Monday, January 31, 2011

HaPPy BiRThDay PRinCEss...

The pain had only started at 3am in the morning though I was admitted at 11pm. Culdn't sleep well because of the anxiety was too overwhelming... wuld it be as painful as the 1st one? also, I was worried bout my hubby, driving alone from Kuantan in the middle of the night, I was sure he wanted to reach there on time..
oooooohhhh... at 6.30am, the pain was beginning to feel unbearable, hubby called and said he'd just reached the hospital, but couldn't find the maternity ward.. Damn, I culdn't even recalled what's the number of the ward I'd been admitted to?
So, I staggered to my feet, walked slowly out the door, no signs of nurses wandering around.. they must av all gone for Subuh prayers.. the contraction was getting stronger, when it comes, I just stopped walking for a while and hold my breath... the moment I spotted the wad's number, I quickly informed hubby, quickly got back in bed.
'I think she's gonna come out soon..' that was my last thought before a nurse came to me and checked my dilation.
"Eh! awak dah 8cm nih! x sakit ke? nape x panggil?" asked the nurse.
"saaakkiiiitt..." I answered weakly..
"Jom jom masuk labour room.."
Then my hubby appeared at the door.. so, he was just in time huh? hehe..

30th of January 2008, was the day I gave birth to my 1st princess Fatini Az-Zahra. She was born in Hospital Selayang, at about 7.40am in the morning. Giving birth to her was the easiest compared to the other two, for a very obvious reason; I was in the final year of study, therefore I had to work extra hard and also coincidently, most of my classes were located on the 4th floor and coincidently again, the elevator often broke down, leaving me no choice but to use the stairs!
When I found out that I was pregnant with her, God knows how happy and thankful I was, the feeling was indescribable, I was soooo ready for a baby!
It didn't take long before reality hits me, I was in my final year, the most crucial state of all and was in the middle of a Final year project, and it requires lots of time and hard work and I had to be in the lab taking care of a cell culture, dealing with huge range of chemicals, UV light etc etc and the realization of the possible effects those chemicals could cause on a developing feotus made me sick with fear.. I might even have to spend a night in the lab and pregnancy...? and how was I going to cope..??
I had a mixture of feelings; confusion, uncertainty, regrets, fear, worry etc etc.. until it was far too much until one night I sort of dreamt that I had aborted her... Subahanallah.. It was beyond my control to have had such dream! I never had the slightest thought bout it. I got up the next morning with blood oozing out from my vagina, down my legs forming a tiny pool in between my feet..
My mother took me straight to the hospital and Alhamdulillah, after an ultrasound was done, the doctor said the baby was still intact..
I guess, she was threatening to leave my womb, and that was the turning point.. after that incident, never again had I the teeniest bit of worry, doubt nor fear.. being pregnant with her filled my heart with happiness and gladness..
Allah helps those who helped themselves rite?
Even though giving birth to her was the easiest, I had the worst sickness while carrying her in my tummy; severe heart burn, fatigue, feeling nauseas all day long for the whole 9 months, diabetes and low Hb level. Nevertheless, pregnancy has always been a wonderful journey for me..

This was me pregnant with Fatini... I spent half the time pregnant with her in the lab taking care of both plant and animal cell tissue cultures.. I was worried sick if any of the chemicals used, indirectly affect her development.

But Alhamdulillah, She was born healthy and there she is.. this was her 1st day on this earth..

1st day pun dah smile daaa.. hehe

Little brother loves her too much, he always gives in to her in anything, everything...

That's her immunization card, I still keep the pregnancy test kit, her birth bracelet and also my own appointment booklet :)

So chubby kan... :)
100% mommy's milk :)

She adores her brother so much, see how she always imitates Afeef's doing..

Look at her now, three years old this year, so cheeky, sweet, lovely, pinky, notty hehe..

And she also throws a tantrum once in a while hehe.. ;P
But this happens rarely now unlike before..

So, since her birthday fall on Sunday (yesterday), we decided to celebrate it at McD. I promised her to make a Princess cake, but since she had forgotten all about it, I think I'll make one for her later.. so, here we are ready to go!
Birthday girl looking pinky as always.. :)

Off we go.... the day was extremely beautiful..

