Friday, May 20, 2011

Talk Fatini!!! Talk!

This was the only day I ever fetched Afeef from kindergarten.. adoi, itupun dah rase susah sangat, fuuuuuhhh, naik bas with three kids, dua orang suka kecoh, sorang dalam stroller yg tak bole nampak orang lain, mesti nak nangis.. so pening kepala mama.. huhu

Anyway, an elderly and memang ramai elderly yg suke budak2, mesti akan tegur.. this old man, he asked afeef the usual questions la, how old are you? wat's your name? etc etc.. Afeef memang dah bole sembang2 sket2 in Deutsch, alhamdulillah.. but that's not the story I wanna share here..
It's how scared Fatini was, tengok la muka die tu hehehe.. I tried to get a clearer picture, but to no avail.. my camera ni x canggih mana..

That old man kept asking his questions, and she just kept quiet... so Afeef said to her,
"Sag Fatini, sag!!!" dat means, "cakap Fatini, cakap!"
First, she didn't understand a thing, second, she's too terrified of a stranger... I think the time has come for her to start kindergarten.. so she could socialize a bit heheh..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me and Keyboard..

Ish ish ish, lama betol x update blog nih... huhu.. biase la, dah kena demam main keyboard hehe..
kalau dah dapat piano, organ or keyboard memang free time akan abis ke sini la hehe..
So, tengok la hasil nye..
Rasenye semua tau lagu Winter Sonata theme song, baru dapat main intro je.. dlm process mencarik notes seterusnye..
Mirai pulak, rase nye semua orang pun tau kot lagu Jepun glamer nih.. memang my feveret, lama dah carik chords nye and jumpe jugak akhirnye..
Dah sepuluh tahun x sentuh piano but still boleh main, ni pun limited time coz ramai yg suke sibuk bile mama main keyboard nih... hehe.. to those yg minat main piano, it's never too late ok!!!
mmmmm... am thinking of buying a real Piano heheheh !!!!!

Lagu Mirai ni x dapat di teruskan sebab si kecik dah kacau and konsentrasi pun terganggu so jadi ntah ape2 sket... hehe.. but this is the best yg dapat record so far, yg lain semua lagi teruk kena kacau hehehe...

Friday, May 6, 2011

If Tomorrow Never Comes...

Nowadays really2 is lazy to update blog.. nevertheless, I came across this song when I was in Bonn, and my memories were refreshed... I've long forgotten this wonderful song, how could I? It's so wonderful.. really2 love it, dulu kini dan selamanya...

The song is more meaningful now than it was 10 years ago.. all because I have children now.. the part when it says;
"If my life on earth were through, she must face this world without me..
For the love I gave her in the past, gonna be enough to last,
If tomorrow never comes...."

Sedih sangat, thinking what gonna happen to my children if tomorrow never comes for me....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stories of The Week..

Oh my oh my, this is by far the longest since I last wrote in this blog... what's happening to me??? Oh, the answer is easy, i'm just too occupied now...... with what???
hehehe... my all time favorite pastime...
This is it... hehehe

I'm not so good at it, when I was a lil girl, I used to play a lot and also learned how to play, but I stopped halfway, I culdn't recall the reason why I quit, but it was something which I regret later.. Nevertheless, I managed to play lots of famous songs.
But, after sometimes, through lack of practice, I've forgotten how to play and also how to read the notes.. but I still remember the basics.. so in 2001, realizing how much passions I have for piano, I registered myself for a piano course, went for a few classes for a few months, then got married and everything stopped again.. too bad... but, the desire to play piano is always there, dulu kini dan selamanya... so when I noticed this keyboard sold on ebay, 2nd hand but still is in good condition, and waaaaayy cheaper than the new one, I quickly bid for it and I got it, Yeay!!!
And surprisingly, I can really play again, just a bit of study so I could recall the notes again and the chord.. which is why now, I kinda abandoned my blog here ngeh ngeh :)
Apart from this, it was also a busy week because we had frens comin over from UK and also makan2 for all Malaysian students here on Saturday.. :)

But, that's not the story I wanna tell here..

Ok, cerita menarik minggu ini, ialah game bowling hehehe.. This was on Sunday. Nampak tu, gaya professional papa nak throw ball.. hey, I mean, he's really2 good ok, he rarely played, but he's just got the skill and talent, until he became the center of attention there.. huhu, which I thought at first, the center of attention was me, because my ball always masuk longkang!! hahaha.. but I later realized, it wasn't me, it was hubby.. and I think, Fatini mewarisi bakat bowling papa laa.. why I said so? tunguu ye..

Tu coach tengah bagi tunjuk ajar...

Tak kesah la kan camne pun caranye nak baling bola tu kan hehehe!!

Kecewa die sebab ball nye kena satu pin je...

Ok, yang ni bukan masuk longkang ye..

Ok, Fatini's turn... she did a great job..

Ok, ni la die result for 1st game, nampak tu brape kali papa 'strike', semua orang German keliling tengok die main ok, jeles tau, I plak asyik masuk longkang je.. sungguh malu okay!!
And, not just that, tengok Fatini punye result, lagi banyak dr mama ok, and 1st throw die 'strike' !!!!! Believe it or not... That's why I said, she has papa's genes when it comes to sports.. mmmmm.. but she has my genes for music hehehe...

Yang kecik ni pun nak join main kot.. sibuk je kat situ tanpa segan silu.. hehe

"Mama, can I have this green ball??" Hehehe..
Comel kan??

Spring Picnic !!!

Ni pulak cerita piknik.. ther's not much to tell, but just nak share some pics,
camnilah gayanye kanak2 yg dah lama x jumpe matahari, dah lama x kuar main2 kat luar tanpa perlu bungkus2 diri ngan jacket, topi, sarung tangan and segala bagai hehehe..
Spring is the best time :)

Mana lagi sesuai? Yang ni or...

Yang ni..?

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