Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NoVeLHoLiC.. is ThERe SuCH ThiNG..?

I must say i'm a novelholic, I culd go crazy whenever i'm in a bookstore especially MPH, Borders and Kinokuniya in KLCC. I culd spend hours just reading through the synopsis of each book and then I wuld have a hard time deciding which one I shuld buy. Unlike my sister and hubby who read all kinds of reading materials, I on the other hand prefer only novels!
No matter how life's changed, this one thing bout me never change, even after I gave birth and during the confinement period, I'd still read and my mom wuld say "Jangn baca masa dlm pantang, nnt mata rosak.." and I wuld put the book away temporarily and wuld surreptitiously read it again, and even when the number of kids increased and they often snatched the book away from me especially when they were babies and I wuld try to find the time so I culd read peacefully but eventually all efforts failed, like right now, I wuld only read whenever I breastfeed Aleena or before I started reading I wuld offer her lots of soft toys and colorful stuffs to distract her but still the moment I opened my book, her attention would divert to my book and again she wuld snatched it away.. and even when I started blogging and facebooking, I had spent less time reading, but at the end of the day, I wuld still settle for a cup of coffee and a book in my hand.
Last winter here, I couldn't find any books in English, I was worried, "Four years without a novel? How culd it be?" so a few days before we boarded our airplane, I had prepared a stock of novels to be shipped to Germany. Though my hubby had relentlessly told me that I culd buy any book I like online (Amazon.de), but the stubborn me culdn't take the risk. haha sorry for that my dear hubby, I hope he now understands the passion I have for books.. I feel quiet ashamed with myself actually, hubby was right, any books are available here, all I have to do is just 'click'. My hubby bought lots and lots of books already.. but of course his choice of a book was waaayy different from mine, he reads 'The Accidental Billionaires', this book is about the founder of Facebook, and 'The Last Lecture' bout a professor who was dying, wats the name of the author? I culdn't even recall.. arrgggghhh will I ever read it? dunno. we'll seee.....
Right now, I'm reading this novel by Sophie Kinsella:

hahahah, she certainly has her own pleasant way of writing such a wonderful novels.. Unlike others who love the Shopaholic series, i prefer other books by Sophie Kinsella, like 'Can you keep a Secret?'. But still, all books by her were truly entertaining! Those who were a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella know what I mean. hehehe...


ishamizu said...

Kak Nana best kn buku tu..! :D mmg hillarious..smpi Izu rasa nti nk pegi tgk tpt2 yg ada mentioned kt dlm buku tu kt London n sekitar UK ni..hehe..

Izu pon suka baca novel english kak, tp tk terer english mcm akk. :( may be tk cukup membaca lg mcm akak kot..huhu..

so any tips nk terer English? :)

Frau Azmir said...

uiiisshhh.. i'm flattered but x de la pandai mana cik izu oiii.. kih kih.. bnyk juga grammatical mistakes if u noticed! but tq for the compliment.. ape2 pun, i think the only way to a good language skill kan is thru reading.. akak suke baca la dr kecik2 lg.. tp novel je! mak akak salu bising akak x baca paper! hahah! akak try juga reading news, tu yg ade news update tuh hehe..
izu, jd housewife ni la time utk kite bnyk mmbaca and at the same time instill jugak kat anak2 sikap suke mmbaca :) kat london msti bnyk english book kan?

ishamizu said...

You ARE good at English, sis. :) Nway, ur welcomed. Tu la tk sbr nk tgu spring season, ada carboot, sure byk novel murah2 bley beli..hehe..

Nway, thnks for the tips..i'll try to read as much as possible from now on. biar ank2 pun ikut membaca kn!:)

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