Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm fully aware of afeef's 'choosy' attitude when it comes to food. he is definitely a fussy eater. sometimes he drives me nuts with this negative attitude towards food. not only just picky, he doesn't seem to have any appetite at all, he always is not hungry! ok, maybe i exaggerated a bit, let me correct that statement, 'he is rarely hungry'.. so the point is, since he started schooling, every single food is edible. he even eats raw vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, broccoli etc)! wow! at home, he refused to even had his hand on them! nevertheless, he did complain, "afeef terpaksa makan tomato sampai abis, sebab semua orang makan sampai abis, teruk nye rasa, nak termuntah, tapi kena abiskan jugak.." hehehe

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