Sunday, October 31, 2010

HaLLoWeeN NigHT..

Never in my life i'd seen lots and lots of ghosts like i did last saturday nite.. Halloween's celebration here was awesome! Two thumbs up! Unfortunately both afeef and fatini couldn't control their fear for these supposedly fun ghosts, fatini's fear was the worst..

I think this huge 'coke bottle' shaped balloon is cute..

Couldn't get a clearer picture as i had to hold aleena and snap the photo at the same time, she couldn't control her fear as well, but not for the ghosts but for the the noises!

This one is not so scary, it's just a ship.. Pirate ship..

Menahan ketakutan... hehe

I think this time was when she had enough of ghosts, she couldn't bear to see any of them anymore... rugi laaa.. the ghosts actually had candies with them to give away to brave kids who'd dare get near them..

This one's scary if you look closely..

Yang muka hijau pun adaaaa..

This spider was what fatini and afeef feared most I think!

Tengok la Fatini smpai kena tutup mata camtu.. hantu ni pun die takut sgt, smpai mnjerit... look at those kids, that's when they get the candy..

Over all, Halloween's celebration was GREAT! but, we had to go back early coz Fatini had had enough of it.. I thought we were all gonna have a good time but apparently she's just not ready for this kind of fun.. poor girl.. she fell asleep and still a bit shaky later that nite.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hensem tak? hehe

Afeef dah cabut 2 gigi bawah, nampak x? gigi dah bergoyang sgt tp afeef nye yg mls nak goyangkan gigi tu, so cabut kat klinik je. Afeef sikit pun x takut, maybe dentist kat cni yg buat org rase rileks je.. hehe.. die malu plak nak gi kindergarten, nnt kwn2 tengok die rongak heheh..

Siap dapat treasure box lagi tuh, gigi yg dah cabut simpan dlm box ni, afeef punye la excited! cute la dentist kat sini..


Couldn't think straight the whole day today as my mind keep drifting back to this morning's tragedy.. yeah i must say it was a tragedy.. i must write this story as a reminder to everyone. This morning, as i was busy preparing breakfast for Fatini, I left her in the dining area with Aleena.. i knew i couldn't count on her to look after Aleena, thats why i always made sure that they were both within my sights.. but i can't observe them every seconds.
so, wat happened was, as my attention was diverted to my cooking, the mischievous Fatini put a huge pillow right on Aleena's face, and then she lie on top of the pillow, leaving Aleena breathless under the pillow!! when i realized wat was happening, i rushed to them of course, but the sights of Aleena struggling under the pillow and how suffocated she seemed when i removed the pillow from her face torment me. I could be just in time to save her from suffocation!
To all mothers, never ever leave your baby and a child below 3 years old without frequent observations!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

HaRi SaNTai FaTiNi & ALeeNa..

Fatini memang suke wat camni kat aleena, die wat cam kat baby doll die.. hehe

Tengok tu, sampai dah terangkat aleena.. kdg2 tu smpai aleena nangis..

New hairdo..? asyik tengok cermin je heheh..

I think she looks chubbier, 4 months here and already she put on some weight.

Ni muke camni nih sbb tergelak2 tengok gelagat fatini.
Blom cukup umur utk main Barbie.. tapi teringin nak main.. Barbie doll ni mmg feveret aleena hehe

Khusyuk tuh..

Ni rambut yg x dapat diselamatkan lg hahah.. haywire, but cute.. everyday i had to brush it carefully, but still it will get haywire again..

Yesterday, she started to lift her hip and but, i tried to snap some photos but culdn't get any... i think she's gonna crawl soon..

Ther she goes again..

Afeef's birthday is just around the corner, for the 1st time after 5 years his birth date gonna fall on Saturday. If we're in M'sia, we'll definitely celebrate it at Mom's house. I think, i'm gonna miss it more than Afeef. He keeps asking for LEGO Atlantis as a birthday gift, but i told him it's not possible, coz it's too expensive.. couldn't hide his disappointment, and i did feel bad, especially when he spent hours just staring at the photos displayed in the fliers.
Luckily, my sister in M'sia wuld buy this Lego and send it to him as a birthday present. Afeef couldn't control his excitement when he knew bout this and kept saying, "Impian Afeef tercapai!!" ok, lets see how envious Fatini will get when he receives this...
I don't have to wait that long actually, this morning, he spent a few minutes to look again at the toy's fliers, and saw the exact same Lego Atlantis that his aunty wuld buy for him, so, excitedly, he showed this to Fatini,
"Look! ni Lego Atlantis yg aunty Tie nak beli utk afeef!"
Fatini, had one quick glance at it and said "Afeef x bole! ni mahal sgt!"
"Tapi aunty ti yg nak beli!"
She raised her voice evenly "Tak boleh!!" spontaneously she hit him on the head!
Then she apologized, "Sorry afeef, x sengaje.."
They are inseparable, but many times they quarrel over silly things!

Many times after afeef got back from school, he would tells me his story of the day, like recently he talks bout one of his girlfriend named Anna who often poked and teased him, Fatini would also joined in and tells her story bout her imaginary school and friends.. they would both talk simultaneously, and sometimes i couldn't quite comprehend what they were trying to say.. hehe.. so most of the times i just nod..

