Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chicken Recipe My Version (",)


I wanna share a recipe by accident which turned out surprisingly delicious...
Or maybe I was the only one who felt that way haha..

I was so not in the mood to cook yesterday, so I planned to just fry the chicken. Using actifry, life can be pretty much easy (ade macam ayat iklan hehe) but seriously it does make my life easier. What I did yesterday was, I cut chicken breast into tiny pieces, marinated it with a mixture of blended onions, garlics, ginger, lemongrass, salt, sugar and curry powder. After about an hour I put everything in actifry with only a few drops of oil. Then I switched on the machine.
When it's done cooking, I opened the cover and.... Oh no, it's too dry... A few drops of oil wasn't enough.. It's well cooked but just... Too dry....
Think think think think....

Ok, lets make a lil gravy.... How?

Coconut milk? Arrrrggghhh... Tak de pulak...

Mmmmm... How bout a mixture of milk and whipping cream? Mmmm sounds weird, but really it wasn't so bad.. The idea occurred to me because I had also once tried a recipe from friend's blog similar to this but slightly different, later I'll share that recipe too.

So, layan recipe ni, sape2 yang suka makan nasik kukus ayam dara tu, suka lah recipe ni (",)


~~ Chicken breast lebih kurang 500g.
~~ Sebijik bawang besar.
~~ 2 ulas garlic.
~~ 2cm Halia.
~~ 2 batang serai.
~~ Curry Powder ikut suka banyak mana.
~~ 1 gelas susu.
~~ Setengah cawan Whipping cream.
~~ 2 sudu besar kerisik diblend halus.
~~ 1 sudu kecik jus lemon.


Blend semua bawang, garlic, serai, halia. Lumur bersama chicken breast yg dah dipotong2. Letak curry powder, garam dan gula secukup rasa. Biar marinate selama sejam. Tak sejam pun x pe hehe..
Then, goreng aje semua dalam kuali dengan minyak yg sikit sampai garing.

Panaska susu + whipping cream, bila mendidih, masukkan je semua ayam yg dah digoreng tadi dgn serbuk2 nye skali, masukkan kerisik, gula, garam secukup rasa. Last skali masukkan jus perahan lemon. SIAP!!!!

Makan dengan timun, perrrggghhhh ade rasa cam nasik kukus ayam dara ngeh ngeh.. Tapi versi senang, cepat, mudah...

Jadi Housewife ni kena salu fikir cara cepat memasak and yet berkhasiat! Don't wanna waste too much time in the kitchen!

Ok, anyway, some important benefits of Cucumber:

~~> It keeps your body hydrated.
~~> Fight cancers.
~~> Control blood pressure.
~~> Cures diabetes.
~~> Reduces Cholesterol.
~~> Beneficial for teeth and gums.
~~> Aid in weight loss!
~~> Aid in digestion!
For more details, you can read HERE.

So many of us find it hard to teach our kids to eat vegetables and fruits, we often give up halfway.. I know it's not easy, but never stop trying! And most importantly, begin with yourself!
If you want your kids to eat raw cucumber, tomatoes, carrost, salad etc etc, you eat it first, let your kids watch you eat, and then offers it to them. If they refused, it's ok, try again and again, never give up!

This is from my own experience, I've been trying to make my kids love raw vegetables, and now all those efforts paid off. Yesterday, I was so happy to see Fatini and Aleena munching on pieces of cucumber like they're munching on cookies, and one whole of cucumber finished within few minutes!
I've been inspired by German parents, how they managed to make their children love fruits and vegetables! And I've seen it with my own eyes how those kids at Kindergarten eat raw vegetables, and they didn't just eat it, they enjoyed it! 
And at Afeef's school, they give free fruits and vegetables every Wednesday! Cool rite...
Afeef who used to hate raw carrots now starting to eat them. Though he didn't really enjoyed it hehehe.. 

By encouraging your kids to eat raw vegetables, you'll get two benefits:

Not only your kids will be healthier, you get to save your time cooking in the kitchen!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

What's New..... (",)


 Barang untuk projek terbaru dah sampai.... ngeeee...