At McD, no candles blowing, but she didn't mind.. :)

That's the cake, a slice of chocolate cake, choc muffin and the famous tiramisu cake!
Oh no, now i'm a huge fan of Tiramisu cake!
Izu, if you read this, thank you so much for sharing the recipe in your blog, I'll definitely try it! It tastes super duper yummy! No wonder she craves for it ;)

Uissshhh, that's not your cup!

Who snapped this photo? Afeef ok..! He's good at it!
So, that was the whole birthday story...
Happy Birthday my little Princess!
Semoga menjadi anak yg solehah, dunia dan akhirat... InsyaAllah...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

SaTuRDaY's BrEaKfaST & LuNcH..

Our breakfast for today... Very special.. Not because it was prepared by my Hubby :P but because of the 'daun pisang' hehehe.. We had a nasik lemak for breakfast wrapped in 'daun pisang'!!.. Since we've ran out of 'ikan bilis', I used prawns instead. Deliciously cooked (ehe ye ke?) Nevertheless, it was good enough to have had the chance to enjoy a 'nasik lemak daun pisang' here in Deutschland...
I'm suddenly reminded of one beautiful moment, when I had the chance to prepare the same kind of meal for a pregnant friend who was craving for 'nasik lemak daun pisang' and delivered it to her doorstep.. Nothing compared to those feelings when you've made someone happy, and I'm really grateful for I've had the chance to do it..

And also a strawberry pancake.. I didn't use a real strawberry, just the powdered one, these pancakes are Fatini's and Afeef's favorite..

This is our lunch, Char Kue Tiaw again, this time a complete version... :)

Yummy huh?
Actually, not so complete... hehe.. I hadn't included 'kerang' in it, I replaced them with squid instead.. why? hehe.. I found kerang sold in Asian shop, but they were too expensive.. about 6euro for only a few ketul.. arrrggghh forget it.. sotong pun lebih kurang same je ngan kerang kan.. ehe ye ke? ape2 je laaa..

For those who find Char kue teow interesting and wanna try it, check this recipe out, so simple and easy...
All you need: Kue tiaw, kerang, udang, cili besar, garlic, kucai tauge, eggs, black and white pepper, sos tiram, light soya sauce and salts.
1~ Rebus kerang with serai. Bila dah masak, keluarkan kerang and kopek satu2..
2~ Gaul udang dengan black and white pepper plus garam skit, and goreng. Angkat udang once cooked.
3~ Blend cili besar and garlic (amount ikut suke la), then tumis dlm minyak udang tadi smpai wangi.
3~ Masukkan sos tiram skit, and soya sauce skit.
4~ Masukkan sotong or kerang, and some water.
5~ Bila mendidih, masukkan udang yg digoreng tadi, kucai, tauge, telur and kue tiaw. Kacau rata, tutup api. Oh ye, jgn lupekan garam ok hehe..
So, siap, simple kan!
In Malaysia, I used 'kicap manis and kicap masin Kipas Udang' instead of soya sauce. Lagi sedap actually.. but I dun have them here, so no choice but soya sos!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A QUicK PLuM CaKe..

One of last year's Birthday gifts from my hubby of course, since I love baking and cooking so much, and since we're here, why not try to cook German food? Besides, I might developed a talent in making German food other than speaking their language.. hehe.. At least there's something to be kept as an extra special memory.. yeah rite..
A German cook book, about 100++ German food recipes in here.. and recently, I tried its Plum cake, oooooooh I fell in love with it straight away... serius sedap... kind of addicted to it now..

This is the Plum cake.. yummy yummy.. for those who love fruit cake, seriously this is a must try recipe..

Just taken it out from the oven..

Cut out a piece for Princess Fatini, coz she kept asking for it over and over again...

Crunchy on the top, soft in the bottom and fruity in the middle..

A pink plate, for Princess Fatini...

Problem was, it didn't look exactly the same like the one in the photo hehe.. it's ok though, I'll figure it out..

Lets check out the recipe ( hehe.. sorry la malas la nak menaip panjang2 haha):

These are the Ingredients needed:


So simple to make.... Good Luck!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LiTtLe PRiNcEss...

I have never really said much about her in any of my entries, I guess I should start now..
She is now enjoying the sound of 'mama' and 'papa', sometimes keeps saying it over and over again.. and knows how to differentiate which one is 'mama' and which one is 'papa'..
She picks up a few new words recently, like a few times, when I caught her playing with something she was not supposed to play with, and I said to her,
"Aleena, dah dah dah..."
And she would repeat after me, "da da da..."
Many times when I was changing her diapers, she would try her best to twist and turn in the process of making it difficult for me, (**sigh**) and I would frantically looked for something to offer her so she would lay still, and when I found it, I said to her,
"nah nah nah.."
And she would repeat after me, "na na na.."
And a few days ago, I caught her again trying to sneak into the toilet, and I called her name sternly, "Aleenaaaa.... noooo!"
And she repeat after me... "Nina... naaa..."
hehe cute la...

