Monday, November 26, 2012

Me and Hubby...

I keep asking hubby why did he buy me this iPad???
It's not that I don't appreciate it or anything like that, in fact, i'm super thrilled!!
It's just that, I think it's not really necessary to have an iPad, I mean, yeah my McBook has been giving me a lil problem, backlight problem, but still I have this old PC which I can use, though I have to fight with the kids everytime hehehe...

But, to my surprise, hubby just said a few simple words that make me feel really something..

He said, he adores my writing, that he's one of my biggest fan (eh ye ke hubby cakap camtu?), mmmm....whatever.... but what i'm sure of is that, he is one of my real follower, and has never missed reading any of my entries!!!!
And if there's anyone in this whole wide world who's in full support that I should never stop blogging, it's him!!

Eh, smiling like an idiot now heheh!!!
In fact he's the major reason why I've made my blog public again.

Ok, enough of that... I found this nice quotes the other day, i'm sure everybody has heard of this one before;

'A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing and a man's loyalty is tested when he has everything..'

Do you agree??

When me and hubby decided to get married, I was in the middle of a bachelor degree, and he was in the middle of a master degree, he had no full time job at that moment, only a part time job..

I remember all the struggle we had gone through, especially after Afeef was born.

There were tough times, lots of them, and despite it all, not even once that I regret what we've gone thru.. It taught us the real meaning of life and responsibilities...
So, at that time, I would say, hubby has nothing, and my loyalty was tested, 
And I think, I've passed my test... With flying colors.... Errrrr... Ye ke?

Heheheh, hope so ;)

And.... I think, hubby will pass his when the time comes... I hope so.. Hehe
InsyaAllah ;)


sitiezahim said...

biasanya bagi lelaki, 'everything' ialah tika dia berumur 40 an. sbb masa tu, kerja dah stabil (dah abis blaja), anak2 tgh membesar dan kewangan pon insyaAllah stabil. ada rumah sendiri, kereta dll. ramai lelaki tewas masa tu jadi semoga suami kita tak termasuk dlm golongan tu kan...

ishamizu said...


Btw, bkn hubby akk je your writing fan, so do i..! hehe..wahhh dpt ipad ek, bestnya. Pandai nya bro Azmir buat surprise :)

Kak, Loughborough aritu rumah kawan hisham..nama dia Shafizal. tatau la adik akk kenal ke tak sbb dia baru je smpi bln 9 aritu. :) Nti klu dtg visit dia, wajib dtg rmh izu ok..tido skali tauu. :)

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