Monday, September 27, 2010

Kinder fest!

Kinder fest is actually an event held every year here for the children of course as the name implies, variety of events for children, such as drawing, dancing, etc.. balloons are everywhere, the atmosphere was filled with musics, children's laughter and excited chatter. Afeef and Fatini unlike themselves in the beginning probably caused by the cold weather, were slowly enjoying the events.. afeef plak, jadi excited all of a sudden, sebab jumpe teacher die, kindergarten afeef bukak stall jual juice! afeef dgn excited nye gi greet teacher die, and teacher die terus dtg and gave afeef a hug!.. so sweet! what a great lady she is. so I immediately took the chance to snap a photo of them together!

Afeef beli juice kat stall kindergarten die accompanied by his teacher, ehe papa tu dah bole cakap Deutsch ke? hehe

Tengokla muke fatini tu, tp tengok la nnt bile die dah dapt balloon, hehe. girl yg ade lukis2 kat muke tu name nye Alya, very bright kid for a seven year old and fatini adores her so much! yg pakai baju blue tgh main drum tu kawan m'sia afeef, namenye Haziq.

Beratur for balloons, Afeef satu, Fatini satu and Aleena pun dapat balloon jugak! ni betul2 a surprise, this guy speaks to us in english, kat Deutschland ni memang tergezut la klu jumpe yg bole cakap english nih, tapi ade yg lagi shocking! once he learnt that we are from M'sia je, die terus je cakap bahasa melayu!! wahahahah! tergamam sekejap! of course la m'sian language die very limited but he had once lived in M'sia and also Indonesia. He is from Australia, and now stays in Germany for almost 15 years and he's a lecturer. wow!! sangat friendly and very fond of kids, unfortunately i forgot to ask his name!

dah ade balloon yellow nak yg PINK plak, so beratur lg utk dapatkan balloon PINK! tu la Fatini, look how excited and happy she is after she got PINK balloon!

Tengokla ape dah jadi dgn stroller Aleena, tp Aleena tetap mantain "good girl" walaupun sejuuuuukkk!

On the way home, rase cam nak terbang je stroller Aleena nih hehe.. however Afeef and Fatini had so much fun! ruginye, x sempat nak dapatkan free toothbrush and toothpaste, stall dah tutup.. too bad... x de rezeki :(

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