Monday, September 27, 2010

What a bummer!

Ever since we arrived here in Germany, i rarely encounter anyone who speaks english even though theres an American army base here in Kaiserslautern. with renewed determination to learn Deutsch since i reached here last June, my hubby registered me for a twice a week Deutsch class. oh, million thanx to him! So i've learnt the basic such as 'what is your name', 'where are u from', 'excuse me', and etc etc..
so, waiting for an opportunity to apply what i've learnt, i went to a nearby shop last saturday to buy a new pen.. while i was hunching over to study a selection of pens in a narrow space, so totally engrossed by it, i became unaware of a presence of a young woman standing behind me trying to squeeze through. surprised, i got up quickly, and momentarily i tried to think of a right word to say to her in Deutsch of course, oh this is my chance! either "Entschuldigung" it means ( excuse me) or "Tut mir leid" that means (i'm sorry). Quickly i settled for "Tut mir leid".. hehe
she smiled and said "oh it's ok, i can squeeze through if i wanted too!".. and then she was gone, i stood there like an idiot haha.. what a pathetic attempt! All these while, i've kept on bumping into a Deutscher who don't speak english at all, and now when i finally had the chance to practice what i've learnt, i bumped into an American. What the heck!

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