Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off to kindergarten!

No longer as happy as he was last week, but still he prefers this kindergarten rather than the one in M'sia. maybe everything will be better later when he understands what they were saying.

it's morning and it's cold and he has to get up early everyday!

oh, kat kindergarten pandai hang jacket sendiri ye, kat umah main campak je huhu! hopefully he'll customize himself to this new discipline.

This is how the kindergarten looks like from the inside. i haven't had the chance to snap some photos of his classroom and friends.

wondering what this is? haaa ni la toilet nye, so cute, colorful, and kecik2 je toilet bowl nye hehe..

The beginning of FALL...

leaves are falling.... it is cold, windy and rainy sometimes..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kinder fest!

Kinder fest is actually an event held every year here for the children of course as the name implies, variety of events for children, such as drawing, dancing, etc.. balloons are everywhere, the atmosphere was filled with musics, children's laughter and excited chatter. Afeef and Fatini unlike themselves in the beginning probably caused by the cold weather, were slowly enjoying the events.. afeef plak, jadi excited all of a sudden, sebab jumpe teacher die, kindergarten afeef bukak stall jual juice! afeef dgn excited nye gi greet teacher die, and teacher die terus dtg and gave afeef a hug!.. so sweet! what a great lady she is. so I immediately took the chance to snap a photo of them together!

Afeef beli juice kat stall kindergarten die accompanied by his teacher, ehe papa tu dah bole cakap Deutsch ke? hehe

Tengokla muke fatini tu, tp tengok la nnt bile die dah dapt balloon, hehe. girl yg ade lukis2 kat muke tu name nye Alya, very bright kid for a seven year old and fatini adores her so much! yg pakai baju blue tgh main drum tu kawan m'sia afeef, namenye Haziq.

Beratur for balloons, Afeef satu, Fatini satu and Aleena pun dapat balloon jugak! ni betul2 a surprise, this guy speaks to us in english, kat Deutschland ni memang tergezut la klu jumpe yg bole cakap english nih, tapi ade yg lagi shocking! once he learnt that we are from M'sia je, die terus je cakap bahasa melayu!! wahahahah! tergamam sekejap! of course la m'sian language die very limited but he had once lived in M'sia and also Indonesia. He is from Australia, and now stays in Germany for almost 15 years and he's a lecturer. wow!! sangat friendly and very fond of kids, unfortunately i forgot to ask his name!

dah ade balloon yellow nak yg PINK plak, so beratur lg utk dapatkan balloon PINK! tu la Fatini, look how excited and happy she is after she got PINK balloon!

Tengokla ape dah jadi dgn stroller Aleena, tp Aleena tetap mantain "good girl" walaupun sejuuuuukkk!

On the way home, rase cam nak terbang je stroller Aleena nih hehe.. however Afeef and Fatini had so much fun! ruginye, x sempat nak dapatkan free toothbrush and toothpaste, stall dah tutup.. too bad... x de rezeki :(

What a bummer!

Ever since we arrived here in Germany, i rarely encounter anyone who speaks english even though theres an American army base here in Kaiserslautern. with renewed determination to learn Deutsch since i reached here last June, my hubby registered me for a twice a week Deutsch class. oh, million thanx to him! So i've learnt the basic such as 'what is your name', 'where are u from', 'excuse me', and etc etc..
so, waiting for an opportunity to apply what i've learnt, i went to a nearby shop last saturday to buy a new pen.. while i was hunching over to study a selection of pens in a narrow space, so totally engrossed by it, i became unaware of a presence of a young woman standing behind me trying to squeeze through. surprised, i got up quickly, and momentarily i tried to think of a right word to say to her in Deutsch of course, oh this is my chance! either "Entschuldigung" it means ( excuse me) or "Tut mir leid" that means (i'm sorry). Quickly i settled for "Tut mir leid".. hehe
she smiled and said "oh it's ok, i can squeeze through if i wanted too!".. and then she was gone, i stood there like an idiot haha.. what a pathetic attempt! All these while, i've kept on bumping into a Deutscher who don't speak english at all, and now when i finally had the chance to practice what i've learnt, i bumped into an American. What the heck!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fatini pun nak gi school!

While Afeef is having a good time in kindergarten, Fatini on the other hand is having a hard time coping with Afeef's absence. but today with new spirits, Fatini says "Fatini pun nak pegi school, school PINK je, yang ade cikgu PINK, Fatini nak pakai baju PINK, dngan dngan dngan kasut PINK. Fatini nak bawak bag PINK nak botol air macam abg afeef yg yg yg yg kaler PINK!" hehehe... typical Fatini.. hehehe...

Baby Doll malang..

