Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A lil Tutorial..

A few people had asked so many questions bout piano, how to play it? If it's too late to learn? Or is it still possible to learn now, when we already have children, career etc etc...

My answer is, of course it's possible, anything is possible!!

For me, owning a piano and being able to play it is actually a dream come true..

And of course for those who's really into this, it's never too late.. :)

So here, I've made a lil tutorial.. 
Most people wanted to learn to play piano, but give up halfway because they often begin with children's song which is a bit discouraging for adult like us hehe..
So why not try this song instead? 
Check it out...

If some of u really wanna try, get yourself a keyboard 1st, later when u are good enough, then u can change to piano..

Here's some basics about the keys:


For those who's really interested, I'd say go for it, i'm in full support!!
I'll make the continuation of this video later  if there's a request ok ;)

Till later, salam and take care!

Anyway, here's my full version;

Monday, November 26, 2012

Me and Hubby...

I keep asking hubby why did he buy me this iPad???
It's not that I don't appreciate it or anything like that, in fact, i'm super thrilled!!
It's just that, I think it's not really necessary to have an iPad, I mean, yeah my McBook has been giving me a lil problem, backlight problem, but still I have this old PC which I can use, though I have to fight with the kids everytime hehehe...

But, to my surprise, hubby just said a few simple words that make me feel really something..

He said, he adores my writing, that he's one of my biggest fan (eh ye ke hubby cakap camtu?), mmmm....whatever.... but what i'm sure of is that, he is one of my real follower, and has never missed reading any of my entries!!!!
And if there's anyone in this whole wide world who's in full support that I should never stop blogging, it's him!!

Eh, smiling like an idiot now heheh!!!
In fact he's the major reason why I've made my blog public again.

Ok, enough of that... I found this nice quotes the other day, i'm sure everybody has heard of this one before;

'A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing and a man's loyalty is tested when he has everything..'

Do you agree??

When me and hubby decided to get married, I was in the middle of a bachelor degree, and he was in the middle of a master degree, he had no full time job at that moment, only a part time job..

I remember all the struggle we had gone through, especially after Afeef was born.

There were tough times, lots of them, and despite it all, not even once that I regret what we've gone thru.. It taught us the real meaning of life and responsibilities...
So, at that time, I would say, hubby has nothing, and my loyalty was tested, 
And I think, I've passed my test... With flying colors.... Errrrr... Ye ke?

Heheheh, hope so ;)

And.... I think, hubby will pass his when the time comes... I hope so.. Hehe
InsyaAllah ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The shock of my life...

Yesterday had a huge surprise, I mean, a really really huge surprise!!!!
I've never had a surprise as huge as this one for as far as I can remember!!

A parcel, with my name on it, and who is it from, I had no idea at all... 
It was so mysterious, I was so puzzled...

When I opened it, I was totally gobsmacked!!!
It's an iPad....
 For me?????
Biar betul???!!

Oh my, oh my...
Temporarily speechless...

Actually, i'm not suppose to share this publicly, because it's againts my new blogging principle...hehehe
Nevertheless, i can't help it, not because I finally have my very own iPad, but because the shock and surprise hubby had successfully made for me.. And for no particular occasions, no birthday, no anniversary, which is why it's even more shocking ;)
Thank god I didn't have a heart attack !!!  haha..
To dear hubby, thanx a million, will never forget the feeling when I opened the box yesterday :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Housewife heaven :P

A steaming hot coffee and a novel... 

What else should I want..

This is what I call a 'Housewives Heaven' ngeh ngeh..
No worries, no pressure, no dateline, no meetings, no rushing... :D

By the way, this is another delicious page-turner by Sophie Kinsella, catchy and of course hilarious!!!http://www.emocutez.com

And since it's winter and 6.30pm is already Isya, and at 9pm, already feels like midnight, so everyone sleeps early too.. 
And since I've turned into sort of a disciplined mommy (konon2 laaa ngeh ngeh),
my reading time is set to only before I go to sleep, on the bed, with only a tiny lamp switched on..
So, I ended up laughing like an idiot in the middle of the night hehehe!!

Ehem.. of course there's a loophole, though I've said reading time is only before I go to sleep, I've decided that is only aplicable when I haven't gotten to the climax of the story :D 

Seriously, if you are a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella, then this is a must read!! 
And even if you are not a fan of her, you still should read this, it's really really nice!

mmmmmm.... ok, just a lil bit more, this is my latest piano cover, as I've said before, this past week had been a 'Lagu-lagu basi mode', so this is the first lagu basi I've played, not so successfully though.. the ending was a bit huru hara :P

Anyway, Enjoy!!