Ini lah ia...

Dan bersama model comel, gebu, bulat, pink, bulat, gebu, comel, cute, bubui, mumui, kukui....
I'm crazy bout her (",)

mmmmmmm... nanti kalau dah menjadi projek, baru lah I share what it is ya!
For now, biarlah rahsia.... (",)

And lastly, nak share my latest Piano Cover...

Lagu nasyid lama by Dehearty ~~Wanita~~

Used to love this song, and still is... So I decided to make a cover...

"Tercipta engkau dari rusuk lelaki,
Bukan dari kaki untuk di alasi,
Bukan dari kepala untuk di junjung,
Tapi dekat di bahu untuk di lindung,
Dekat pula di hati untuk dikasihi......"

Itu la sebahagian lirik lagu, dulu2 selalu tertanye2 hadis sahih ke ni? ke tak sahih? kenapa dari tulang rusuk ye???
Yes yes, I have an inquisitive mind...

So recently, found the answer by Ustaz Azhar Idrus...

Oh hadis Sahih!!!
Oh simbolik nye Allah!!

If we human being interpreted the creation of woman from men's Rib symbolizes how woman should be loved because the Rib is located so near to the heart, then I think there's one more important point here, that the Rib protect two of the most important organs in our body, the Lung and the Heart...
See how important woman's role are in men's Life???


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daging masak Black pepper + Kacang peas sesuke hati (",)


Mmmmmmm.... Recipe minggu ini:

Daging masak ape ntah tatau name nye, ade black paper and kacang peas..
Simple sangat, satu family suka, everytime buat memang habis licin sampai ke titisan terakhir hehe..

Jom layan recipe~~~~~~

Bahan kisar:
~~~ 1 bijik bawang besar
~~~ 2 ulas bawang putih
~~~ 2cm halia (lebih kurang la)
~~~ 2 sudu kecik lada hitam (kalau nak pedas bubuh lebih)

~~~ Daging ikut suka banyak mana
~~~ Kentang ikut suka banyak mana (potong2 and goreng)
~~~ Satu tin kecik kacang peas.
~~~ Satu bijik bawang besar dipotong bulat2.


Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan kisar smpai naik bau, smpai naik minyak, masukkan daging, masukkan air sikit, perlahankan api, tutup kuali, masak smpai daging lembut. Agak2 daging dah lembut, masukkan kentang yg dah digoreng tadi, kacang peas and bawang potong. Tmbah air kalau nak kuah banyak. Masukkan garam, gula secukup rasa. SIAP!! FINISH!! FERTIG!!

Try jangan tak try (",)

Till later, Salam...

Monday, February 18, 2013


"Mama why do we pray?"
"Mama why do we have to pray?"
"Mama why do we pray 5 times a day?"

These questions were frequently asked by my children. And my usual answer would be,
"Because Allah wants us to..."
Afeef always were satisfied with this answer, though he would repeat the same questions later on, but he's the type who listens and obey.. Subahanallah.. A gift from Allah SWT, one type of 'rezki' from God if you have an obedient child.
But, like I've always mentioned before, Fatini on the other hand, is more demanding, more curious, she demands for answers in everything!

Just two days ago she'd asked me the same question Afeef had asked before;

"Why do we have to pray???"

I said softly, "because.... Allah wants us to.."
As I expected, she frowned deeply, and said, "But why?? Why Allah wants us to????"
Clever girl, I knew she would never be satisfied with that answer!

How to explain to a 5 year old the importance of our 5 times daily 'solat'? How to make her understand things that we could only feel in our heart? The closeness and the connections we've felt with Allah SWT when we pray? Because she couldn't feel it...

So I told her.... "Don't worry, once you're able to recite all the 'surah' in solat, you'll know the reasons why..."
Still dissatisfied, she said "So, if I know all the 'surah', then I'd love to 'solat' everytime?"
"So, you don't like 'solat'?" I asked.
"No, it's boring... Just standing, bending, and it's too long.."