Hehe.. until today, she still has not yet discover how wonderful a walker could be.. she just sit in there until she gets soooo bored and starts whining..
This one is a special case coz never before she dozed off like this.. hehe

Also her latest talent, standing on her knee and grabbing anything on the chair that's within her reach.. Usually Fatini's toys la.. haha.. sape suruh letak atas kerusi kan...

Too much of her stories...
A few days ago, a parcel from Malaysia arrived...
This one's from her favorite Aunty Tie...
Since her birthday is just around the corner, I consider this as her birthday gift...
Aunty Tie, check her out...

A Crown, an earring, a necklace...

Magic stick, high heels, pink glittering skirt..

Oh, x lupe juga pink handbag... A complete set for a Princess..

Ehe, is that a shy smile there? Or.... I-think-I'm-cute kinda smile?

This is the box...

Waaaa, so expensive maaa.. Actually, I've found the exact same thing in TOYS'R'US long time ago, and Fatini wanted to buy it of course, but I told her "No.." because she has too many already plus at the time I thot it was expensive, 10 euro je pun, haha..

CHaR KuE TiAw..

Char Kue Teow nih serba kekurangan.. x de tauge, x de kucai and also no kerang... aduhai.. but surprisingly the taste was good, just like char kue tiaw laaa...
It was Sunday, suddenly missing char kue tiaw, didn't have enough ingredients, it's not like in M'sia where I could just go out and buy anything I need..
Here, all shops were closed on Sunday and the only place I could buy tauge, kucai and kerang was the Asian shop...
Next time I'll make another round of char kue tiaw, a complete one, and I'll include the recipe too.. insyaAllah...

Looks good rite? Or am I the only one thinking it looks good..?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ThE BEsT SaTuRDay EvEr...

It's another beautiful Saturday again, sunny! And this Monday, 24th of January is gonna be our Anniversary, 7 years of marriage, Alhamdulillah... Moga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat, Dunia & akhirat... InsyaAllah...
So, bersempena this coming soon Anniversary, hubby planned something without me knowing it.. hehe.. x sangka rupe2 nya romantic juga husband ku ini.. hehe
So before our journey started, hehe ambik gambar dulu... hehe cik Nurill, klu awak baca ni, kite nak mengaku ni kite tiru macam awak ambik gambar la, hehe tapi x jadi la haha... jgn marah ye kite tiru ni hehe..

Aleena camtu sebab dah boring and penat la, sebab snap after snap after snap and x jadi2... haha.. x clear, aleena tak pandang cermin and last2 dua gmbar ni je yg ok skit.. ehe.. nak kena tuntut ilmu ngan cik nurill dulu.. ok nurill? nnt ajar ye cara2 ambik gambar depan cermin hihi..

So, off we go.. where?
not the same town definitely..

Papa and Fatini yg sungguh serius di pagi hari...

Ok, ni dalam train.. hehe naik train lagi, nak gi mana ek?? Budak2 ni sungguh bersemangat and full of energy di pagi hari camni!

1 hour journey la.. what else to do other than reading... aman bahgia juga utk membaca coz si kecik tu tido.. tengok la muka yg sungguh khusyuk tu..

Eheh, sesi bergambar mesra dlm train..

And sampai la destinasi yg dituju... kat mana ek? Dalam train station lagi nih, nmpak book store lah.. cam biase, all books were in Deutsch, but......
Oh ade Top Ten English! nice! ade satu je book by Sophie Kinsella, 'Can you keep a Secret?' Shopaholic series x de daaaaa... but I found this one, quite interesting...

This one costed bout 11.95euro.. mmmm x beli la, maybe beli online murah skit kot.. but this one is definitely on my list..

Ohhhhh so here we are.... Hallllooo again Mannheim! We've been here before, Ikea is situated in this City too.. We came last time here for Ikea laa.. haha.. but not this time.. this time is to celebrate our Anniversary..
So where are we heading to papa?

So kena naik Tramp dulu..

Inside the Tramp..

