that i av removed her from my frens list?? i didn't want her to get the wrong idea..." So foolishly, i "add" her again as fren, and a few days later i received a notification saying that she had accepted my fren's request. She didn't say anything bout it, nether did i so i assumed both of us understood that smthing must av gone wrong with the system..
But to my surprise, a few weeks later I discovered that she's no longer in my hubby's frens list too. I was so shock, coz finally it hit me. She'd actually removed both of us from her frens list!! Why'd she do that??!! She's super nice to both of us! Or was it all just an act??!! What she had against us?? Have we done anything wrong? Those were questions that kept bugging me... I had no idea at all, not even the slightest that she had removed me from the list, if i had then i wuldn't av added her again as fren.. what could she probably thinking, " x malu, org dah removed, die add balik.."
I'm hurt and wounded coz to me she's more than just a fren, she's like a sister to both of us. This incident was a few months back and I'm still contemplating wther to keep her in my frens list or not.. obviously she didn't want me in her list! **sigh**
Life's like that huh...

FaTiNi & ChOcoLaTe..

always stuck in a situation like this: Fatini is not suppose to have chocolate in her diet.. it wuld makes her stools hard and difficult to pass. i tried to minimize chocolate in her diet and encourage more drinking. but sometimes i was helpless.. she's hungry at the same time i had to breastfeed aleena, so i wuld ask her to wait a while before i culd get her meal for her, but she couldn't wait and settled for a supposedly (one je) chocolate wyle i was feeding aleena. but once aleena's done, she'd already finished a few bars of chocolate. ***sigh***

Friday, November 12, 2010

Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch... sigh..

Ok, now that i've been learning Deutsch for 2 months, I finally have the confidence to go anywhere, any shops alone except clinic. i still need my hubby for this, coz he speaks much better and understands better. Buying stuffs need not communication and conversation. Nevertheless, i did apply a few things that i've learnt! a few times when the DHL guy or woman came over to deliver stuffs, and some of them were just super nice trying to create a conversation, and I would ask,
"Sprichst du English?" (that means do u speak english?)
and then the usual answer would be
"Nein, nicht English" (no English).. and then the usual attitude of the German people, they would carry on talking in Deutsch even though it was pretty obvious that i did not understand what they were saying haha! so what i did most of the times, i would say,
"Tut mir leid, ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch" (i'm sorry, i speak very little Deutsch)..
There was once, when i was in the supermarket, only me, fatini and aleena, at that time I had only learnt numbers in Deutcsh up to 20. One old woman came to me with something in her hand, and she started talking in Deutsch and pointing at the price , i couldn't quite comprehend at first wat she's trying to say, but then i culd just simply predicted wat it was bout: she forgot her glasses and she couldn't see the price written there clearly, and she's old, and obviously her sight was not good, so she needed me to tell her the price! so I asked her,
"das preis...??" she nodded, and I saw it's written "80cent" but oh me gosh! how do i say it in Deutsch!!?? damn it!
But thank goodness i've learnt some basics, so i said to her,
"Einen moment bitte.." (a moment please..) and i called my hubby hahahaha!!! just to ask him how do i say 80cent in Deutsch! Then I told her proudly hehehe
"achtzig cent".. she thanked me, perhaps not only for the favor but also for the effort and she was so sweet, she could just asked other Deutsche around instead of wasting her time waiting for me.. hehehe
Meanwhile, at home everyone is speaking Deutsch.. Afeef speaks the most... Fatini speaks only few.. the other day, I asked her
"Was macht du Fatini?" (what are u doing fatini)
she replied " Ich bin Fatini.." (I am Fatini) hehe
I asked again, "Mochtest du eine banane?" (do want a banana?)
she replied "Ich bin Fatini.." (I am Fatini) hehe
I asked "was hast du gesagt Fatini?" (what did u say?)
A moment of silence... "Ich habe keine ahnung..." (that means, I have no idea) hahahaha!
ok, that's the only two sentences she knew other than "tut mir leid (i'm sorry) and Entschuldigung (excuse me).. which she learnt from cartoon.. hehehe. she even made her own song, check this out..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why BoTheR AskiNg..

