Sunday, November 7, 2010

Afeef's 6th BiRtHDay...

6th of November 2010, was afeef's first birthday here in Germany away from Malaysia, away from his beloved Tok, Tok Wan, Aunty Tie, Uncle Mie, Aunty Alia, Acu, Aishah, Sarah, Mak uda and Mak su, these were people who were always present on his birthday party in the past years. They're all so far away now, but always2 close at heart..
We didn't celebrate it on Saturday, coz we had to go somewhere, so the party was held on Sunday 7th of November. For the 1st time, I prepared everything myself, no more Secret Recipe's cake, no more barbecue..
oooooo, i hardly had enough time coz i had to bake two cakes, one for Afeef and one for Fatini.. she asked for a Princess cake, and I planned to make one for her, but princess cake requires lots of batter and that means the cake would be huge and not many people would come, so who'd finish the cake? so, i changed my mind, and settled for a pink 'heart shaped' cake.. the work was less of course.. check it out..

ok, Chocolate cake for Afeef, it didn't taste as nice as the one in Secret Recipe, but i made it myself which was something i never imagine i'd do in M'sia! Birthday was more meaningful when mummy baked the cake herself hehehe..

This is the pink 'Heart Shaped' cake for Fatini.. she's happy enough.. I told her that she'll have Princess cake next year, where we'll celebrate all three, Afeef, Fatini and Aleena, then we can invite more people over.. the more the merrier!

I don't know how much this kind of candles wuld cost in M'sia, but here only 1euro. and not just that, there were various kinds..

The whole idea was not only to make the Birthday Boy happy but the other children too.. We had goodie bag prepared for each children, they had a great time i think..

Fatini her usual self, maluuuuu je.. had no idea wat's got into my daughter lately heheh..

ok, so it's cake time! wher's fatini??!! maluu laa.. ok, so this is Hana, she had volunteer herself to replace Fatini as a birthday girl hahaha.. so sporting, cute, funny, cheeky and i'm certain people wuld mistakenly thought that she's Afeef's sister.. hehe

I think she's got more enthusiasms for the cake rather than the Birthday boy himself.. hehehe..

Afeef with one of his present, this one was from us, a microscope.. bole nmpak la spesimen hehehe.. sorry afeef, lego atlantis has not yet arrived.. that's wat he asked from us for a birthday gift, but it's too expensive, so his aunty from m'sia bought it for him.. the price was cheaper there.. so the only other thing he really wanted was a microscope, which was far more affordable..

Cool isn't it?

I don't have to explain further who's this present for? i'm sure everybody knows... hehehe
She loved it!

Ok, this one is from Aunty Shirley and her hubby, wow! papa spent about two hours putting everything together, it turned out to be something cool very unique and special and lovely too.. Afeef loved it!

This is a gift from a German friend, the kids call him Uncle Erwin. He couldn't make it to Afeef's birthday coz he had to work, but he came on Saturday with the gifts and lots of candies, we weren't home, so he left everything at our doorstep anonymously.. we were surprised to find the beautifully wrapped gifts and candies when we reached home! He's a very nice person, he invited us over to his house last christmas, and gave the kids lots of candies and presents.. too bad he couldn't make it to Afeef's birthday..

Does it look like in the picture above? nope, couldn't put everything together, not just yet, too many small parts, aleena would quietly put one of them in her mouth..

This one is Afeef's favorite too. From Aunty Azie and Family..

Fatini borrowed it for a wyle when afeef didn't notice... i asked her "ape robot ni buat?"
"die buat gymnastic la.."
hehehe.. girls will be girls okk..

This one's for fatini from uncle Erwin..

ok, this is Fatini's favorite present la.. pink Disney's Princesses bag pack.. lovely.. a gift from aunty azie and family.. she loved it too much.. bangun2 tido je, blom gosok gigi blom ape, terus nak pakai bag pack hehe..
Overall the party was great, the kids had so much fun even though my chicken chop turned out bad!! hahaha.. I often failed to maintain a good taste of food when i had to cook in huge amount.. sorry to all guests!!

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