Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So SoRRy...

On my way to class yesterday, I bumped into an elderly couple with a lil girl bout Fatini's age in between them. Each of the lil girl's hand held in their's protectively.. I was so touched by the sight it brought tears to my eyes... Why was I so emotionally affected??
Coz I was reminded of my mom, and how much she must av missed Fatini.. and how they had spent their time together during that 5 months stay. My mother used to bring Fatini along everywhere she goes, and I recalled they wuld 'lepak' in my mom's favorite restaurant, and Fatini wuld have her favorite 'air pink' which was actually 'sirap bandung', and then my mom wuld buy her a balloon.. And then when they've reached home, Fatini wuld excitedly show me the balloon my mom had bought for her.. I had predicted from that moment, the hard time they had to endure upon separation.. I didn't know for sure how my mom handled it coz mom always seemed so strong in handling anything, but it wasn't easy for Fatini.
After Aleena was born, they'd become more attached with each other coz I barely had enough time for Fatini. I felt guilty to my mom, coz I had to be here, taking with me the lil girl she'd built the bond with..

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