Today as i was busy with the house chorus, Fatini came to me with 4 different colors of balloons, pink, blue, orange and purple and asked me to chose which one i want. ok, so i knew pink was her color, but since she asked for me to chose, i said "pink".
"pink x bole, fatini punye.."
"ok... klu camtu mama nak blue la.."
"mmmm... blue pun x bole, blue untuk abg afeef.."
oooookaaayyy... ther's only two colors available.. orange and purple...
"kalau camtu mama nak oren laaa, oren bole?"
frowning she said, "tapi oren x bole jugak, oren aleena punye..."
"aiittt, sume balloon x bole nih, mana satu yg bole?"
"ok, purple bole.. purple untuk mama.."
why'd she even bother asking in the 1st place when she'd actually decided that purple was for momma!! aiiiyyoo..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Afeef's 6th BiRtHDay...

6th of November 2010, was afeef's first birthday here in Germany away from Malaysia, away from his beloved Tok, Tok Wan, Aunty Tie, Uncle Mie, Aunty Alia, Acu, Aishah, Sarah, Mak uda and Mak su, these were people who were always present on his birthday party in the past years. They're all so far away now, but always2 close at heart..
We didn't celebrate it on Saturday, coz we had to go somewhere, so the party was held on Sunday 7th of November. For the 1st time, I prepared everything myself, no more Secret Recipe's cake, no more barbecue..
oooooo, i hardly had enough time coz i had to bake two cakes, one for Afeef and one for Fatini.. she asked for a Princess cake, and I planned to make one for her, but princess cake requires lots of batter and that means the cake would be huge and not many people would come, so who'd finish the cake? so, i changed my mind, and settled for a pink 'heart shaped' cake.. the work was less of course.. check it out..

ok, Chocolate cake for Afeef, it didn't taste as nice as the one in Secret Recipe, but i made it myself which was something i never imagine i'd do in M'sia! Birthday was more meaningful when mummy baked the cake herself hehehe..

This is the pink 'Heart Shaped' cake for Fatini.. she's happy enough.. I told her that she'll have Princess cake next year, where we'll celebrate all three, Afeef, Fatini and Aleena, then we can invite more people over.. the more the merrier!

I don't know how much this kind of candles wuld cost in M'sia, but here only 1euro. and not just that, there were various kinds..

The whole idea was not only to make the Birthday Boy happy but the other children too.. We had goodie bag prepared for each children, they had a great time i think..

Fatini her usual self, maluuuuu je.. had no idea wat's got into my daughter lately heheh..

ok, so it's cake time! wher's fatini??!! maluu laa.. ok, so this is Hana, she had volunteer herself to replace Fatini as a birthday girl hahaha.. so sporting, cute, funny, cheeky and i'm certain people wuld mistakenly thought that she's Afeef's sister.. hehe

I think she's got more enthusiasms for the cake rather than the Birthday boy himself.. hehehe..

Afeef with one of his present, this one was from us, a microscope.. bole nmpak la spesimen hehehe.. sorry afeef, lego atlantis has not yet arrived.. that's wat he asked from us for a birthday gift, but it's too expensive, so his aunty from m'sia bought it for him.. the price was cheaper there.. so the only other thing he really wanted was a microscope, which was far more affordable..

Cool isn't it?

I don't have to explain further who's this present for? i'm sure everybody knows... hehehe
She loved it!

Ok, this one is from Aunty Shirley and her hubby, wow! papa spent about two hours putting everything together, it turned out to be something cool very unique and special and lovely too.. Afeef loved it!

This is a gift from a German friend, the kids call him Uncle Erwin. He couldn't make it to Afeef's birthday coz he had to work, but he came on Saturday with the gifts and lots of candies, we weren't home, so he left everything at our doorstep anonymously.. we were surprised to find the beautifully wrapped gifts and candies when we reached home! He's a very nice person, he invited us over to his house last christmas, and gave the kids lots of candies and presents.. too bad he couldn't make it to Afeef's birthday..

Does it look like in the picture above? nope, couldn't put everything together, not just yet, too many small parts, aleena would quietly put one of them in her mouth..

This one is Afeef's favorite too. From Aunty Azie and Family..

Fatini borrowed it for a wyle when afeef didn't notice... i asked her "ape robot ni buat?"
"die buat gymnastic la.."
hehehe.. girls will be girls okk..

This one's for fatini from uncle Erwin..

ok, this is Fatini's favorite present la.. pink Disney's Princesses bag pack.. lovely.. a gift from aunty azie and family.. she loved it too much.. bangun2 tido je, blom gosok gigi blom ape, terus nak pakai bag pack hehe..
Overall the party was great, the kids had so much fun even though my chicken chop turned out bad!! hahaha.. I often failed to maintain a good taste of food when i had to cook in huge amount.. sorry to all guests!!

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