Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BuDaK2 GiLLeR SNoW..

Fatini and her new shoes, terpaksa beli baru la coz yg lama tu...(actually yg lama tu pun baru beli gak, baru pakai brape kali je), tp disebabkan dah ade pig skin kat tapak nye, kena la beli yg baru kan.. Kasut ni merangkap winter boot skali, price is 5euro! can u believe it?!!! same price nye ngan my pig skin glove yg dah masuk tong sampah tuh!!! mmm, pakai winter boot memang sgt sesuai utk bdk2 yg suke sgt redah snow!
Nampak tu, kasut tu kena ade unsur2 pink ok! sbb x de yg pink, so the closest to pink!

Afeef with his new winter boot gak.. papa kata macam kasut Mc Donald hehe..

Owwwwhhhh... bersimpuh pulak die dlm snow tu.. ayu gitu..

Dah bersimpuh, nak baring pulak.. macam2...

Dulu takut sgt nak baring atas snow, now die yg lebih hehe.. ape la fatini nih..

Budak2 yg mmg suke giller ngan snow hehe..

Siap bawak barbie tuh..

Bersama mendaki besut.. hehe..

Asyik gambar budak2 je kan, ape kata mama punya turn pulak ihik ihik..


Mamaholic Top view... eceh..

Mamaholic bottom view... eheh
Mama pun ade winter boot yahooooo!! Sungguh selesa, bole saje2 je tenggelam2 kan kaki dalam snow tuh, and x rase sejuk pun and seluar pun x basah. I Likeeee..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NoVeLHoLiC.. is ThERe SuCH ThiNG..?

I must say i'm a novelholic, I culd go crazy whenever i'm in a bookstore especially MPH, Borders and Kinokuniya in KLCC. I culd spend hours just reading through the synopsis of each book and then I wuld have a hard time deciding which one I shuld buy. Unlike my sister and hubby who read all kinds of reading materials, I on the other hand prefer only novels!
No matter how life's changed, this one thing bout me never change, even after I gave birth and during the confinement period, I'd still read and my mom wuld say "Jangn baca masa dlm pantang, nnt mata rosak.." and I wuld put the book away temporarily and wuld surreptitiously read it again, and even when the number of kids increased and they often snatched the book away from me especially when they were babies and I wuld try to find the time so I culd read peacefully but eventually all efforts failed, like right now, I wuld only read whenever I breastfeed Aleena or before I started reading I wuld offer her lots of soft toys and colorful stuffs to distract her but still the moment I opened my book, her attention would divert to my book and again she wuld snatched it away.. and even when I started blogging and facebooking, I had spent less time reading, but at the end of the day, I wuld still settle for a cup of coffee and a book in my hand.
Last winter here, I couldn't find any books in English, I was worried, "Four years without a novel? How culd it be?" so a few days before we boarded our airplane, I had prepared a stock of novels to be shipped to Germany. Though my hubby had relentlessly told me that I culd buy any book I like online (, but the stubborn me culdn't take the risk. haha sorry for that my dear hubby, I hope he now understands the passion I have for books.. I feel quiet ashamed with myself actually, hubby was right, any books are available here, all I have to do is just 'click'. My hubby bought lots and lots of books already.. but of course his choice of a book was waaayy different from mine, he reads 'The Accidental Billionaires', this book is about the founder of Facebook, and 'The Last Lecture' bout a professor who was dying, wats the name of the author? I culdn't even recall.. arrgggghhh will I ever read it? dunno. we'll seee.....
Right now, I'm reading this novel by Sophie Kinsella:

hahahah, she certainly has her own pleasant way of writing such a wonderful novels.. Unlike others who love the Shopaholic series, i prefer other books by Sophie Kinsella, like 'Can you keep a Secret?'. But still, all books by her were truly entertaining! Those who were a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella know what I mean. hehehe...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

ArE YoU ReADy FoR ThiS??!!

Please make sure you are at least 18 years old before you watch this video.... jeng jeng jeng...

Aktiviti di hari Krismas...

Aleena pulak brjaya merangkak di pagi Krismas!! yeay! she's been trying for so long, and now she did it! You go girl!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ni rupa sebelom...

Ni rupa selepas...

Selepas make up and selepas berhingus.. hehe cantik ke??

Atau ini lebih cantik..?

