Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh dear, funny funny!

Today, he's excited to go to kindergarten, coz he already has one german friend. unfortunately he understands not a single word his friend was saying.. so i asked, how did u communicate with your friend? and proudly he said "Sign language!" hahaha and he even showed me how he did it, and even funnier he said his friend laughed every time he did it.. hahaha kesian.. i told him, not to worry, he'll pick up the language soon.. he already picked up some.. children, they make friends easily. i remember one funny story my brother told me, "two children were playing in a park, parents chatted while watching their kids play, unfortunately kids got into a fight, punching each other, parents interfered and anger took hold and they themselves exchanging bad words, siding their own children and eventually took their children home. The next day, the same two families went to the same park, both children played together like nothing has ever happened, laughing and giggling, whereas both parents never spoken to each other ever again.. i found this story truly enchanting hahaha!

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