Friday, September 28, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fact of Life..

Today he played 'throwing tiny stones at each other' with his friends..
One friend accidently hit him on the eye, and he said it hurts soooo bad that he felt like fainting.. 

I asked if he cried???

He said 'No' and then he started to wonder...
He wondered, Why didn't he cry?? 

A few weeks ago when we were at a friend's house, he was playing with some friends about his age, and something happened I had no idea what, but Afeef cried soooo bad that I thought something really bad happened to him, like he fell and hit his head bad, or somebody hit him hard, anything, anything at all...
But after asking him over and over again, I found out that nothing actually happened to him, nobody hit him, and he was not hurt, but yet he cried so bad.. 
I've never seen him cry so bad for so long, and on that particular day, he did, and yet, for no reason at all!!!

And today, confused, he asked me this;

"Why did I cry soooo bad that day when nothing actually happened to me, and today someone hurt me soooo bad in the eye and I did not cry at all..??"

Hmmmmmmm... I knew the answer instantly heheh..
I told him,
"Itu lah namanye sakit hati... hehe... and sakit hati memang lebih sakit dari sakit yg lain-lain... "

His expression slowly changed and a triumph smile spread slowly over his face :)

He said excitedly that's the answer he's been looking for all along!!!!!
 He didn't know what it was that made him cry that day, what had hurt so bad...
because the thing that hurts was inside, in his HEART.. 

 I think today my son just learned another lesson and a fact of life..
Something can really hurt inside, and it is harder to heal...
Well my son, this is going to happen to you more and more as you go on...
That is Life, and Life's Like That...

ps: Maybe it's time to start teaching our children some inner martial arts heheh..

Monday, September 17, 2012

"You never know how strong you are, until the only option you have left is to be strong...."

Have u ever been in a situation like above?
The only situation for me, where I had to be nothing but strong, was inside the labor room..
Especially when I gave birth to Afeef (my first child), and Aleena (my third child),
and people say, the 1st always is the most painful and most difficult.. but for me, the worst pain I've ever had was when I gave birth to Aleena.. until today, i'm still a bit shaky whenever I think of that day..
So, at that time, I felt like I couldn't stand the pain, I started thinking of epidural, and a tiny voice said inside my head,
 "This is your 3rd child, shame on you if you are to ask for an epidural injection.." hehe
And when the pain was too unbearable, I begged the nurse for an epidural, but she declined, she said, "You are almost 8cm now, epidural injection is not possible at this stage.."
So, the only option left for me was to be strong...

And of course, that was only a short while, after that, all the pain was over..
How bout those who had lost their child, their loved ones in a most cruel way...?
People in Syria for example...
Just imagine, how strong they have to be....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello again :)

It's been a while since my last update...
mmmmm... is it really just a while????
So much have happened...
We've had another Spring, a Summer too, and now Autumn.. 
And only today that I've finally realized how much I've missed writing my own blog!!!!
And today, for the first time in months, I've made my blog PUBLIC again..
It's such a waste to stop sharing valuable experiences...
Like some people says,
There'll be another Autumn, another Winter, another Spring, a Summer too, but there'll never be another moment like this;

or this ;

or this ;

Or this ;

or this ;

So today, my blog is officially public again hehe....
It feels good :D
Hopefully, this time around, I'll continue writing... things from my heart...
Till later, Salam... ;)

Piano cover to cheer my Blog up a lil bit hehe.. (played from my heart)

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