Monday, October 25, 2010

Roses for mama??!!

If Afeef had once bought me a pot of plant, then Fatini bought me a bunch of roses! how sweet..

Pink roses for mama, they were lovely dear.. but i must also thanked papa for he's the one who's always ensuring that my green vase was filled with fresh flowers..

These were from papa, made my day..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can men play woman's role?

We were both bout to drift into our most beautiful sleep, coz it had been a tiring and hectic day.. suddenly we heard a faint voice at 1st, then it became louder and more demanding.. "nak susu!!" it was fatini's and in a dimly lit room with my eye lids so heavy that i struggled inside to open them, i said to my hubby.. "You go..."
he replied evenly, " You go la, she wants you.."
i've got an idea, " ok, Fatini nak papa buat susu ke mama buat?"
a few moments of silence.. "nak papa wat..."

the thing is, this question bout either men can or cannot play woman's role shouldn't be asked, because it is not a question at all! there is no specific rules that says woman has to be the 'One' to prepare everything for the children.. it is a shared responsibility, and if a man play his role as a father and gets himself occupied with the children, then he can save himself from having the thoughts that his wife's attention has somehow diverted to the children rather than just him. and that he feels neglected and lonely.. 'what a crap!'
seriously, i heard they were discussing bout this in 'Malaysia Hari Ini', and of all the caller, none of them mentioned bout father's role, instead they were all stressing on woman's role as a wife and mother.. bile la org melayu ni nak berubah ntah..

Friday, October 22, 2010

A very special mug..

This is the 1st thing we bought upon our safe arrival at Frankfurt Airport last winter.. actually, it was an accident, the mug was sold together with a chocolate, it was presented in a very attractive manner that would obviously attract children to it. One of the children happened to be Fatini.. she went straight to it, grabbed it, and refused to let go.. i tried to snatch it from her, but she screamed at the top of her lung, and everyone's attention was diverted to us.. one old woman glared at me, probably thinking that i'd hurt my daughter or something.. I still remember all this vividly.. i never realized until later that those elderly here are mostly children lovers.
Accidently, Fatini dropped the mug to the floor, and it cracked. Then we informed the cashier of the incident and asked him how much it cost. Beaming, he just asked us to leave it, we didn't have to pay for anything, unless if we want a new mug.. oh great! so we paid, couldn't remember how much it was, and we got a new mug! German people are nice huh!?

She just loves to be cuddled and kissed..

A light snow has formed, winter is on the way... can't believe it's almost a year now...

Fatini oh Fatini...

Lately she has no longer wet her diapers at night, but still my hubby put it on her every night, u know, just to be safe.. unfortunately last nite he had somehow forgotten to put it on, and that's when she pees.. so not only she wet her clothes but evrything else.. ahh thank God we have bought the washing machine! had no idea when exactly she started peeing, but we noticed this only in the morning when we got up for subuh prayer..
we had to wake her up, washed her up in the early hour where it was the coldest and changed her clothes while she sobs and shivers. aware that she won't continue her sleep, we let her lie down in the prayer room before afeef came and joined in.
feeling angry and moody, she asked afeef to move away, when he refused and just lay still, she kicked on his head over and over again. I was praying and couldn't focus coz the sight of it was terrible to behold. Once i finished, she started complaining;
"mama, afeef buat fatini..."
held on to my patients, i asked her gently, " ape abg afeef buat?"
"die die die die.." (stuttering, that's the sign when she knew she's the one at fault, and how i knew also from many times when i wasn't there to witness her mischiefs..)
"tadi tu fatini pukul die.." there she admit it!
"kenape fatini pukul abg afeef, x baik tau sepak2 abg afeef camtu..."
"tapi tapi die golek2 kat tmpat fatini.."
"ape salahnye golek2 kat situ, semua org bole baring kat situ, abg afeef pun boleh ok?"
"x boleh..."
"sebab die bau busuk.." aiyooo, i rest my case laaaa..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mineral water Commercial???

Isn't this lovely? Hei everybody! Buy this brand ok??!!

mmmmmm... what is she staring at.. mesmerized by the bottle.. hehe

At Kinderarzt...

We were on the way to the clinic, we av stopped using the twin stroller and started using the old one again but this time with a special gadjet attached behind it called 'kiddy ride on'. much easier to handle compared to the twin stroller. unfortunately, it was a whole lot troublesome when fatini dozed off unwittingly... so we had to cut our outing short everytime...

Inside the clinic, they've built a tower using LEGO.

Have any idea wat she's trying to do? she had finished her candy, and tried to get afeef's. and look at how afeef handed it to her obediently.

After meeting with the doctor, she just ran out of the clinic refusing to have her jacket on. she had a runny nose but so stubborn! ok la, i shouldn't say stubborn, shall i say strong-willed.. mmm better..

Thank god, eventually she did want to put her jacket on heheh.. only because i threatened to leave her there.. heheh..

Can't leave Aleena too long inside the stroller.. this is what happened if we did..

Hehe cute kan..

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