Sape yang tengah jiwang bercinta masa lagu ni Top dulu, suka lah tew hehehe...

Ok, lastly, came across this yesterday, 

"Kemudian sampaikan khabar gembira kepada mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh, bahawa bagi mereka syurga-syurga yang dihiasi oleh sungai-sungai yg mengalir. Setiap kali mereka mendapat rezeki dari buah-buahan di dalam syurga, mereka mengatakan, 
"Rezeki ini adalah rezeki yang telah diberikan kepada kami sebelum ini"
Mereka mendapat rezeki yang serupa tetapi berlainan hakikatnya.."
(Surah Al-Baqarah: ayat 25)

It occurs to me that in heaven, we'll actually have the same kind of life we have now on earth, we'll have the same things we have now, whatever we love to have and already have, we will have it there again.. only in heaven, it's far far better, far happier, with no more tests, no more worries etc etc.. it's unimaginably beautiful...
So, lets work for it ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A good mommy in the making :P

When my mom was here, she had really, thoroughly brainwashed me, hehehe..
It's all about educating my kids at home.. though mom said it all because she's worried bout Afeef, how he's going to cope with M'sian syllabus and all, I on the other hand, have different views..
I think I shouldn't teach him because I want him to be able to catch up, ( yes of course I wouldn't want him to be left far behind too, because that will discourage him to go to school) but I also don't want him to be under pressure, plus Malaysian  people's attitude;
'I have to be a top scorer, I have to be a Doctor, or Lawyer, or Engineer and all other high class jobs!

Here, there's no such pressure in school, no one is comparing who is better, who is smarter, etc etc...
They learn because they want to learn, they want to know bout this and that, and they try to discover individual abilities and talent, so as to ensure that what ever profession you chose in the future, is what you'll do best and it's really what you want to do and not because it's a glamorous job!!
Which explains why even the kindergarten teachers are very committed, because that's what they loved to do!

Ok, before melalut lebih jauh hehe, all I wanna share is that, because of my mom, because of what she said, (thanx a million to mak) I've finally finally finally realized that I should take this opportunity, this time when they are so excited to learn, this time when I'm at home with them 24 7, this quality time to educate them...
Actually, I've long ago realized this, but I just couldn't bring myself to be a discipline mommy....
So after finally betol2 insaf ngeh ngeh, I started teaching them...
And Fatini 's progress is so amazing...

After about 3 weeks now, she's finally finished with this book, and can read these simple sentences herself..

I'm so thrilled!!
She's barely 5 years old!!
Ok, it's probably nothing, kids in M'sia read so fluently already at the age of 5 :D
But, it's different when it's entirely your own effort!
I feel like I've just succeeded in something!

By the way, had this talk with hubby the other day,
"What is your defination of success?", hubby had asked..
Ok, I won't tell you what my answer was, but I personally think that,
A person is successful when she or he is sooooo happy with what he or she does regardless of how much money she or he makes..
So, a housewife can be very successful too, and I'd define a success for myself would be, if I manage to raise my kids to be a successful person, fiddunya wal akhirah :)

mmmm... melalut lagi ke??
ok, back to the point,

I didn't put any pressure on her, I've made it easy and fun for her to learn, and every time she asked me to read stories for her from this book, 

(Thanx to Izu for this gift, aunty Izu mmg tau ape Fatini suke :) )

I told her that I'll only read one story a day for her,  ok at most two stories, but if she wants to know more stories, she must learn to read herself, learn everyday, so she could read soon and she could read more stories on her own!!
Owwwhhhh angguk angguk abis with such enthusiasms I've never seen before!!
She has so much passions for books, I'll not let her loose this passions the way Afeef had... (insyaAllah..)
Oh believe me, I was a lazy mommy.. I've never tried hard enough with Afeef, now he'd lost his passion for books, and turned to TV instead... 
I hope it's not too late for me to fix this, I hope he'll soon realize that reading is far more interesting than watching TV or playing games..
I hope it's not too late for me to be a better mommy too hehehehe :P

I hope I have inspire some mommies out there too  :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih.. lovely song :)

Bila dah tak de ape2 citer nak update, ini je lah update dari ku hehehehehehe!!!!
Requested by hubby.... (",)

Dun know why, lately is Indonesian songs mode, and jugak lagu2 yg dah basi tapi segar di ingatan and sedap di dengar, wait for my coming soon lagu2 basi hehe..