Then she suddenly gazes out the window...

So I approached he quietly, thinking she might have fallen asleep..

Oh rupe2 nye tidaaakkk!

And we reached our destination.. Aleena mantain je..

Budak2 ni pulak tergedik-gedik..

So, this is it! Errrr...What is this?

Ohhhh... a spacious and exclusive Restaurant!! Owwwwhhh.. So sweet of you my dear Hubby!
Dimly lit and wonderfully decorated and they serve Arab food..
This is our table!

Hehe kanak2 jakun nih..

This is the Menu, ehe...
Having a celebration in this kind of Restaurant in Malaysia is probably nothing, but having it here is definitely something! I was totally moved and excited!
Though the foods were a bit too expensive, and we had spent bout RM200++ for our meals, but it was worth it, and we had a blast time together..

This is the menu for kids.. Sinbad, Aladin, Sponge Bob and Pokemon.. hehe..
Afeef of course la he goes for Spongebob meal.. Fatini pulak nak something Princessy but x de la sayang.. So she settled for Aladin haha..
Nasib baik x bnyk songeh..

Main menu, I ordered something called Fasuliye.. it consist of beef, tomato gravy and rice...

Nasib baik la dah faham skit2 daging, ikan, sayur and food stuffs dlm bahase Deutsch.. klu tak pening bukak dictionary je keje hehe..

Si kecik nak order ape2?

Ok, while waiting for our meals to arrive, sesi brgambar yg x abis2 la.. ape lagi.. haha..
Ok, ni princess kiss ngan mama princess..
klu ngan papa pulak, princess kiss ngan Prince..
Then, klu papa tu Prince, abg afeef ape ek?
"mmm... abg afeef prince kecik..."

Ok, budak2 semua ke tepi.. mama and papa pulak nak pose depan camera hehe..

Us... Can't believe it's been 7 years...
And... three kids! wow...
Feels like yesterday that we tied the knot..

We were served with some 'nuts' before our meals arrived as an appetizer la kot

Cute je botol cola nye..

And ade ais laaa... yeay! dah lama teringin nak mium ais... x kira la, winter ke tak ke...

Below is what I had ordered, delicously cooked, the meat was soft and tender..
haaaaaiiipppp! ade tangan kecik yg cuba menyibuk..

This is Aladin, Fatini's meal, nugget and fries.. too much for her.. actually makan fries 2,3 ketul je, the rest mama bungkus bawak balik..

Papa's meal, roti ala2 naan, grilled lamb and some rice.. sedap juga!

Spongebob meal.. ahhh x de gmba spongebob pun, name je Spongebob huhu.. Afeef kiciwa x ingat sampai x nak makan.. diorang ni pun satu, at least letak la gmbar spongebob ke ape ke kan?


Uisssshhhh.. habis licin tuh!

After that, gi carik masjid utk solat.. oh nice la masjid kat Mannheim nih! Ade la rupe masjid kan, nampak ade menara die tuh.. kalau kat Kaiserslautern nih masjid nye rumah kedai je.. and now dah tau masjid kat Mannheim, so pasni senang la nak jln2 lg..

Sangat seronok shopping kat Mannheim nih! definitely after this, masa year end sale mmg nak shopping kat cni, bnyk sgt selection of semua2 nye.. baju, kasut, shawls, etc etc.. contohnye yg Fatini pakai ni, topi and shawl princess ni, 1.89euro je! x pernah lagi jumpe yg cantik and murah camni! Sungguh excited nih! I bought a shawl for myself too, yg mmg cantik yet murah! 1.99euro je..

Comel kan.. hehe

And shopping lagi coz 'SALE' sign ni ade di mana2 hehe..
Doll lagi... dah berape ketul daaa.. ni pun murah, 2euro je, high quality plastic.

Afeef pulak nak topi polis... ape2 je la... layaaaaannn...

Ok, on the way balik rumah, Fatini pulak conquer stroller... too exhausted la tu.. Mama pulak lupe bawak winter jacket Aleena.. ape la mama ni..

So, Aleena pinjam winter jacket kakak ye...

At home, Fatini terus bergaya dgn baju baru.. actually beli utk pakai summer nanti, but... you know Fatini... hehe.. dah la stokin sebelah lain sebelah lain haha..

I concluded, by far this was the best Saturday I've ever had... The best Anniversary celebration ever... Million thanx my dearest Hubby...
You Complete Me... ceh wah!!

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