Oh my, I wondered that night, how should I explain to her?
Oh I don't have to wait for long,, just yesterday, as I was reading a post by a friend on FB, I've found the answer...

Doctor Jefrey Lang, an Atheist converted to Islam talks about his own experience in answering the same question from his daughter;

~~~~~~~~~.     ~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Daddy, why do we pray?”

Her question caught me off guard. I didn’t expect it from an eight year old. I knew of course the most obvious answer—that as Muslims we are obligated to—but I did not want to waste the opportunity to share with her the experience and benefits of salah. Nevertheless, as I tried to put together a reply in my mind, I bought a little time by beginning with, ‘We pray because God wants us to!’

‘But why, daddy, what does praying do?’ she asked.

‘It is hard to explain to a young person, honey. Someday, if you do the five prayers every day, I’m
sure you’ll understand, but I’ll do my best to answer your question.’

‘You see, sweetheart. God is the source of all the love, mercy, kindness, and wisdom—of all the beauty—that we experience and feel. Like the sun is the source of the light we see in the daytime, God is the source of all of these and much more. Thus, the love I feel for you, your sisters, and mommy is given to me by God. We know that God is kind and merciful by all the things He has given us in this life. But when we pray, we can feel God’s love, kindness, and mercy in a very special way, in the most powerful way.

For example, you know that mommy and I love you by the way we take care of you. But when we hug you and kiss you, you can really feel how much we love you. In a similar way, we know that God loves and is kind to us by the way He takes care of us. But when we pray, we can feel His love in a very real and special way.’

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh that last part really touched my heart, it's sooooo TRUE!!!

So today, I told Fatini this:
"Allah cares for us so much, and has given us so much too.. So 'solat' is a way to really really feel Allah's love for us.. Just like mama kiss you and you kiss mama.. You know mama loves you, but when mama kiss and hug you, you feel mama's love for you right.?"

"So, when you 'solat', you will truly really feel Allah's love...."



I'm so satisfied! Not because I've finally answered her question, but because I myself just discovered a new meaning to our 5 times daily prayer... Subahanallah... Thank you Allah!!!

"Oh sebab tu lah mama pejam mata masa solat? Kalau pejam mata, kita rasa dalam hati.."


"Sape cakap kat Fatini? Abg Afeef ke?"

"Tak.... Spongebob lah... Spanbob cakap, kita rasa dalam hati bila kita pejam mata..."


Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Fasching Season (",)

This is actually a last Saturday's story, before it gets rotten, I better bring myself to write about this because... 
you know... 
For future reminiscence... (",)

This is something special, which we'll never have in Malaysia, it's a celebration or a carnival season in Germany known as Fasching.
It's a time of festivity and merry making, there's parades, dancing in the streets, people from all ages wearing costumes, you'll get to see so many types of costumes!
It's fun, and the atmosphere were filled with vibrance and merriment!! 

So, there was a Parade held in Mainz last Saturday, so off we went..

It was about 1 and a half hours journey by trains, and the kids were well equipped with entertainment to avoid boredom hehe..

As we were nearing Mainz, the atmosphere inside the train changed tremendously, as more and more people entered the train with costumes, they sang a song, cheered and the air was filled with vibrance!!
And once we've reached Mainz, wow!! We saw more and more people with all kinds of costumes!

The parade was due to begin at 2.15pm, and we've decided to have our lunch first in a Restaurant which Hubby had searched online. But, while we were on our way to that Restaurant, we've passed by another Restaurant which looked presentable, comfortable, so I told hubby, let's just have our Lunch here.. and hubby insisted on finding the one he had found on the internet..
mmmmmm camtu lah hubby, if he has decided on something, it's very hard to change his mind ^_^
I had to agree though I felt a lil bit dissatisfied hehehe...

So, we finally reached the Restaurant, it was small, not as comfortable looking as the previous one, and it was a lil bit crowded too...
And we had to wait longer for our food and the Parade was going to start soon.. and the previous Restaurant was a little vacant compared to this.. 
And perhaps if we had gone to that Restaurant, we would have enough time to eat, to watch the parade, to find the Mosque for Zuhur and Asar prayer...
So I began expressing my dissatisfaction at hubby's choice hehehe...

But, I shouldn't feel dissatisfied for anything, just make doa for whatever decision we were going to make, let Allah guide us so that we make the best decision even in a small small matter like deciding where to eat.. do you agree?