Originally, baby doll ni look like this. Dapat hadiah ni masa Christmas, a gift from a German friend here, so kind of him.

Now, tengok la nasib baby doll nih... if only that German friend sees this... ni ler keje Fatini..hehe, but then again, bukan baby doll je, ape saje toys yg jatuh kat tangan fatini nasib nye malang... tengokla barbie tu, i consider barbie tu lucky coz still ade sket2 baju hehe..

Afeef's personal (sort of) locker.. hehe

look closely, nampak x name die? hehe tempat gantung jacket and kat atas tuh kasut pakai kat dlm kindergarten.

Lunch box and botol air spongebob, penambah semangat lg utk pegi Kindergarten!

Thai food... mmm

A very sweet friend of mine cooked this delicious Thai food for me.. so sweet of her, she made it just for me.. we've only known each other for a wyle but already i feel like i've known her for so long.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh ya, talk bout afeef's kindergarten, i recalled one incident, this could be a guide to all parents. when we were in Kuantan, afeef was 4 years old and i was determined to send him to one of the kindergarten there. so he made me promise to accompany him there no matter how long it takes until he's ready to be left alone. so i agreed... 1st day went well, i was ther wif him the whole time, 2nd day he started crying and wanted to go home. one of the teacher started persuading me to just leave him there, her reasons were ' children can't focus with parents presence and my being ther only made things worst for afeef' and also she said, children needed to be left alone and let them cry for one whole week and then they'll be ok.. yeah rite... but i can't betray my children, i told myself that many times..
so i told her, "sorry i can't do that, i made a promise to him that i'll accompany him and i must keep it"
she looks taken aback and a glimpse of humor in her eyes, probably because i was taking a 4 year old kid too seriously. but she said the end of the week afeef no longer needs my presence there in the classroom, but he asked me to wait outside in the car. so every time he finished, he believe that i was there the whole time waiting for him in the car whereas actually i went home of course and reached the kindergarten again before he finished.
so, one day the head of the kindergarten came to me and said, "I must praise you, you had succeeded in developing a sense of trust in your child at such a young age.. you made a promise to him, and you keep it no matter what, so he trusts you knowing in his heart that u wuld never betray him.. thats great! i've never seen any parents done that before..."
well i'm not trying to brag here, but we must all realize that children too needs respect and never ever let them feel betrayed.. that way they will respect us more as their parents and also they will keep each promise they make in life.

Again Afeef's school..

He is no longer anxious to go to kindergarten.. he even look forward to it now. Alhamdulillah... i guess my prayers were answered. isn't that easy? afeef has gone to three kindergarten in m'sia, but he never likes any of them as much as he does now. but it's not something unusual, just by observing how dedicated the teachers are, it's very likely that all children will love to be in kindergarten. Can u just imagine? on afeef's 1st day there, one of the teacher could just spent hours of her time playing with him.. given how unresponsive afeef was at the time (coz he doesn't understand Deutsch yet), i'm surprised to have learnt from my hubby that she just had the patience to just entertain him.. she has all it takes to be a kindergarten teacher which is something lacking in M'sia. And also emphasizing on parents presence there for the 1st week is something i respect, because back in M'sia i was forced to leave afeef on his 1st day at kindergarten, wahhh nasib baik la die bukan jenis yg nangis x ingat nyer hahahah!


Anybody can have a BMW car here, and Mercedes Benz too... even a bus driver owns a BMW.. mmmm

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh dear, funny funny!

Today, he's excited to go to kindergarten, coz he already has one german friend. unfortunately he understands not a single word his friend was saying.. so i asked, how did u communicate with your friend? and proudly he said "Sign language!" hahaha and he even showed me how he did it, and even funnier he said his friend laughed every time he did it.. hahaha kesian.. i told him, not to worry, he'll pick up the language soon.. he already picked up some.. children, they make friends easily. i remember one funny story my brother told me, "two children were playing in a park, parents chatted while watching their kids play, unfortunately kids got into a fight, punching each other, parents interfered and anger took hold and they themselves exchanging bad words, siding their own children and eventually took their children home. The next day, the same two families went to the same park, both children played together like nothing has ever happened, laughing and giggling, whereas both parents never spoken to each other ever again.. i found this story truly enchanting hahaha!
"Terimalah semua yang telah Allah berikan kepadamu dan jadilah kamu termasuk orang-orang yang bersyukur (AL-A'RAF : 144)"


