Sunday, November 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum wbt...

It's been a while....
Nevertheless, it's been almost a year now since the day we left Deutschland for good...
***sigh***** sedar tak sedar kan....

Yess, I still miss DE, but of course time has healed my wounded heart, and I've moved on with renewed hopes and determinations...
 Life in DE was just a memory now, precious memories to be kept and sealed safely in my heart. 

In this one year, a lot have happened, a lot I've learned, I've met new and interesting people, made lots of new friends and I enjoy my life here and I've made lots of changes too......
I don't know how to describe how I feel, but all I can say is that:
 We can always change our life for the bertter, no matter how difficult it might seemed at first. And Allah is always there to help.... 

Anyway, 6th November 2014 was Afeef's 10th Birthday!!!
Alhamdulillah, 10 years on earth... 
This year's celebration, he invited over a few of his close friends. And I prepared a simple dish for them, it was perhaps the simplest birthday celebration we've ever had in his 10 years of life, but it was one of the most meaningful one :) 

Happy to serve the kids!! 

It's wonderful how everywhere he goes, Afeef is always surrounded with people who love him so much... That made him in turn a Loving person :)

This year's Birthday, I told him not to expect or hope or ask for a Birthday gift from anyone, not his family, friends or any other. 
Instead, I asked him to express his gratitude to Allah SWT for Allah has allowed him to still breath on this earth, granted him with lots of good and wonderful things one could have in his life. 
No matter how many steps he has left in his journey of life, my doa is always always with him... 
May he succeed fid dunya wal akhirah.... Amin....

~~~ We write our own destiny, but don't forget that it is Him who have the power to move our pen. 
Therefore, write our life in the name of Allah SWT.... 

Friday, September 5, 2014

THe CaTs... (",)

Assalamualaikum wbt....

Okay, Introducing.......

Mango and Snow White!!!!!!! 

Named by Aleena (",) hehehe...
There were 4 of them in the beginning, they were Mummy's babies. 
Who's Mummy then???

Oh unfortunately I don't have Mummy's pic :(
But Mummy was the first cat I met at our house here. So she's the one who gave birth to Mango, Snow White, and two other which have gone missing (Mysteriously). 
So, there were only the two of them now... 
And now there's this sad story of Mummy. 
After a few weeks that she gave birth to her 4 babies at our next door neighbor's place, she then transferred her babies to our place. And Hubby prepared this nice box for them, and it was comfortable enough, but, Spray and Manja kept coming over and busy bodying until Mummy couldn't take it anymore and she took all her babies to Sumayyah's place!!
Now who's Sumayyah??? 
Hehehe... (",)
Sumayyah is another neighbour's daughter, the one who invited us over for Breakfast together after our little open house (",)

So, at that time these kittens were only babies, and that was during Ramadhan, and then we had to leave this place for Eid celebration at our kampung and when we returned, Mummy wasn't around anymore, she's gone!!
Leaving her babies behind!!
And Sumayyah's mom was the one taking care of these little kittens...
And she did a great job!!
Feeding the kittens with milk, bathing them once in a while, so sweet isn't it??
I've never met any married person with children as committed as Sumayyah's mom in taking care of little kittens.
And she is a very very nice person too (",)

And then recently, there's also Kitty....
Kitty who???

Hello Kitty... hehehe (",)
Aisyah Humaira named her Hello Kitty....
Now who's Aisyah Humaira???

Hehehe... Okay okay, Aisyah Humaira is the next door neighbour's daughter who is also Fatini's best friend!!
I think I wrote about her before...
And at her home was where Mummy delivered her babies :')

Noticed how Kitty eats?
Her whole body would always be in the bowl!! Haha :D

Owwwwwhhhhh.... and see how gentleman Spray is??
He patiently sat quietly aside waiting for Kitty to finish eating before he came and finish the rest of the food. 
Sweet isn't it??
He's the sweetest male cat on earth!!!

Anyway, Kitty had gone missing too... just a few days ago... 

One after another, they just gone, mysteriously disappeared....

But, the huge loss by far was.....


Sob sob sob... :'(

Manja had gone missing just about the same time as Mummy. She was no longer around when we returned after Eid. 
We all wonder what happened to her? Where is she now??

And we miss her terribly.... :'(

PS: Another reason why I love this neighborhood so much is that we are all in this together.. 
Taking care of these cats, discussing about them, sharing cat food (",) etc etc etc...

"So, which favors of your Lord would you deny???"

Till Later, Salam...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Little Open House 2014 (",)

Assalamualaikum wbt....
Mmmmm.... Before it gets really rotten, I better just include this in one of my entries... 

I kinda enjoy reading some of my previous previous entries now, it brought back memories that I've totally forgotten about!!!! 