Yes, there's hidden 'hikmah' for everything that happens, either you see it straight away or you have to wait for a while to see it, or wait longer but eventually you'll see the 'hikmah' and reasons behind it...

So, even though it seemed like a wrong decision, fortunately enough the Parade starting point was just a few steps away, just opposite the Restaurant, we could even watched it from the glass door of the Restaurant. So while waiting for the food, I took Afeef and Fatini outside to watch the parade and collect candies, while Hubby and Aleena stayed inside the Restaurant, and wait for the food.
And later, the Restaurant workers told us that we could perform Solat in their store room which they themselves used as a prayer room.
There were 'sejadah' ready and all...
So sweet... masa solat rasa nak nangis...
You know, I regretted complaining earlier....
How God has made things easy for us, and all we did was find faults.. huhu
My point is, don't complain, don't argue because Allah certainly has plans for us in every single thing we do.. So Trust.. (",)

So..... These were some pictures I took during the Parade....

Paling cute (",) 
Yang berstroller, yang kecik molek, semua ada hehe...

But, the part I enjoyed most was.....

........Watching the bystander..... hehehe
It's cute to watch the whole family dressed in costumes... right?

Afeef and Fatini had a great time collecting candies..

Our Lunch... (",)

Hasil Kutipan hehehe...
Banyak buang aje sebab tak halal..

One beautiful view I managed to capture in Mainz (",)

After the Parade, we went to a nearby some sort of a Fun-fare held in conjunction with Fasching season. 

The kids watched the sky-fliers in awe heheh..
Serious scary benda ni huhu..

On the way home, I captured a unique tree plastered against the wall of a building. 
And Aleena with her little teddy, always carry that teddy anywhere she goes, cute kan (",)
Nowadays we rarely bring a stroller along, just to train her, and it worked out well... only hubby had to carry her once in a while, it's ok.... hubby kan nak build muscles hehehe!

On the way home...
 We reached home about 9.00 pm kot, had our dinner and dropped by at the store, but still the kids were all energetics! 
I felt new all day, I was wearing one of the most beautiful shawl, even more beautiful because it's a gift from a wonderful friend recently (",)

And lastly, Afeef's school celebrated Fasching last Friday, which he wore a Police costume, (I forgot to take a photo of him) and Fatini's kindergarten celebrated it last Monday, and she had on her Rapunzel costume!!

Our last Fasching.... insyaAllah...


Thursday, February 14, 2013

AYam MaSaK KiCaP ~My Version~

Dah lama x update pasal makanan, masakan, so today nak share satu masakan simple utk housewife2 yang tetiba mode malas nak memasak atau working mom or dad yang balik kerja nak masak cincai tapi sedap... Hehehe..

Kadang2 malas sangat nak masak sayur, kalau boleh nak masak satu lauk je tapi tak de mood nak makan salad, tapi mesti ade sayur, jadi ape kata sekali harung kan hehehe..

Ok, layan resipi ni and try ok!

Bahan2 tumis :
-- 1 bijik bawang besar
-- 2 ulas bawang putih
-- 2cm Halia
-- 1 Cili besar hiris

Bahan2 lain:
-- Ayam ikut suka.
-- Kicap pekat manis ikut suka banyak mana.
-- Kentang potong2, goreng (saya guna actifry, guna satu sudu besar minyak aje!)
-- Tomato dan Leek.
Haaaaa semua orang tau Leek kan? Macam kat bawah ni:

Ayam yang dah dipotong2, lumur dengan kunyit dan garam dan minyak, bakar dalam Oven 200deg, ni untuk yang health conscious, nak kurangkan makanan bergoreng.. Tapi klu nak goreng ayam tu pun boleh, guna actifry, satu besar minyak dah cukup utk goreng ayam (",)

Sementara tunggu ayam masak, tumis bahan tumis sampai naik bau, masukkan tomato, masak sekejap, masukkan kicap, masak sampai kicap berbuih2, masukkan air ikut suka banyak mana bersesuaian dengan kicap, masukkan Leek yg dah dipotong2, jangan masak lama sangat utk mengekalkan khasiat sayur, agak2 dah layu sikit, masukkan kentang goreng dan ayam yg dah dibakar atau digoreng tadi. Tambah garam kalau tak cukup masin. Haaaaa siap! Cepat, senang, berkhasiat!

Sayur Leek ni sangat-sangat masuk dengan masak kicap tau, tak percaya cuba try!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Just Once.. (",)


Just wanna share my latest Piano Cover...
I tried this 2 days ago after a friend gave me a link to this song on Facebook, coincidently I love the song too..

Lovely sangat2, harmonic, soothing, no wonder lah cik hajar angau kan lagu ni hehehe!

And after I listened to it over and over again to detect the keys and chords, I started to feel 'angau' myself hahaha!

Ok, ok... anyway, sorry cik hajar, I main half je, mula2 dengar rasa cam senang nak main, tapi sebenarnye agak susah jugak, 2 hari baru dapat takat ni, part bridge still x dapat completekan, I need more time, InsyaAllah I buat video yg complete nye nanti (",)
Buat masa ni, aktiviti piano berhenti seketika untuk project lain ngeh ngeh..

Specially for you, tak sehebat macam dalam link you kasi tu plus ade mistakes sket2, tapi this is my version, my own interpretation of the music hehehe.....
Hope you like it!

