Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chicken Recipe My Version (",)


I wanna share a recipe by accident which turned out surprisingly delicious...
Or maybe I was the only one who felt that way haha..

I was so not in the mood to cook yesterday, so I planned to just fry the chicken. Using actifry, life can be pretty much easy (ade macam ayat iklan hehe) but seriously it does make my life easier. What I did yesterday was, I cut chicken breast into tiny pieces, marinated it with a mixture of blended onions, garlics, ginger, lemongrass, salt, sugar and curry powder. After about an hour I put everything in actifry with only a few drops of oil. Then I switched on the machine.
When it's done cooking, I opened the cover and.... Oh no, it's too dry... A few drops of oil wasn't enough.. It's well cooked but just... Too dry....
Think think think think....

Ok, lets make a lil gravy.... How?

Coconut milk? Arrrrggghhh... Tak de pulak...

Mmmmm... How bout a mixture of milk and whipping cream? Mmmm sounds weird, but really it wasn't so bad.. The idea occurred to me because I had also once tried a recipe from friend's blog similar to this but slightly different, later I'll share that recipe too.

So, layan recipe ni, sape2 yang suka makan nasik kukus ayam dara tu, suka lah recipe ni (",)


~~ Chicken breast lebih kurang 500g.
~~ Sebijik bawang besar.
~~ 2 ulas garlic.
~~ 2cm Halia.
~~ 2 batang serai.
~~ Curry Powder ikut suka banyak mana.
~~ 1 gelas susu.
~~ Setengah cawan Whipping cream.
~~ 2 sudu besar kerisik diblend halus.
~~ 1 sudu kecik jus lemon.


Blend semua bawang, garlic, serai, halia. Lumur bersama chicken breast yg dah dipotong2. Letak curry powder, garam dan gula secukup rasa. Biar marinate selama sejam. Tak sejam pun x pe hehe..
Then, goreng aje semua dalam kuali dengan minyak yg sikit sampai garing.

Panaska susu + whipping cream, bila mendidih, masukkan je semua ayam yg dah digoreng tadi dgn serbuk2 nye skali, masukkan kerisik, gula, garam secukup rasa. Last skali masukkan jus perahan lemon. SIAP!!!!

Makan dengan timun, perrrggghhhh ade rasa cam nasik kukus ayam dara ngeh ngeh.. Tapi versi senang, cepat, mudah...

Jadi Housewife ni kena salu fikir cara cepat memasak and yet berkhasiat! Don't wanna waste too much time in the kitchen!

Ok, anyway, some important benefits of Cucumber:

~~> It keeps your body hydrated.
~~> Fight cancers.
~~> Control blood pressure.
~~> Cures diabetes.
~~> Reduces Cholesterol.
~~> Beneficial for teeth and gums.
~~> Aid in weight loss!
~~> Aid in digestion!
For more details, you can read HERE.

So many of us find it hard to teach our kids to eat vegetables and fruits, we often give up halfway.. I know it's not easy, but never stop trying! And most importantly, begin with yourself!
If you want your kids to eat raw cucumber, tomatoes, carrost, salad etc etc, you eat it first, let your kids watch you eat, and then offers it to them. If they refused, it's ok, try again and again, never give up!

This is from my own experience, I've been trying to make my kids love raw vegetables, and now all those efforts paid off. Yesterday, I was so happy to see Fatini and Aleena munching on pieces of cucumber like they're munching on cookies, and one whole of cucumber finished within few minutes!
I've been inspired by German parents, how they managed to make their children love fruits and vegetables! And I've seen it with my own eyes how those kids at Kindergarten eat raw vegetables, and they didn't just eat it, they enjoyed it! 
And at Afeef's school, they give free fruits and vegetables every Wednesday! Cool rite...
Afeef who used to hate raw carrots now starting to eat them. Though he didn't really enjoyed it hehehe.. 

By encouraging your kids to eat raw vegetables, you'll get two benefits:

Not only your kids will be healthier, you get to save your time cooking in the kitchen!



sitiezahim said...

hehehe power la bebudak ni makan tomato mentah camtu je...

ishamizu said...

sedapnya kak..mcm rendang tp bukan ek..hehe. Nway ank2 izu pon ssh mkn sayur..esp Zahin..izu dulu kecik2 pon sama tak suka mkn sayur, tp now ni ajak sekali ank2 mkn..zahin mkn timun nasib baik..hehe..iris n zafri mmg tade masalah, raw carrot is their fav!:)

masz said...

saya paling suka makan tomato cherry yg kecik2 tu..tapi Neli buat masa ni macam x suka sayur2 mmg dia makan..

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