So, I hope I will always have the time to write every memorable events in my life so that someday when I'm old (insyaAllah) or the kids when they've grown up (insyaAllah) would be able to read all these again.. 
Wouldn't it be great?? Or am I the only one thinking that it's great? 
Yeah yeah... Lets get to the story before I start rambling...

Ok, I think this was 2 weeks ago, 16/8/2014.... 
Just our little Open House (",)

Errrrrrrrr..... Not so little actually hehe... Hubby invited over the whole Faculty people and of course almost all the neighbors and some other close friends hehe.. 
I think, roughly about 50 people made it that day, or maybe 60? 

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa and guess what????

I cooked everything myself (",)

Haaaaaaaa guess more......????
Hubby was away for some work a few days before the open house, and Basically I did everything myself, from shopping to cooking and everything.... Waaaaa sounds a bit arrogant there hahaa...

But, it was nothing really, it was just a simple one... 
I prepared something like 'Nasik berempah' and 'Roti Jala' and 'Seafood Spagetti', and some 'Apam polkadot' which turned out to be not so 'polkadot' :P

Ok, the beautiful round cake wasn't made by me.. I bought that one hehe.. 
Hei, don't blame me, that because I don't have an oven yet... :P
So, basically, I've prepared everything except that cake :)

And another thing, we've planned this together with our next next next door neighbour who happens to be from the same faculty as hubby's. 
So, it was basically more to an 'Open Taman' rather than an 'Open House'...
Overall, I've enjoyed it very very very much eventhough afterwards **pengsan*** hehe

Haaaaaaaa... Check out my model there!
Isn't she sweet????

Afeef invited over two of his closest friends. At this hour only one had arrived. 
So they played game the whole day hehe..
I think this was about 1pm before most of the guests arrived after Zuhur.

And, another best thing that day.....

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Tadaaaaaaa!!!
Meeting our ex-German friends (",)
They just got back to Malaysia about last June. And this was our first meet-up and it was great!
Oh I was never aware of how much I miss them until we met that Saturday!
Back in Germany, they were our family, our friends...
We've celebrated Eid together sob sob sob.... 
I'll never forget those memories... :')

And, I also got the best chocholate ever, from Germany...... 
My favourite choclate which I thought would remained only in my dream for me to ever taste it again, but....
Wow..... Alhamdulillah 'Rezeki'...
Thank you so much to them!!!
I was so close to tears!!!

Ehem (asyik nak nangis je hehe) 
Not so much for the chocholate actually, but for the thoughts.... :')

Oh..... I miss you Raffaello.....

Ok, that was all about our little 'Open House' which was not so little. Hehe..
It was fun, one of the most memorable and meaningful events after almost 9 months in Malaysia, and I look forward to another something like this again in the future. Already planning with the neighbours how the next one will be like :P 

The next morning, we had breakfast together with our neighbour at their place.
I just love this neighbourhood..... 
I love it very much!!

Remember, I wrote before in one of my entries after I've reached Malaysia early this year?
I wrote:

"I know something awaits me here in Malaysia, something more meaningful than what I had in Germany..."

I guess, I'm getting there... InsyaAllah...

"Which Favors of your Lord would you deny??"

Till Later, Salam.... (",) 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SpEciaL GirL.... (",)

Nowadays, She has this new Habit of asking:

"Fatini ada buat notty tak hari ni??" ("Have I been naughty today?")

It's been six years now since the day she was born, and I've always made doa may Allah grant me ease in raising her, and patience so that I can be a good mother to her... 
But, despite the endless doa, those tantrums never seemed to end..... ***sigh****
Perhaps it's a test for me from Allah SWT, or some sort of punnishment for me too... 

Whatever it is, it's never her fault, she's a child, an innocent child who needs love and care.. 
Free from sins....
And, not even once that I blamed her, and I've also given up raising my voice at her nor showing my anger at her, for I realized that would only made things worse.
 It's like how you try to couter a fire with a fire... 
All you'll probably get is a BLAZE!! 

In my helpless attempt to change her, many people advised me to recite certain Quranic verses to her ear while she's asleep to soften her heart. 
 But... I've never really taken this seriously... 
Until only recently that I found the courage to do this continuosly and consistently (Istiqomah) and with renewed determination I began. 

MasyaAllah, Alhamdulillah.... After a month, I noticed a lot of changes in her!
She became more obedient, no more tantrum, rajin solat, not so fussy about food anymore, etc etc....

And not to forget her daily questions now:
"Fatini ada buat notty?" (",) 
It's as if she has her own determination and courage to change herself... And she keeps asking me that question everyday as if to check if she's on track. Cute kan?? 

And when she asked this again yesterday, I told her the same thing I've always told her:
