Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Of The Worst Winter in 2o years..

They said so, but is it so? But the sight of the whole tree covered in snow gave me an eerie feeling.. hehe dun know why, I felt goosebumps whenever I look at them.. This was taken several days ago, snow had fallen heavily then, in the morning I was so shocked to find everything was sooo white! Check them out..

Obviously, this Year's winter is worst than the last one.. Last year I didn't see anything like this..

Ok, lets move on to the kids... ok, ni muka first time makan oren hehe.. She eats everything, I must say she has an incredible appetite.. Sometimes, when afeef and fatini were munching on crackers, she would just stare at them admiringly asking for some probably.. but as usual, they just ignored her.. so eventually, after a failed attempt to snatch the crackers, she would settled for the scattered crumbs on the carpet and floor.. she would hold each crumb with the tip of her forefinger and thumb and put it in her mouth.. hehehe cute but pitiful.. hehehe
Ok, mama x biarkan ok, tengok kejap pastu gelak2 sbb comel, and pastu angkat la die, and of course mama vacum carpet pastu.. tp kdg2 x sempat vakum tengok2 dah bersih hehe..

mmmmm... sedap kan oren tuh..

Ok, I must include her photo ok, as she was always busy bodying wenever I tried to do some photo shoot for Aleena. Ini gaya ape pun x tau la...

Yang pasti nya, ini gaya gedik.. hehe

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