Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A good mommy in the making :P

When my mom was here, she had really, thoroughly brainwashed me, hehehe..
It's all about educating my kids at home.. though mom said it all because she's worried bout Afeef, how he's going to cope with M'sian syllabus and all, I on the other hand, have different views..
I think I shouldn't teach him because I want him to be able to catch up, ( yes of course I wouldn't want him to be left far behind too, because that will discourage him to go to school) but I also don't want him to be under pressure, plus Malaysian  people's attitude;
'I have to be a top scorer, I have to be a Doctor, or Lawyer, or Engineer and all other high class jobs!

Here, there's no such pressure in school, no one is comparing who is better, who is smarter, etc etc...
They learn because they want to learn, they want to know bout this and that, and they try to discover individual abilities and talent, so as to ensure that what ever profession you chose in the future, is what you'll do best and it's really what you want to do and not because it's a glamorous job!!
Which explains why even the kindergarten teachers are very committed, because that's what they loved to do!

Ok, before melalut lebih jauh hehe, all I wanna share is that, because of my mom, because of what she said, (thanx a million to mak) I've finally finally finally realized that I should take this opportunity, this time when they are so excited to learn, this time when I'm at home with them 24 7, this quality time to educate them...
Actually, I've long ago realized this, but I just couldn't bring myself to be a discipline mommy....
So after finally betol2 insaf ngeh ngeh, I started teaching them...
And Fatini 's progress is so amazing...

After about 3 weeks now, she's finally finished with this book, and can read these simple sentences herself..

I'm so thrilled!!
She's barely 5 years old!!
Ok, it's probably nothing, kids in M'sia read so fluently already at the age of 5 :D
But, it's different when it's entirely your own effort!
I feel like I've just succeeded in something!

By the way, had this talk with hubby the other day,
"What is your defination of success?", hubby had asked..
Ok, I won't tell you what my answer was, but I personally think that,
A person is successful when she or he is sooooo happy with what he or she does regardless of how much money she or he makes..
So, a housewife can be very successful too, and I'd define a success for myself would be, if I manage to raise my kids to be a successful person, fiddunya wal akhirah :)

mmmm... melalut lagi ke??
ok, back to the point,

I didn't put any pressure on her, I've made it easy and fun for her to learn, and every time she asked me to read stories for her from this book, 

(Thanx to Izu for this gift, aunty Izu mmg tau ape Fatini suke :) )

I told her that I'll only read one story a day for her,  ok at most two stories, but if she wants to know more stories, she must learn to read herself, learn everyday, so she could read soon and she could read more stories on her own!!
Owwwhhhh angguk angguk abis with such enthusiasms I've never seen before!!
She has so much passions for books, I'll not let her loose this passions the way Afeef had... (insyaAllah..)
Oh believe me, I was a lazy mommy.. I've never tried hard enough with Afeef, now he'd lost his passion for books, and turned to TV instead... 
I hope it's not too late for me to fix this, I hope he'll soon realize that reading is far more interesting than watching TV or playing games..
I hope it's not too late for me to be a better mommy too hehehehe :P

I hope I have inspire some mommies out there too  :D


ishamizu said...

Aww i'm glad Fatini can read now! Lps ni bolehla Fatini baca seniri buku yg aunty bg tu..hihi..Nway, akk mmg inspiration izu dr dulu..;) Ok, nk jd better mommy jgk..nk ikut jejak langkak kakna! hihi..hugs :)

Ninie Hanis said...

Congrats Fatini dear.Bravo akak for your effort.Ni harus contohi ni.Betul tu mcm akak ckp cikgu kindergarten sgt komited.Mmg ye pun,coz they believe the assessment for learning,not learning for assessment.

sitiezahim said...

meibi fatini & afeef berbeza2 sbb tu sorang laju sorang cool..hehe...btw budak2 mmg suka buku kan, dulu masa saya kecik, suka baca buku cerita tp buku sekolah malas..hahaha...

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