Monday, January 17, 2011

PiNk AiR KoTaK..

Fatini loves this 'air kotak' so much, and has been drinking this for a while now.. adoi, just realized recently that this one contains carmine, a red colorant used in food, candies, etc etc..
This red colorant is extracted from crushed insects, also known as E120 code, and according to Halal Food Guide, this colorant is HARAM.. Oh me gosh..
It is definitely our fault for being a lil bit ignorant on this.. I mean, I've always double checked everything, and learned bout carmine a few months back.. At that time, I was having a cupcake fever, so I spent lots of time scrutinizing each colorant sold here and inadvertently discovered carmine. After that, I've always made sure that we don't simply consume anything red, or pink unless I was certain of its ingredients.. Unfortunately, I've missed this one...
So, to everyone, be careful..

This one goes into our trash... ***sigh*** (this is the link for E codes, you can enter any E codes and the status of the code will appear immediately, whether haram, halal or depends)


ishamizu said...

Ye far tk tau lak e120, nti kene cek lg..sbb derg ni pun pntg gak klu nmpk air kotak..mst nk pau ..hehe..

Tq for the link! :)

Frau Azmir said...

No problem izu, sama la ngan budak2 ni, especially Fatini yg x paham bnda halal haram nih.. die nak jugak nak jugak hehe

Link within

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