Ni papa yang make up kan.. so fatini yg bijak nih bole sense ade something yg x kena ngan cara papa apply lipstick.. tu sbb muke tu cam nak nangis hehe.. (actually bukan lipstick pun tapi pen yg dakwatnye purple adoi!.. :)

Eventually, mmg die confirm x puas hati ngan papa and make up yg memang ntah ape2 nih! "x cantik cam princess!!" sob sob sob!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

AFeeF AnD AuNTy TiE..

Thusday morning, two days away from Christmas, Kindergarten is off and Afeef got up early not usually actually hehe, and started talking bout his toys in Malaysia, those that were bought for him by his favorite Aunty Tie, some were birthday gifts, some were just for no special occasions, coz Aunty Tie loves buying gifts for him and Fatini too.. he started talking bout one particular 'Alat bertukar' Aunty had bought for him once which I culdn't quite recalled.. ye la banyak sgt lah!
But one question popped in my head and I asked him, "Dah lama x jupe Aunty Tie ni, agak2 nya kalau jupe Afeef segan x ngan aunty tie?"
He said firmly " Tak kan segan! sekali nampak Aunty tie, terus peluk!" (ni dengan muka yg penuh perasaan ok)
owwwwwwwhhhhhhhhh... terharu nye mama dengar....
One thing will never change...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MaCam macam..

Ok, this story is a bit outdated, but still I wanna write bout it.. it's my hubby's 'ayam golek' ok.. I must appreciate his effort for cooking.. ayam golek is super easy to make, but the taste is not going to be necessarily super tasty..ehe.. but hubby did quite a good job, it was delicious! so, to hubby, salu2 la masak ye ehehe.. you have a talent in cooking!

Nampak cam sedap kan?

This was our dinner, ayam golek, fries (fatini's feveret), nasik and scrambled egg? eh mana gambar scrambled egg? laaaaa telupe nak include.. sume prepared by my lovely, sweet, kind hearted, x romantic but loving hubby.. ni bukan bodek ok..

Ok, sume ready for dinner, Fatini cam biase, nak makan pun pakai topi.. Afeef tukang baca doa makan..

This one is a different story, this was our last saturday's outing.. was a great great great and beautiful day, because it was sunny..

Minah ni excited bile nampak snow..

Cik Aleena pulak x bole lama2, musti nangis..

Off we go..

Nampak tak betapa excited nye die!

Sempat stop kejap nak usik2 snow kat tebing tuh.. uisshh notty notty.. basah tau sarung tangan..

Isn't it beautiful?? The sun and the snow and the light it cast on the snow.. so beautiful and memorable sight.. eh, mana Fatini??

Ther she is, if u look closely, she's wearing a pink winter jacket that she never had on her before.. and nampak x macam sendat sket? haaa ape lagi kalau bukan baju Aleena.. sungguh sendat and ketat ok??! dia sendiri cakap "Fatini rasa ketat la.. tapi x pe fatini tahan..."
Kalau bole sume yg Aleena punye die nak rasmikan dulu.. notty notty...

Ok, this one is a real story, I bought this glove last wekend on our outing.. I had also planned to meet k.Azie somewhere so I culd return her watch that she had left in the Mosque a few weeks ago. While waiting for k.Azie, I went inside my faveret shop here and spotted this amazing glove, i tried it on and figured that it must be very comfortable, it's thick, looks like a thick fabric to me! The price was 5euro and I never gave it a 2nd thought and bought it straight away.. What the heck, it's a glove made of PIG SKIN!!!

Look closely, it has got those tiny tiny bintik2 an indicator of a pig skin.. I was so stupid not to noticed this. And it didn't occur to me, not even the slighest that this glove was a leather.. it looks like thick fabric to me!! Thank Allah, for I felt so determined to return k.azie's watch even though almost x jadi to meet up, and because of that, k.azi's hubby noticed my glove has got tiny dots and when I checked, Oh my God, 100% leather!! What else could it be other than pig skin if the price was so cheap!? So ther u go, in the garbage bag.. but, thats not the end of the story yet, rupe2 nye kat sini mmg suke kulit babi laa.. my shoes, Fatini's shoes sume ade pig skin kat bhgian tapak die huhu... x sangka.. nasib baik la dah tau.. so we are more careful now.. so kecoh la satu rumah and Afeef cakap " ya Allah! kasut fatini pun ade kulit babi!"
and Fatini pun cakap, " Tak pe, fatini suka kasut Fatini ade kulit BARBIE..." hehehe.. blur sungguh..