~~~~Just Once~~~~~

Boleh layan jugak original song nye kat bawah ni, serious lagu ni best (",)

Till later, Salam...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moments in Life...


Two days ago I had a parents meeting with Afeef's teacher, since hubby was a bit busy that day, so off I went with the kids...
A journey to Afeef's school always was tiring, 15 minutes journey that if I walk with my regular pace, but with the kids tagging along, I need about 25 minutes approximately..
And it's a journey up hill..
And worst, I couldn't bring the stroller along, because we need to go through a staircase which is a route that offers shorter distance to his school...

And it was raining lightly...

Surprisingly, despite the light rain and the fact that I must carry Aleena from time to time because she was tired from the journey up hill, I found last Monday's journey to Afeef's school and going back home were one of the most memorable ones.. (",)

While we walked together hand in hand, we passed by this sign:

And Afeef quickly pointed at it, yeah yeah he told me about this before...
Afeef's main concern was the 100euro that this person offers for anyone who'd found the cat, and Afeef's so excited bout it that he'd missed another important point here;

'Someone is grieving and that person is willing to give 100euro away and it occured to me that this person could be just a boy or a girl with only 100euro in his/her saving and is willing to give it all away in desperation to find his or her beloved cat!!'

Oh, I know Afeef has a good attitude now, he saves a lot, he has his own money, and whenever we go out, he would bring his money along and buy whatever he wants using his own money, and that he would not simply buy stuffs, he would think thoroughly before buying anything even if it costed him only 1euro! 
Which is good, and he never gives a second thought for buying anything not more than 2euro for Fatini..
Which is good also, for his willingness to spend for his sister more than for himself. 

But, I don't let Afeef buy anything for Fatini anymore unless if it's her Birthday or she had done anything special, Fatini needs to learn the value of money as well, so nowadays Fatini has her own savings too.
On the left is Fatini's savings and on the rigtht is Afeef's.

So, back to my story, why Afeef was so into that 100euro, because he needs some extra money to top up what he has so he could get a new Nintendo..... Mmmmm Nintendo ape ye??
Never mind... Coz that's not the point.

The point is, money will never be enough no matter how much you have, and things you wanna buy will never come to an end! 
The key word is, to feel enough with what we have and to be thankful, that's it...