And, I think I should share a lil bit on how to play piano by ears.. a few people asked me how to play piano without taking music class, the answer is simple..
You must 1st have a passion for playing Piano... 
Once u have a passion, Then it'll be easier for u to play by ears.. 
mmmmm... how to have a passion? 
It's in you.. discover it!!


My dear hubby, hope u enjoy this, specially for u... (wlupun half je hehehe)..

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What can we do......

Don't watch this video if u can't stand to watch cruelty to animals..
This video reveals cruelty at New York's largest dairy farm, I myself couldn't stand to watch it, I only watched the intro and already felt sick to my stomach :(

What we should know is that, a cow needs to give birth first in order for it to start lactating, and continuous milking usually twice a day ensures the production of milk never stops.
So what happens when the demand for milk is too high all over the world??
They kill the calf as soon as it is born, and they kill it cruelly.. 
Sob sob sob sob... I can't bear this thoughts...
How could they be so mean????

There's nothing we can do about it... 
Now I understand why some people chose to be a vegetarian..
Believe it or not, I've reduced my milk consumption since I've discovered this issue...
So what is the least we can do???
All mothers, please breastfeed your child..
Please please please try your best to breastfeed your child, don't simply depend on cow's milk...
Remember, a calf is killed cruelly so the milk could be given to your baby while your own milk which is the best for your baby is spared....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday My Afeef...

As usual, been missing for a while now... (",)
I'm back again, so much stories to tell, so little time..
Whatever it is, these past 3 weeks had been one of the most memorable ones in Deutschland, I'm truly thankful for everything that happened, I truly feel blessed, loved and haaaaaiiiiiihhhhh... indescribable (",)
Ok, let me just share a few interesting stories..
Let's begin with, Afeef's 8th Birthday...
Not much to tell, only that this time around, we didn't really celebrate, but we had more important people around to make the day more meaningful.. 
Well, my mother and my sister were here.. isn't that really something, I've had never before imagined to have them here with us in Deutschland... but, things happened unexpectedly, with God's will of course.. and I'm really really thankful!!

Ok, so back to Birthday story, I only baked these little cupcakes for him and his friends, they had a small celebration in school..

What I wanna share here is that, how special Afeef is...
He never gives me a hard time.. 
Since he was born, everything bout him was easy, and since little he's always been an obedient boy...
There were times when I've lost control of myself in dealing with stubborn Fatini, Afeef would always come to me and calmed me down.. he would take Fatini's hand and comfort her...
Oh my, sometimes I feel ashamed with myself, because he's more patience than me... 
I've learned a lot from this little boy..
I've been wondering, what makes every child so different from one another??
Why is Afeef obedient, and Fatini's soooo stubborn?
Why is Afeef so calm and easy to deal with whereas Fatini is totally the opposite???
Is it genetics??? Or the way we raised them??
But we've raised them both the same way..
So why why, why are they so different..??
I can't think of any better answer, it's just how I was when I was pregnant...
How much I've recited the Quran particularly Surah Yasin when I was pregnant with Afeef, how calm  and happy I was when I carried him in my womb, how ready I was to have him.. 
And with Fatini, things were different, I wasn't ready to have her, I was in so much stress to finish my Bachelor degree and I had a hard time dealing with my final year project's supervisor.. in short, I wasn't happy and most importantly, I've hardly spent my time reciting the Quran!! 
So, to everyone, never ever let a day goes by without reciting the Quran, at least one surah or one ayat..
And for pregnant mommies, you have to spend more times reciting the Quran...
No matter how busy, try your best, you have no idea just how huge the effects of reciting the Words of God on a developing fetus, especially when the mother herself recites it :)

See, he looks like a big and protective brother for his two little and notty sisters hehe..

And Fatini loves him so much...
Actually everyone loves Afeef (",)

Hmmmmmmmmm.... time does fly fast...
Can't believe he's 8 years old already...
Oh Allah, help us, and guide us in raising our children in the best way possible,..
My Afeef, may you grow up to be 'anak soleh' fiddunya wal akhirah... (",)

Ok, sedikit selingan hehehe...
Lama dah tak main piano, so here's a new one from me (",)
Sape yg suka Ungu tu, suka la ni heheheh!!!

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