Friday, September 5, 2014

THe CaTs... (",)

Assalamualaikum wbt....

Okay, Introducing.......

Mango and Snow White!!!!!!! 

Named by Aleena (",) hehehe...
There were 4 of them in the beginning, they were Mummy's babies. 
Who's Mummy then???

Oh unfortunately I don't have Mummy's pic :(
But Mummy was the first cat I met at our house here. So she's the one who gave birth to Mango, Snow White, and two other which have gone missing (Mysteriously). 
So, there were only the two of them now... 
And now there's this sad story of Mummy. 
After a few weeks that she gave birth to her 4 babies at our next door neighbor's place, she then transferred her babies to our place. And Hubby prepared this nice box for them, and it was comfortable enough, but, Spray and Manja kept coming over and busy bodying until Mummy couldn't take it anymore and she took all her babies to Sumayyah's place!!
Now who's Sumayyah??? 
Hehehe... (",)
Sumayyah is another neighbour's daughter, the one who invited us over for Breakfast together after our little open house (",)

So, at that time these kittens were only babies, and that was during Ramadhan, and then we had to leave this place for Eid celebration at our kampung and when we returned, Mummy wasn't around anymore, she's gone!!
Leaving her babies behind!!
And Sumayyah's mom was the one taking care of these little kittens...
And she did a great job!!
Feeding the kittens with milk, bathing them once in a while, so sweet isn't it??
I've never met any married person with children as committed as Sumayyah's mom in taking care of little kittens.
And she is a very very nice person too (",)

And then recently, there's also Kitty....
Kitty who???

Hello Kitty... hehehe (",)
Aisyah Humaira named her Hello Kitty....
Now who's Aisyah Humaira???

Hehehe... Okay okay, Aisyah Humaira is the next door neighbour's daughter who is also Fatini's best friend!!
I think I wrote about her before...
And at her home was where Mummy delivered her babies :')

Noticed how Kitty eats?
Her whole body would always be in the bowl!! Haha :D

Owwwwwhhhhh.... and see how gentleman Spray is??
He patiently sat quietly aside waiting for Kitty to finish eating before he came and finish the rest of the food. 
Sweet isn't it??
He's the sweetest male cat on earth!!!

Anyway, Kitty had gone missing too... just a few days ago... 

One after another, they just gone, mysteriously disappeared....

But, the huge loss by far was.....


Sob sob sob... :'(

Manja had gone missing just about the same time as Mummy. She was no longer around when we returned after Eid. 
We all wonder what happened to her? Where is she now??

And we miss her terribly.... :'(

PS: Another reason why I love this neighborhood so much is that we are all in this together.. 
Taking care of these cats, discussing about them, sharing cat food (",) etc etc etc...

"So, which favors of your Lord would you deny???"

Till Later, Salam...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Little Open House 2014 (",)

Assalamualaikum wbt....
Mmmmm.... Before it gets really rotten, I better just include this in one of my entries... 

I kinda enjoy reading some of my previous previous entries now, it brought back memories that I've totally forgotten about!!!! 
So, I hope I will always have the time to write every memorable events in my life so that someday when I'm old (insyaAllah) or the kids when they've grown up (insyaAllah) would be able to read all these again.. 
Wouldn't it be great?? Or am I the only one thinking that it's great? 
Yeah yeah... Lets get to the story before I start rambling...

Ok, I think this was 2 weeks ago, 16/8/2014.... 
Just our little Open House (",)

Errrrrrrrr..... Not so little actually hehe... Hubby invited over the whole Faculty people and of course almost all the neighbors and some other close friends hehe.. 
I think, roughly about 50 people made it that day, or maybe 60? 

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa and guess what????

I cooked everything myself (",)

Haaaaaaaa guess more......????
Hubby was away for some work a few days before the open house, and Basically I did everything myself, from shopping to cooking and everything.... Waaaaa sounds a bit arrogant there hahaa...

But, it was nothing really, it was just a simple one... 
I prepared something like 'Nasik berempah' and 'Roti Jala' and 'Seafood Spagetti', and some 'Apam polkadot' which turned out to be not so 'polkadot' :P

Ok, the beautiful round cake wasn't made by me.. I bought that one hehe.. 
Hei, don't blame me, that because I don't have an oven yet... :P
So, basically, I've prepared everything except that cake :)

And another thing, we've planned this together with our next next next door neighbour who happens to be from the same faculty as hubby's. 
So, it was basically more to an 'Open Taman' rather than an 'Open House'...
Overall, I've enjoyed it very very very much eventhough afterwards **pengsan*** hehe

Haaaaaaaa... Check out my model there!
Isn't she sweet????

Afeef invited over two of his closest friends. At this hour only one had arrived. 
So they played game the whole day hehe..
I think this was about 1pm before most of the guests arrived after Zuhur.

And, another best thing that day.....

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Tadaaaaaaa!!!
Meeting our ex-German friends (",)
They just got back to Malaysia about last June. And this was our first meet-up and it was great!
Oh I was never aware of how much I miss them until we met that Saturday!
Back in Germany, they were our family, our friends...
We've celebrated Eid together sob sob sob.... 
I'll never forget those memories... :')

And, I also got the best chocholate ever, from Germany...... 
My favourite choclate which I thought would remained only in my dream for me to ever taste it again, but....
Wow..... Alhamdulillah 'Rezeki'...
Thank you so much to them!!!
I was so close to tears!!!

Ehem (asyik nak nangis je hehe) 
Not so much for the chocholate actually, but for the thoughts.... :')

Oh..... I miss you Raffaello.....

Ok, that was all about our little 'Open House' which was not so little. Hehe..
It was fun, one of the most memorable and meaningful events after almost 9 months in Malaysia, and I look forward to another something like this again in the future. Already planning with the neighbours how the next one will be like :P 

The next morning, we had breakfast together with our neighbour at their place.
I just love this neighbourhood..... 
I love it very much!!

Remember, I wrote before in one of my entries after I've reached Malaysia early this year?
I wrote:

"I know something awaits me here in Malaysia, something more meaningful than what I had in Germany..."

I guess, I'm getting there... InsyaAllah...

"Which Favors of your Lord would you deny??"

Till Later, Salam.... (",) 

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