If we open our eyes for every single tiny things Allah has given us, oh my, there's too many, and we wouldn't want anything else in this whole wide world, because we have everything!

So I told Afeef,
"Afeef, if I found that cat, I'll just give it to the owner and I'll not take that 100euro...."

And he asked me in disbelief,

I told him, that there are other far better things in Life, values, love, how beautiful it feels to help others, and money is never a priority, because with God's will, we'll feel complete even with only basic needs to survive. 
And he will understands someday when he loves something badly and I'm sure he's willing to give away all his money too.. Right?
Ahah 'nodding' though reluctantly hehehe..
But, he'll understand someday, I know he will... (",)

To end my lenghty speech bout life, love and all, I told him;

"We'll help find that cat but not for the money but for the sake of helping others.."

Mmmmmmm smiling he said, 
"Ok... "
 This time I detect a note of sincerity in his voice and his smile (",)
So I hugged him and let him know that I'm soooo proud of him!

We reached Afeef's school in time to meet his teacher, had a little discussion bout how Afeef's doing in school, and learnt from his teacher that Afeef is one of the best behaved student in class, very obedient, done his home works all the time, very good in reading, one of the best student in Mathematics, (Alhamdulillah all those efforts pay off..) but terrible in writing hehehe.. (tulisan sambung which is important in German schools)
It's ok Afeef, we'll practice more (",)

And, the part which I'll never forget was when I informed her that we'll be going back to Malaysia end of this year, she looked at me in surprise, sad, disbelief all at once.
But the most prominent expression was sadness..
She looked genuinely sad, I could see it in her eyes, her expression, and when she looked at Afeef and told him that he'll be missed and not having him around anymore is going to be a huge loss, I knew she meant it, she really really meant it... (",)
A sweet teacher.... And Afeef loves her...
I felt sad too...

On the way home, I asked Afeef if he's sad to leave all these behind, 
He said,  "Yes, terribly..."
It's ok Afeef, insyaAllah you'll find great friends in Malaysia later and teachers too.. 

We don't WAIT for things to happen, we'll MAKE it happens....

Life's Like That.....

PS: It's been snowing since Yesterday, thunderstorm hit yesterday too, for the first time witnessing 'hujan batu' seriously hehe.. hujan batu ais lah tapi hehe.. I'll make an entry bout it later, and today's activity; finish a novel sambil tunggu aleena main snow.. I know it'll take hours... ***sigh***
Have a nice day everyone.. (",)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 30~~~ In MoTioN...

Yes finally!!!
I made it till day 30!!!
Yahooooo yabedabedu!

Finally, the challenge is over (",)

This 'in motion' picture of us represents the celebration mode I'm in right now for completing this 30days Photo challenge!

Sebagai penutup terimalah.....(Eh macam artis pulak )
A song I've always loved...

Mampukah kita menjadi sehebat Sumayyah?


Till later, Salam..

DuRiaN CRePe, My Version (",)


Like I said before, we had a guest last weekend so I've made another round of Durian crepe (",)

This time around, I've made more and slightly different which taste better.

I modified the filling a bit.... all the recipes I've checked on the internet use only whipping cream and durian, but I added cream cheese with wipping cream and durian essence, the result, wow! Not bad! Our friend loved it (",) Alhamdulillah..

Tukang habiskan hingga ke titisan terakhir ialah Mr Hubby!! Yeay bravo!! Clap clap clap!

So, boleh layan my version here:

(A) Ingredients: 
~ 250g wheat flour
~ 200 ml coconut milk
~ 200 ml milk
~ 100 ml water
~ 2 Eggs
~ A teaspoonful Vanilla essence
~ A teaspoonful salts
~ Some food colorant. 

(B) For the filling : 
200g g cream cheese
250ml Whipping cream
3/4 cup sugar
A teaspoonful Durian essence
And lastly isi Durian la..

