Monday, October 4, 2010


Even though we were unable to make it to Flohmarkt last saturday,( for the THIRD time actually!), and even though i know, there'll be no flohmarkt during winter season, which means i probably gonna av to wait for the next 4 months before another flohmarkt, I refused to be derailed. I just have to have faith in "kalau ade rezeki", i'll make it to flohmarkt again.. the last time we've been there was early july, which was the 1st and last for the time being. Flohmarkt, something like 'Garage sale' is a monthly event held in Homburg, where people gather to sell their belongings which they have no interest in anymore. . you'll get good bargain for baby's stuffs, home furniture, jackets, clothes, TOYS, etc etc... they were used items but so what? they were mostly in great conditions. i got aleena's summer clothes for only 1 euro each! isn't that fantastic?!
so, the thing is, how i found it funny that we only made it one time. the 2nd time, aleena had fallen sick, the 3rd time, fatini had fallen sick, and the last one was last saturday, which i doubted anyone was selling for the day was rainy. so ther goes our flohmarkt. anyway, this is one of the few things afeef bought on our 1st trip (the only trip pun) there. A GLOBE...(actually, papa yang lebih interested nak beli)
but afeef always asked bout the occurance of four seasons , the alternation of night and day, and why we have to travel via airplane to some countries and some are not. so we decided that a globe would be a perfect assistance in explaining this.

so, isn't this a perfect explanation for a kid who has lots of questions hehe..

unlike other children, afeef prefers indoor activities, he likes to figure something out, the more mind-boggling, the better. sometimes, i'm worried bout him, is this normal? but my mom used to tell me not to worry, coz he's so much like my elder sister when she was young.. like mom said "kecik2 sama macam aunty tie, maybe besar nnt jadi lawyer jugak kot..." mmm, kalau jadi lawyer mama restuuuu hehe..

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