Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moments in Life...


Two days ago I had a parents meeting with Afeef's teacher, since hubby was a bit busy that day, so off I went with the kids...
A journey to Afeef's school always was tiring, 15 minutes journey that if I walk with my regular pace, but with the kids tagging along, I need about 25 minutes approximately..
And it's a journey up hill..
And worst, I couldn't bring the stroller along, because we need to go through a staircase which is a route that offers shorter distance to his school...

And it was raining lightly...

Surprisingly, despite the light rain and the fact that I must carry Aleena from time to time because she was tired from the journey up hill, I found last Monday's journey to Afeef's school and going back home were one of the most memorable ones.. (",)

While we walked together hand in hand, we passed by this sign:

And Afeef quickly pointed at it, yeah yeah he told me about this before...
Afeef's main concern was the 100euro that this person offers for anyone who'd found the cat, and Afeef's so excited bout it that he'd missed another important point here;

'Someone is grieving and that person is willing to give 100euro away and it occured to me that this person could be just a boy or a girl with only 100euro in his/her saving and is willing to give it all away in desperation to find his or her beloved cat!!'

Oh, I know Afeef has a good attitude now, he saves a lot, he has his own money, and whenever we go out, he would bring his money along and buy whatever he wants using his own money, and that he would not simply buy stuffs, he would think thoroughly before buying anything even if it costed him only 1euro! 
Which is good, and he never gives a second thought for buying anything not more than 2euro for Fatini..
Which is good also, for his willingness to spend for his sister more than for himself. 

But, I don't let Afeef buy anything for Fatini anymore unless if it's her Birthday or she had done anything special, Fatini needs to learn the value of money as well, so nowadays Fatini has her own savings too.
On the left is Fatini's savings and on the rigtht is Afeef's.

So, back to my story, why Afeef was so into that 100euro, because he needs some extra money to top up what he has so he could get a new Nintendo..... Mmmmm Nintendo ape ye??
Never mind... Coz that's not the point.

The point is, money will never be enough no matter how much you have, and things you wanna buy will never come to an end! 
The key word is, to feel enough with what we have and to be thankful, that's it...

If we open our eyes for every single tiny things Allah has given us, oh my, there's too many, and we wouldn't want anything else in this whole wide world, because we have everything!

So I told Afeef,
"Afeef, if I found that cat, I'll just give it to the owner and I'll not take that 100euro...."

And he asked me in disbelief,

I told him, that there are other far better things in Life, values, love, how beautiful it feels to help others, and money is never a priority, because with God's will, we'll feel complete even with only basic needs to survive. 
And he will understands someday when he loves something badly and I'm sure he's willing to give away all his money too.. Right?
Ahah 'nodding' though reluctantly hehehe..
But, he'll understand someday, I know he will... (",)

To end my lenghty speech bout life, love and all, I told him;

"We'll help find that cat but not for the money but for the sake of helping others.."

Mmmmmmm smiling he said, 
"Ok... "
 This time I detect a note of sincerity in his voice and his smile (",)
So I hugged him and let him know that I'm soooo proud of him!

We reached Afeef's school in time to meet his teacher, had a little discussion bout how Afeef's doing in school, and learnt from his teacher that Afeef is one of the best behaved student in class, very obedient, done his home works all the time, very good in reading, one of the best student in Mathematics, (Alhamdulillah all those efforts pay off..) but terrible in writing hehehe.. (tulisan sambung which is important in German schools)
It's ok Afeef, we'll practice more (",)

And, the part which I'll never forget was when I informed her that we'll be going back to Malaysia end of this year, she looked at me in surprise, sad, disbelief all at once.
But the most prominent expression was sadness..
She looked genuinely sad, I could see it in her eyes, her expression, and when she looked at Afeef and told him that he'll be missed and not having him around anymore is going to be a huge loss, I knew she meant it, she really really meant it... (",)
A sweet teacher.... And Afeef loves her...
I felt sad too...

On the way home, I asked Afeef if he's sad to leave all these behind, 
He said,  "Yes, terribly..."
It's ok Afeef, insyaAllah you'll find great friends in Malaysia later and teachers too.. 

We don't WAIT for things to happen, we'll MAKE it happens....

Life's Like That.....

PS: It's been snowing since Yesterday, thunderstorm hit yesterday too, for the first time witnessing 'hujan batu' seriously hehe.. hujan batu ais lah tapi hehe.. I'll make an entry bout it later, and today's activity; finish a novel sambil tunggu aleena main snow.. I know it'll take hours... ***sigh***
Have a nice day everyone.. (",)


sitiezahim said...

hahaha u main la sama ana...bes ape hehehe

ishamizu said...

Bagusnya Afeef pandai simpan duit and dah ada own saving. Baik hati plak tu siap belikan adik hadiah lagi hihi. Murah hati org nya nie..:)

Miss Anna said...

hajar: lately i cam x tahan sejuk la, meibi mode nak kena balik m'sia cepat2 hehehe! wlupun x rela balik lagi hehe.. skali sekala join jugak derang main, tapi smpai berejam2 adohai.. hehehe..

izu: harap2 kekal camtu smpai bila2 insyaAllah.. budak2 nak kena ingatkan selalu, pastu challenge besar nak pastikan die x membazir or boros at the same time x berkira dgn duit yg die ade.. nak instill dlm mind die jgn takut memberi, dgn memberi Allah tambah yg lebih lagi :)

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