Friday, November 23, 2012

Housewife heaven :P

A steaming hot coffee and a novel... 

What else should I want..

This is what I call a 'Housewives Heaven' ngeh ngeh..
No worries, no pressure, no dateline, no meetings, no rushing... :D

By the way, this is another delicious page-turner by Sophie Kinsella, catchy and of course hilarious!!!

And since it's winter and 6.30pm is already Isya, and at 9pm, already feels like midnight, so everyone sleeps early too.. 
And since I've turned into sort of a disciplined mommy (konon2 laaa ngeh ngeh),
my reading time is set to only before I go to sleep, on the bed, with only a tiny lamp switched on..
So, I ended up laughing like an idiot in the middle of the night hehehe!!

Ehem.. of course there's a loophole, though I've said reading time is only before I go to sleep, I've decided that is only aplicable when I haven't gotten to the climax of the story :D 

Seriously, if you are a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella, then this is a must read!! 
And even if you are not a fan of her, you still should read this, it's really really nice!

mmmmmm.... ok, just a lil bit more, this is my latest piano cover, as I've said before, this past week had been a 'Lagu-lagu basi mode', so this is the first lagu basi I've played, not so successfully though.. the ending was a bit huru hara :P

Anyway, Enjoy!!

Sape yang tengah jiwang bercinta masa lagu ni Top dulu, suka lah tew hehehe...

Ok, lastly, came across this yesterday, 

"Kemudian sampaikan khabar gembira kepada mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh, bahawa bagi mereka syurga-syurga yang dihiasi oleh sungai-sungai yg mengalir. Setiap kali mereka mendapat rezeki dari buah-buahan di dalam syurga, mereka mengatakan, 
"Rezeki ini adalah rezeki yang telah diberikan kepada kami sebelum ini"
Mereka mendapat rezeki yang serupa tetapi berlainan hakikatnya.."
(Surah Al-Baqarah: ayat 25)

It occurs to me that in heaven, we'll actually have the same kind of life we have now on earth, we'll have the same things we have now, whatever we love to have and already have, we will have it there again.. only in heaven, it's far far better, far happier, with no more tests, no more worries etc etc.. it's unimaginably beautiful...
So, lets work for it ;)


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