1~~ Mix all the ingredients in (A) using a mixer until fluffy, then filter the batter into a bowl.
2~~ Heat a lightly oiled nonstick pan and scoop a tiny amount of the batter onto the pan, tilt the pan in a circular motion so that the batter coats the surface evenly.  Refer pic below on the left. (macam bunga Ros pulak kan)
Let it cooked for a few minutes then transfer it to a plate carefully for it tear easily.

Repeat the process until the whole batter finished.
Layer each crepe with a plastic paper to prevent it from sticking to each other. (Pic below on the right)

2nd step, prepare the filling~~~ Mix all ingredients in (B) EXCEPT Durian in a mixer. 
Mix throughly until it becomes fluffy. 
Then, place about a tablespoon of Durian on the crepe, followed by a tablespoon of mixture (B) and then wrap it! 
Repeat for each crepe until everything's finished.
Then place all Durian crepe in the fridge for a few hours before cutting them in half.
Done! And Enjoy!

mmmmmmmmm.... Yummy yummy...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 29~~~ PuRcHaSeD...

Salam, I have nothing much to tell for this entry because there's nothing interesting that I've purchased recently...

Except yesterday, I bought a new canvas to start my painting project again...
I kinda miss it...

So, just wait till it's done!
Haaaaaaiiihhhhh macam2 nak buat, how I wish I have more time everyday!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 28~~~ Daily Routine...


2 more days, and then this challenge will be over!
Alang2 nak bercerita, nak la bersungguh2 kan, so it is time consuming, to search for a suitable photos,  uploading them, writing etc etc...

So, daily routine...
Basically, it's just the same routine for all housewives I supposed.... maybe slightly different here and there, because different individual has different interests... right...

So, lets start with...
"Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pakai baju, makan roti, minum kopi, kita suka hati..."
Aleena and Fatini suka lagu tu..
Cuma derang tukar kopi jadi susu (",)

Ok, first thing first, in the morning, I would prepare breakfast, sometimes sandwiches, sometimes fried rice, sometimes pan cakes, etc etc and 3 cups of milk is a must. 
They all have breakfast together even though Afeef is the only one who has to leave early. School starts at 7.55am!!

Then I would pick clothes for Afeef, he is not fussy at all, he just wears whatever I gave him. 
So, if you see Afeef wearing this, you might think;
'Oh a huge fan of Spongebob!"
But actually it's his mama hehe..

So, after kissing Afeef good bye and off he goes to school, I would have a coffee and a light breakfast while reading news from my iPad, or I would read friend's blog...

Then, get Fatini ready for kindergarten...
Kalau dulu ade la setengah jam pilih baju, sekarang 10 minit dah cukup..
Alhamdulillah atas perubahan positiv ni hehe..

Camne la tak lama bersiap kan.. sebab nak kena jadi macam gambar kat baju dia lah!

Once Fatini is off to kindergarten, then that's when my real leisure starts ngeh ngeh...
Berinternet kejap and also play piano.

Then I would start cooking...
Yes, lunch is ready before I go and fetch Fatini from kindergarten. 

And this is how it is everyday, kalau boleh semua teddy bear dia nak angkut skali hehe..
Sometimes she just prefers to walk, and I would allow only one teddy bear..
On the right: Waiting for the gate to open @Fatini's Kindergarten (",)

So we would usually reached home about 12.30pm, and usually Afeef is already there, and layan semua pot pet pot pet kejap, macam2 cerita ade, and then lunch, and then solat, and then layan story book kejap, Little Red Hen tu favorite Aleena, and then sesi belajar baca.... 
And about after Asar, I would have time for myself again, internet, piano lagi and Afeef would spend the entire evening in between homework and a break...

Every evening routine, sit by the window with a coffee and just gaze outside, day dreaming hehe..
And layan budak2 pot pet lagi hehehe...

And one of the best, again another routine to watch the sunset from our window, I have a collection of sunsets!

And lastly, 

Reading a novel before I fall asleep (",)
Iye, macam tu lah tiap2 hari hehe..

Whatever it is, the kids were always my priority...
And the biggest part of my daily routine...

Without them, Life would be empty...
My world, my heart, my soul...


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