Apa yg cuba dipaparkan di sini bukan la budak gedik ni ye.. but..

Yang dekat kaki tu.. tuuuu tengok betul2.. ni bukan kasut pig skin ok! 100% plastic..

Ohhhh.. cantiknya kasut princess... sampai terpeleot kaki x terkira brape kali ntah, tapi still pakai.. and now dah pandai pakai high heels.. nak jadi princess punye pasal.. ahaha

Aleena, is this her habbit now?? noooo laaa...sometimes die isap2 puting ikut suke hati die.. yg penting dah pandai ambik sendiri and masuk ke mulut.. cute..

Friday, December 17, 2010

This One's for YOU...

I was staring out the window, dazzled by the beautiful sight a snowflakes could produced. It's been a year, can't believe it's been a year.. Just two weeks away from a new year, a brand new year, a brand new start, 'no one culd go back and make a brand new start, but everyone culd start from now and make a brand new ending..' ceh wah bermadah pulaks..
Again, I reminisced bout our 1st few days here... we had rented an apartment but we culdn't moved in yet due to some unavoidable problems. So we had to stay temporarily at a friend's home here, the only Malaysian family, non other than Kak Azie and family.. By the time we reached their place, we were so exhausted.. but k.azi had done her best for us, she had bathed afeef who had been vomiting throughout the journey. She had been so concerned bout me if I were to climb the few steps that led to her bath tub.. (special sgt bathroom nye, nak masuk bath tub pun kena climb tagga.. hehe) and I was pregnant at the time... after Afeef was done grooming, she had helped dressed him up, with her son's clothes and put him in bed so he could rest.. and she had prepared a very delicious lunch + dinner for us.. we were definitely hungry, and we had a nice sambal sotong, kari ayam and sayur kot.. hehe lupe la.. But I distinctly remember sambal sotong and kari ayam..
We had stayed at their house for 3 days, and even though I had a hard time adapting to the new environment and weather, her friendliness had made me feel at ease.. Not just that, She had even provide the guest room with one single bed which I later realized was her son's. All because I was pregnant, and she didn't want me sleeping on the floor and she wanted me to feel comfortable.. owwwhhh sooo sweet of her... I guess I never thanked her for this..
Later, when we were finally able to move into our own apartment, she was the one showing us all the grocery stores, the asian shop and where we culd find halal restaurant and food. Because of her, I was able to cook 'masak lemak cili api ikan patin' hehe which I craved for so much! Ingat lagi how afeef kept asking for nasik dgn telur dgn kicap... so when papa had the chance to buy all the food stuffs, he bought everything, rice, eggs, milk, juice, pinggan, kuali, etc etc but he forgot one of the most important thing, 'minyak masak'! so, I had to fry the egg without oil.. tapi afeef hepi je makan, asalkan telur hehe..
So, to kak Azie, if u are reading this, Million thanx to u and family...

Hahahah.. comei x fatini? ni aunty Azie la yg ambik gmba ni masa kat umah die..

Ni hari kedua kot di rumah kak Azie yg sungguh baik hati ;) oopsss k.azi ni bukan bodek ok..

Bersama anak2 kak azi, Alya and Haziq. Adorable and smart kids.. sronok tau klu sembang2 ngan Alya nih, pok pek pok pek cam afeef gaks.. ;)

Geng se Malaysia.. yg di sebelah ku itu la Kak azie, yg di sebelah hubby ku itu suami nya.. mereka ini sungguh baik hati.. moga kami akan terus berhubung sampai lama2 nnt even bile dah balik Malaysia nnt.. and they are expecting a new family member.. x sabar nak tengok baby :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

AfEEf @ KiNDeRgArTeN...

These photos were taken at his Kindergarten, below is a photo of Afeef with his classmates and teachers.. at a glance he looks no different from the rest, fair skin, about the same height but if you look closely, the asian features couldn't be overlooked.. I'm sure it's pretty obvious which one is him ;)

Lets have a closer look..

There he is, he's a bit smaller than the rest.. that cute, lovely girl standing next to him was the same girl he had danced with once during October fest celebration in his Kindergarten, I think about two months ago if I'm not mistaken..

Owwhhh.. so lovely and adorable pic.. x sangka rupe2 nye anak ku ini handsome juga ye eheheh..

Oh my precious..

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