Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aleena and her 'chewy' habbit..

She loves to chew on anything that is chewable..

Including mommy's face.. i've got several tiny bruises on my chin and aleena is the one to be blamed! She started callin me "Mak" instead of "mama" for these past few days, no matter how i stressed it to her, she would still call me "Mak".. "mak" is how i call my mother, so Fatini, still familiar with this even though she hadn't seen my mother for quite sometimes now, would come to Aleena every time she mentioned the word "Mak" and said to her "Mak x de kat sinilah, mak ade kat umah tok je.." hehe..

ps/ the last dialogue: she meant to say to her baby sister that "mak" is not here but only at her grandma's home in M'sia..

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