"Tak de.... Fatini baaaaaaaiiiiiikkkkkkk sangat hari ni.." Whilst planting a kiss on her forhead. (I told her she's been a good girl)
She then excitedly jumped and went away and immediately Aleena came to me and said quietly:
"Tu sebab Mama banyak baca doa la tu... Masa tido tu......" (She told me it must be those doa that changed Fatini)

Waahhhhh!! How clever that she could relate that!!! 

Yeah, that's what I've been doing anyway....... I've been reciting certain Quranic verses to Fatini's ear every night now witnessed by Aleena coz Fatini always the first to go to bed every night. It's been a month now and the results were amazing... Alhamdulillah... Seriously she has changed a lot. 

And the question is, WHY NOW? 
I've known about this cure for a problematic child long ago, but how come I've never been determined enough to do it consistently...??
Was I doubting the Quran????

The answer is, NO NO NO I've never doubted the Quran, but I've always had doubts in myself... 
That's why...

I thought it could never work for a person like me... 

Actually, Allah will always help no matter who you are as long as you have faith in Allah SWT. And most importantly, when you start, make sure it's not just 'hangat- hangat taik ayam' hehehe... 
That's what happened to me before too hehehe... 

So, let me share what I've been reciting to her every night when she's asleep:
  ~~ Al-Fatihah
  ~~ Ayat Kursi
  ~~ Al-Isra: 82 (3 times)
  ~~ Selawat (5 times)
  ~~ At-Taha (1-5) --> This was suggested by my mother in-law. 
  ~~ Lastly, zikir "Ya Latif, ya Kahfi..." (You can google this up)

 The last step is : Istiqomah. (",)

I'll keep doing this insyaAllah...... and if anyone wants to do the same for your kid, my advice is, never ever give up if it takes a while before you see results. Just Have faith in Allah. (",)

So..... Not only that she became a good girl now, her talent in drawing also boosts!!!
Check it out (",)

In case you are wondering who these are... 


Haaaaaaaaaa do they look alike? Boleh la kan hehe..

Sama kan??? :D 
This is my favorite :-)

Haaaaaa... I myself find all these impressive!!!
 Call me 'perasan' or whatever haha but I really think Fatini is talented!

She must have at all times a tiny book and a pencil, and she would start drawing wherever, whenever she could!!!!
And I have to make sure to buy a new book once the one she's using is about to finish :-)

I think I just detect another talented person in the house other than Fatini...
I guess you knew already who drew this???? hehehe.....
For a 4 year old, I think this is impressive too.... 
But, she kept saying with a 'Tak puas hati tone':
"Kenapa tak cantik macam Fatini lukis???? Aleena nak buang dalam tong sampah...." :D

Till later, Salam....


Saturday, August 23, 2014

A LiTtLe GeT AwaY....

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Guten Morgen!!!

Maka bermulalah aktiviti zaman dolu2: Menyibuk bila Mr. Hubby pergi kursus!!! Hehehe... 

Ri-yaz Heritage Resort @Pulau Duyong Kuala Terengganu. 

I'll update more later... Right now, it's morning, aleena is asleep, we have plans for today, there's Playground, Swimming pool, and we're also gonna meet our old friend here too insyaAllah...
Overall, it's a beautiful place, the kids love it, they're overly excited too hehe... 
As always... (Rolling my eyes..) :P
Eh, where's Fatini??? First thing she did after waking up early about 6am was exploring the place again (rolling my eyes again) hehe..

Ok, a little 'Sharing is caring' for today:

Let's recite Surah Ar-Rahman... 
It consists of 78 ayat, and Allah mentions 38 times in this Surah:

"Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?"

Some other translations:

"Which favors of your Lord would you deny?"

And the malay translation:

"Maka nikmat Tuhan mu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?"

38 times out of 78... More than half..
It's non other than to remind human beings again and again of all the favours from Allah SWT..
It also shows how forgetful and ungrateful human beings are... 
Needed to be reminded of something consistently... Over and over again. 
This surah always brought tears to anyone who recites it, there's something about it that draws the heart to it, and overwhelmes the heart with gratefullness... 
So, we are human beings, the 'weak' human beings, and there were times when we feel ungrateful, or that we forget Allah's favour upon us. So, whenever you start feeling this way, turn to the Quran to surah Ar-Rahman and start reciting it... 
You'll start feeling grateful in no time insyaAllah... (",)

Later, makes it a routine to recite this Surah regularly.... 
Remember, the Quran is the Deen, the food to our soul... 
We need it in our life... So that we can have a healthy soul insyaAllah..... 

Till Later, Moga bermanfaat.... 
Assalamualaikum wbt.....

Friday, August 22, 2014

HE'S GeTTing OLdeR... Hehe...

Happy Birthday Dearest Hubby....

I see white hairs, and I know you are getting older.... Hehe..

Nevertheless.... White hairs didn't matter, wrinkles didn't matter too... 
What matters: Where are we now? How close are we to the Creator? Are we ready for death as each birthday means we are getting nearer to that appointed time.

Alhamdulillah, you are still here today, for another Birthday (",) 

My doa, love, care, and many many more are with you always.... 

