Thursday, September 23, 2010

Again Afeef's school..

He is no longer anxious to go to kindergarten.. he even look forward to it now. Alhamdulillah... i guess my prayers were answered. isn't that easy? afeef has gone to three kindergarten in m'sia, but he never likes any of them as much as he does now. but it's not something unusual, just by observing how dedicated the teachers are, it's very likely that all children will love to be in kindergarten. Can u just imagine? on afeef's 1st day there, one of the teacher could just spent hours of her time playing with him.. given how unresponsive afeef was at the time (coz he doesn't understand Deutsch yet), i'm surprised to have learnt from my hubby that she just had the patience to just entertain him.. she has all it takes to be a kindergarten teacher which is something lacking in M'sia. And also emphasizing on parents presence there for the 1st week is something i respect, because back in M'sia i was forced to leave afeef on his 1st day at kindergarten, wahhh nasib baik la die bukan jenis yg nangis x ingat nyer hahahah!


faizati said...

Nice work but Kak na, post la some pics to go with your entry... that would be even better. Nak jugak tengok sekolah Afeef he he or his german friend

Ajzie said...

Mcm pernah ku dengar ayat menangis tak ingat tuh? tp di mana yea?????? muhahahahhaha.. Menangis tak ingat masa umur belum 3 tahun sudah di hantar ke sekolah still ok lah kan cik kak heheheheh.Tetapi kalau dah umur 6 tahun menangis tak henggat tuh... adoiiiiiiiiii sgt la mengerikan..

Moga Afeef terus gumbira dan seronok bermain di kindergarten di German ini.. Sehr gute liebe Afeef!!.

nanazmir said...

ye la blom snap photos pun kat tadika die, nnt i'll snap some. mmg ade plan nak upload gambar die kat school tp x de gambarnye hahah. ok, tq for suggesting.

cik kak azie, statement tu x de kena mengena ngan sape2 tau hehe.. tibe2 ade je in my mind, so i tulis hehe..

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