Monday, August 30, 2010

if u give your heart to a man, he might brake it to pieces, but if u give that broken heart to Allah, he will not only put the pieces back together but he will take good care of it until the end of time..

take it or leave it..

so far life is so much fun here in germany, freedom, peace, no worries, the people are nice, the trips are fun... just had one nice trip on saturday, 4 hours journey via train to Bonn and i enjoyed the view so much.. thanx to shahmi and idzinn for a great hospitality. afeef however, can't control his excitement for this early trip in the morning. he talk and scream so loud that brought the neighbour to the window, shook her head with a sour and angry look on her face. worst, she didn't even return my smile which is so unlike her.. mmmmm... x best la camni kan, bile neighbour dah x puas hati.. feel like wanna avoid bumping into her which i'm not sure is possible hehe..

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeling particularly edgy today as my mind keep drifting back to malaysia, particularly my parent's home.. i miss the food so much.. mom's laksa... despite the facts that all the raw materials are available here to prepare a desired meal or a dish, i simply craved for the one my mom used to make... nevertheless, staying here only for 2 months plus has made me a better cook! believe it or not i become gud in making traditional kuih, like kuih koci, kuih bengkang, kuih ketayap, hehehe.. feeling overwhelmed with satisfaction for this new skill and talent hehehe..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

nak raya kat m'sia...

nape ntah makin mnjadi2 perasaan nak beraya kat m'sia nih.. windu sgt ngan suasana raya kat m'sia. kat sini silap2 raya nnt azmir gi universiti... tinggal la i and bdk2 di umah layan lagu raya wahaha.. how i wish somebody offer us a ticket to fly back to m'sia to celebrate raya, though that is high unlikely to happen.. heheh.. had dreamt bout it twice though.. heheh.. ape pun if that happens, susah gak.. nanti berebut plak masing2 nak beraya kat kampung masing2.. i nak beraya di kl, my hubby plak msti la nak balik kmpung die, klu asing2 nnt, x best la plak raya kan.. so, if ade org offer free ticket pun, i can't accept it la, better beraya kat sini je, no arguments, no sulking, etc etc.. beraya sesama kami je la and some malaysian here, who knows, maybe it's not that bad..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Truly touched...

Haven't had the time to write, but i'm determined now to write a story between me and my son afeef, it happened just a few days ago.. it's a fasting month (Ramadhan), and u know how it's like during fasting month, any food commercial will make your mouth water. so, i was watching tv, and saw this commercial bout a really delicious choc ice-cream sold in every supermarket here in germany. so i said " mmmm, sedapnye, mama teringin la nak makan ni, nanti nak beli la"... then afeef cakap, " ye mama teringin? bile mama nak pegi beli? jom la pegi kedai skrg?" so i said to him, " susah la nak kuar skrg, nak bwk aleena lg, fatini lg, nnt la.."
and he said, anxiously this time "tapi mama teringin kan?" hahahah he is always so concern bout me.

the next day, he went to the shop with azmir (my hubby), and when he'd gotten home he excitedly saying "mama afeef ade beli hadiah utk mama!!".. Fully aware of my son's excitements over almost everything, i replied indifferently "oh ye ke, thank you afeef".. funny i didn't even take him seriously and i wasn't even looking at him, i was preparing the dishes for iftar, ...then to my surprise, he showed me the choc ice-cream i wanted. his eyes were gleaming with sincerity and satisfaction, oh my god, i was temporarily speechless and i immediately hugged him and said "thank you afeef, thank you afeef..." over and over again... i was so close to tears, and the feeling was overwhelming.. i know this may sound like nothing to some people, but it means a lot to me.. i mean, how many six year old would remember his mom's favorite food and wuld buy them for her?? that means he cared bout me. not just that, i myself didn't even remember that i wanted that choc ice-cream in the first place, but he did. you see, children have their own way of showing their concerns and love towards their parents.. they love us genuinely, and they will never betray us nor hurt our feelings.. i adore my son so much and i think he is amazing in his own way, and i'm truly thankful for having him in my life..

if u treat your children nicely, they will treat u nice in return. if u give them respect and love, they will give u respects and love in return, if you yell at them, then they will yell at you. a very simple rule to follow but yet many fail...

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