I have to constantly remind myself that, so that i'll be thankful and grateful for what i have and for who i am.. that way i'll love myself more and more each day.. if we don't love ourselves, how is it possible for us to love anybody else..??
Certainly the journey of creating a loving relationship can be rocky at times. Problems are definitely inevitable. But these problems either can be sources of resentment and rejection or can be opportunities for deepening intimacy and increasing love, caring and trust. Like my hubby once said, 'if trust wears thin, sincerity and respect become things of unheard' but i think it's not just sincerity and respect but everything else too.
I've learnt from the book that the two biggest mistakes we make in relating to the opposite sex are men mistakenly offer solutions and invalidate feelings while woman offer unsolicited advice and direction. oooo men hates that yeah?
While men tend to pull away and silently think bout what's bothering them, woman on the other hand feel an instinctive need to talk bout what's bothering them. Men primarily need a kind of love that is trusting, accepting, and appreciative while woman primarily need a kind of love that is caring, understanding and respectful.. mmmm... thers a whole lot more, very very interesting book, as i read more and more, i found myself nodding to every single statement mentioned bout how woman behave and react and feel, and i would say to myself, " oh ya, that is sooo like me..." Relationship is not complicated, with a clear awareness of our differences, we will take the time to understand and respect each other and becoming demanding, resentful, judgmental and intolerant are all avoidable....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

winter depression

my hubby said ther is such thing as winter depression and some people are suffering from it.. i think i'm one of them.. don't like the gloomy weather it reflects a gloomy mood.., and though winter is 2 months away, i found fall is equally likely.. sometimes it's just too cold it becomes unbearable. am i having fall depression?? hmmm..

Afeef's school..

This one went well too... he wasn't happy at 1st but eventually he didn't want to go home.. that was afeef's 1st day at kindergarten. he seems to enjoy it, i'm truly glad.. but i must give lots of credits to all kindergartens here in Germany.. unlike in M'sia, they are so concern about the children, the place itself is designed specifically for children, small toilets, huge playground, gymnasium, they have their own cook, and they ensure the children have none other than healthy and nutritious foods, the teachers are nice and friendly regardless of where we are from, and lots more... i'm surprise to find out that kindergarten here are all bout play play and play whereas in m'sia all bout study study study.. and kids in primary school here they have simple sylabus and they focus more on social skills, self confidence, and sense of self.. malaysia is so exam oriented that children become so stress and depress.. funny how malaysian school's syllabus seems very impressive but eventually they don't produce high quality graduates pun unlike Germany.. having learn't all this facts, no wonder many prefers to work abroad.. not to mention a very low crime rate here as compared to M'isa...***sigh***

Deutsch class!

Have had 4 Deutsch classes so far, and lots of homework.. i dun know it's either learning language is fun or the class itself... i have so much fun and enjoy the class so much that for the 1st time in my life i wish i dun have to miss this class though i know there will be days when i have to skip it since it might coincides with my hubby's group meeting. mingling with this youngsters make me feel young again :) most importantly, i have the chance to practice and improve my english particularly in conversing. so i have one friend from America and one from Mexico which obviously they speak fluent english. and the rest are from variety of countries and they don't speak fluent english and some of them don't even speak english.. but still they are very nice and friendly which enable me to learn some of their languages so we can communicate.. i really hope i can master Deutsch during this 4 years stay in Germany.. wow.. things just get better and better... alhamdulillah...

Monday, September 20, 2010

baby swimming

Fatini gets all shaky as she scrutinizes this video.. hahaha, die kesian kat baby... "nape baby tuh kena wat camtu??..." i adore afeef for his sensitiveness, and often think fatini is the stubborn one, lack of sensitivity and the "couldn't careless" type, but a few days ago i noticed her beautiful insight, she cares so much if a baby gets hurt. a few weeks ago, i showed her a video of an abandoned babies, and she got all upset and distracted.. she kept saying "sian nye baby tuh, nape mama baby tu x sayang baby die??" i'm touched and of course, for a three year old girl to react like that, i found it utterly amazing..

men are from Mars, woman are from Venus...

i've been reading this book for quite sometimes now, and i realized it is a very good book. i think all married couple should have at least one copy of this book and i strongly believe it can change our marriage life at least to certain extend. like now i understand why when often all i wanted was to share my feelings, my all day tiredness with the kids, and i just wanted to talk bout it, but my hubby would always offered me a solutions.. he would always tried to think of what we should do so things would be easier for me whereas all i wanted was just for him to lend me his ear.. i didn't want a solution coz taking care of the kids is suppose to be tiring hehe.. but because of the determination to offer a solution, man fail to listen to their partner because in their world, there is no such thing as "sharing our feelings" ... men don't like to reveal how they feel as much as they don't like to shed tears. so, all men has to do is listen and all woman has to do is not pushing him to talk when he seems edgy..

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