May Allah SWT bless and guide us through always.... Always... 

Till Later, Assalamualaikum wbt....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mr. Spray...... (",)

All the neighbors dislike him.. He sprays at almost everything, if he gets inside the house, the curtains and anything that stands (except human) would be his target. 
I think, me, hubby and the kids are the only people in this neighbourhood who still feed him...
Not because we are too kind, but it just feels wrong to let him starve and keeps 'meowing' for food.

There's a reason for every Allah's creation, just don't hate them....
We have had a lot of trouble dealing with Spray ourselves, his favourite target at our place is always the front door!!! Great isn't it??? :P
I've always noticed his urine there right at the entrance. Many times!! 
So, we have to wash it again and again and again.... Yeah yeah... If I were to succumb to my annoyance at his attitude here, I would have stopped feeding him long ago, like most of the neighbours.. By not feeding him, he wouldn't come to our place... Right?
But of course, it's not the right thing to do... There has to be other ways... 
As for me, I continue feeding him anyway, and sometimes I sat next to him and talked to him whilst stroking his back while he eats.
I told him, don't spray at the door anymore, be a good boy, (he's already a good one anyway, always let the females eat first then he would finished the left overs, sweet kan???) What a gentleman...

I told him also that he's not allowed inside the house, so don't even try to get inside ok hehehe..
And I also told him not to be so loud...
Spray is very noisy by the way hehehe!

Oh ya, wondering who Spray is???


Amacam?? Hensem kan..... Hehe (",)

God is great, masyaAllah, for these past few days, he didn't spray at our front door anymore! 
Of course he sprayed at other places like the car tyre, the bumper, the wall, but he'd stopped spraying at the front door!!!! The most crucial place. I have this feelings that he understands what I'm saying haha :P
Ni yang makin sayang Spray nih hehe! 

Ok, till Later, actually I was supposed to write about our little open house last Saturday, one of the best event for me after almost 8 months in Malaysia, but I ended up writing about Spray instead!!! Hahahaha!!
Ok, till later, Assalamualaikum wbt.... (",)

"There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have we omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end."  (Quran 6:38)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Neighbour (",)

Assalamualaikum wbt....

Tu diaa.......

A kind next door neighbour gave me this today.... Alhamdulillah.... (",)

The thing is, This is the third time that I received something from a neighbour,  twice from a different one. 
And I've never given them anything in return... Yeah yeah how terrible... 
My lame excuse was always:
I was still in a period of adjustment, and because of that I wasn't in the mood to cook anything special....
Mmmmmmmm.... Is that logical enough??.

Here's the reality: 
I'm blessed with a wonderful neighbours but, I've failed to appreciate them, and I've failed to show gratitude for their existence in my life. Fuhhhhhhhhh...

Ok, I hate to admit the truth, I used to be someone who loved to live in my own world, since I was a little girl I just never liked socializing!!! 

But........ All that have changed while I was in Germany... I've learned to appreciate friends and people around me.... I began to enjoy cooking, and having people over at our place was one of the most looked forward to event!

But..... everything's changed again once we got back here, in Malaysia... 

I began to isolate myself again, maybe because I've missed my life in Germany so much, that I got carried away, thinking that I could never have again what I had in Germany..... 

And everything's changed again recently (after Ramadhan's over to be exact) hehehe.... 

I'm now beginning to enjoy all these again!!!! Both attending and organizing an open house!!!
And also socializing and making new friends!!

I guess, it's never too late to change...... ;)
And Allah will always help those who helped themselves. 

"Serve Allah, and join not any partners with Him and do good- To parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbours who are near, neighbours who are strangers, the Companion by your side, the way-farer (ye meet), And what your right hands possess. For Allah love not the arrogant, the vainglorious "
(An-Nisa: 36)

Till Later, Assalamualaikum wbt....

Ps: Love your neighbour (",)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Aidilfitri 2014......... (",)

Despite all the merriment, despite the fact that we have our family members with us and that we can meet them regularly, and we have them around during Eid celebration, and despite everything, I found myself reminiscing about our life in Kaiserslautern Germany again...

I kinda miss those times when we have just 'US'
Just 'US'  (",)
Hubby, me, and the kids, everywhere we go, every celebration, every happy and sad moments...
And we have only just 'US'
And yet, we were happy....
We were very happy indeed.....

I miss it very much.... :')


                                      ~~Aidilfitri 2012~~

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