Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter Sonata Theme song

One of my favorite song, and one of the toughest song to play on piano jugak.. fuhh..
I still need sometimes to complete the whole song.. once I've completed the whole song, I will upload another video.
hehe... lots of mistakes jugak, coz I didn't refer to the notes, I'm trying to memorize the whole song :)

I'm not so good, still needs lots of practice, but ok la, untuk suka2 je hehe..
Hopefully, I can improve a lot in the future :)

Dream Comes True..

Finally, my dream has come true! Always been my dream to buy a piano, but back in Malaysia the price was too expensive, lebih kurang macam 2 bulan gaji la kot hehe.. kalau betul pandai main bole la beli jugak kot, tapi sebab x berapa pandai main, tu sebab x pernah usaha pun utk beli, plus masa kat Malaysia, hasrat nak main piano secara serious berkubur camtu je.. maybe becoz I was busy studying.. kat sini, anything is possible..
Piano price pun paling2 mahal pun Euro 1+++ , memang affordable for anyone who works here, tu blom lagi yg second hand piano, memang murah2.
But the one I bought ni, is an electric piano (Yamaha), and brand new.. lepas ni kena la anta Afeef or Fatini blajar main piano, Afeef cam x minat sangat but Fatini memang nampak interested sangat..

Somebody suggested that I should start my own music channel on YOu Tube, hehe, but thats not really me la, I play for my own pleasure je, suka2 je..
Anyway, million thanx to Hubby for always supporting me in anything everything.. You are the best, love you so much!!

Try testing sket..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Davenportplatz in memory...

Afeef has oficially finished kindergarten last week, and they've thrown him and a few other kids a farewell party last Wednesday..
The thing is, Afeef really loves this kindergarten, his friends, teachers, they've all been so nice to him.. and when Afeef was sick, his teacher would comfort him by letting him sit on her lap.
Afeef is also sad to leave this kindergarten, especially his best friend, Florian.

His personal file, with all the activities he did while he was there...

So many memories...

Afeef at Artworks..

Afeef and friends at Fire Department visit....

Afeef and friends, Krankenhaus (Hospital) visit..

Afeef at Verkehrserziehung (Traffic education)..

Afeef at Kinderklinik (Klinik kanak2)..

A note from his kindergarten to him, wishing him all the best..
Theodor-Heuss-Schule is the name of his new school here :)

And, this is Florian and Afeef at Florian's home, this pic was taken last Friday. Florian is Afeef's best friend, they really2 are best friend, I never really have an idea of how close they are until only recently..
Hubby said, sometimes Afeef would reach the kindergarten 1st before Florian, and on the way to University, he would bump into Florian and his mom on the way to Kindergarten, and Florian would get all excited because he knew Afeef was already there.. and sometimes, when Florian reached the kindergarten first, he would asked his mom if Afeef is already there or not.. haha.. papa said both of them have so much in common, perhaps that's the reason why they are well-suited each other :)

Papa pun dah selalu lepak kat rumah Florian ni haha, coz Florian's mom would bring Afeef along to their home upon fetching Florian from kindergarten, and then in the evening papa would pick Afeef up. So, they would asked him to 'lepak' for a while, drinking tea, chit chat, and watch the kids play.. so papa and Florian's parents have become close, and I've never even met them hehe..
And they are so nice, and they appreciate Afeef so much, that they'd asked Afeef to come to their home during summer to play with Florian.. so sweet isn't it? And they also invited us for a Barbecue at their place, but hubby told them they must 1st come to our place, which they've agreed probably next Sunday.. so this is going to be my 1st time meeting them, Afeef's best friend and his parents... (hehe rase cam nak jumpe bakal menantu and besan pulak kih kih..)

I'm so glad Afeef had met Florian, I hope they would still be friends even when Afeef have started school later. And I also hope that Afeef will meet more and more nice people and friends along the way.... insyaAllah..

Japanese Garden..

Ok, this was last week's visit to Japanese Garden, not so much of a joy but for those who love nature, will definitely love this place.. it reminds me of 'Hutan Lipur Lintang' in Malaysia, or known as Templer Park, near my mom's place. We used to go there when we were a kids, you know, mandi sungai hehe..

This is the main entrance, ade la nampak ciri2 ke Jepunan nye kan.. hehe

There's a huge pond, with lots of huge fishes in it.. this is the only thing the kids love to see.. other than that, like Japanese trees and statues, they found them too boring..

Fatini really loves this..

Cafe pun ade...

hehe.. Princess masuk Taman Jepun ler..

Ait?? Dah boring ke?

Overall, the place is very suitable for those who needed mind therapy, or super fresh air, and of course for those who love nature will definitely love this place. But for the kids.... mmmm... not really kot.. I think they'd prefer Playground rather than this..
Pity them, so far, all the places we've ever visited always were boring to them.. maybe we should take them to Disneyland soon.. hehe..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strawberry Land...

Saturday's visit to Strawberry Land, there's not much to write, but I just want to keep this in here as a special memory..
The weather was great, not too warm, not too cold...
We had gone to the Strawberry land on Saturday morning together with two friends from China, both are University's student.

Berehat seketika after lots and lots of strawberries were picked..

Fatini and her strawberries, she had a great time picking strawberries on her own :)

Aleena's the first person to have a bite on the fresh strawberry... surprisingly sweet, unlike the one's we usually buy in the supermarket.. Now, she's a huge fan of strawberries hehe..

Ni la hasilnya... takmo ambik banyak sgt, takut x abis pulak..

Balik rumah je, terus wat kek coklat with strawberry toppings... yum yum... credit to Sis Hajar for her help on where I should look for a cocoa untuk bake kek coklat.. so menjadi la kek coklat yang sedap ni.. memang puas hati, abis licin dah pun hehehe..

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