Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh ya, talk bout afeef's kindergarten, i recalled one incident, this could be a guide to all parents. when we were in Kuantan, afeef was 4 years old and i was determined to send him to one of the kindergarten there. so he made me promise to accompany him there no matter how long it takes until he's ready to be left alone. so i agreed... 1st day went well, i was ther wif him the whole time, 2nd day he started crying and wanted to go home. one of the teacher started persuading me to just leave him there, her reasons were ' children can't focus with parents presence and my being ther only made things worst for afeef' and also she said, children needed to be left alone and let them cry for one whole week and then they'll be ok.. yeah rite... but i can't betray my children, i told myself that many times..
so i told her, "sorry i can't do that, i made a promise to him that i'll accompany him and i must keep it"
she looks taken aback and a glimpse of humor in her eyes, probably because i was taking a 4 year old kid too seriously. but she said the end of the week afeef no longer needs my presence there in the classroom, but he asked me to wait outside in the car. so every time he finished, he believe that i was there the whole time waiting for him in the car whereas actually i went home of course and reached the kindergarten again before he finished.
so, one day the head of the kindergarten came to me and said, "I must praise you, you had succeeded in developing a sense of trust in your child at such a young age.. you made a promise to him, and you keep it no matter what, so he trusts you knowing in his heart that u wuld never betray him.. thats great! i've never seen any parents done that before..."
well i'm not trying to brag here, but we must all realize that children too needs respect and never ever let them feel betrayed.. that way they will respect us more as their parents and also they will keep each promise they make in life.

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