Thursday, March 28, 2013

Night Surprise (",)


So very not in the mood to update this blog hehehe...
It's perfectly understandable right??? I mean, I don't get to see my mom and my sister and my nieces very often!
But today, I have to update this blog no matter what, eventhough I'm so sleepy rite now, so let this one be a really really short one (",)

Today, 28th of March 2013 is...........

Aleena's 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!

We didn't plan for any celebration coz we wanna wait for my hubby to return, insyaAllah tomorrow hubby's flight is due. But, earlier tonight, my sister's hubby made a huge surprise for all of us.... 
A really really huge surprise!!

None of us expected it and there it was, a chocolate cake in the Kitchen!!!

Ya Allah, I was so surprised and speechless all at the same time.. Sungguh tak sangka!! Dah malam nak tido dah, ade surprise pulak hehe...

Thanx a million to them, tak terluah rasanye for everything, their kindness, hospitality etc etc..
I'm really really blessed with wonderful people around (",)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST ALEENA, Semoga membesar menjadi anak solehah dan beroleh kebahagiaan di dunia dan akhirat.... Amin...

Till later, Salam... (",)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 6 at UK... (",)

Phewwwww... I know I'm supposed to be writing about the continuation of previous entry, but.... I just have no time!! All we did for these past few days was; chit chatting, makan2, chit chatting again, makan2 again, chit chatting again, coffee drinking, chit chatting, makan2, chit chatting, hahaha!! One word to describe it all ~~~~ HEAVEN~~~~~

Alhamdulillah for this opportunity to get together.. (",)

Mmmm.... Earlier today, hubby headed back to Kaiserslautern for some work he has to settle leaving me and the kids here at my sister's home.. (",)
Hubby will return end of this week and then we'll rent a car and travel a little before mom's flight is due, insyaAllah... Hopefully the weather will be perfect by then..

Also today we had a guest over, my sister's friend and she's from London. She's also a friend of Izu and another friend also staying in London (",) Kagum dengan mereka2 yang stay di UK ni, semua saling kenal mengenal... Kuat ukhwah yg terbina.. They are all so connected... Nice (",)

Ok, InsyaAllah tomorrow I'll write about our journey after Izu's house last Wednesday. For today just wanna share something cute: 
Sesi solat jemaah bersama Tok....

Yang menentang kiblat pun ade hehehe... That's my niece (",) 


An amazing sambal sotong by.... Sape lagi kalau bukan mak tersayang kan... Hehehe

Dan jugak my first time trying this recipe from Izu!! (Pic below)
Izu, you are absolutely right, it is devine, delicious, yummy, and today habis licin hingga ke titisan terakhir hehe! 
I'll definitely gonna make this again!!
I'll share the recipe later insyaAllah (",)

Ok, till later, Salam... (",)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring's Holiday ~~Part 1~~ (",)

Wow, feel so long since my last update.. I don't know why but every time I sat infront of my computer to update blog, I ended up doing something else hehe...

Ok, just a quick one before all events became rotten (",)

Esters holiday just started last Wednesday and will last in 2 weeks, and coincidently my sister in UK gave birth to her 2nd child early in March. And what's more, my mother decided to visit them, and help taking care of the newborn, and me????

Of coz I was overly excited!!! Meeting my mom and my sister again!!! And a new niece!!!! Wow!!!
Super duper cool!!

So, we booked a flight ticket to London last Tuesday evening, and our first stop was.........


My long time friends, Izuan Murat and Hisham... Izu is among the first person I met during my early days in IIUM. Something still so fresh in my mind, We sat next to each other the whole of orientation week (",)
Today, masing2 dah ada 3 anak! How time flies... (",)

So our 1st stop was Izu and Hisham's house, not only that Izu insisted we should spend the night there, she also insisted that Hisham pick us all up from the airport! Terharu ok, dah la jauh pulak tu.. When we reached their house, they served us with wonderful and delicious meals!!
Macam2 masak, sedap2, superb hospitality....thank you sooooo much Izu and Hisham... Allah bless you guys (",)
I myself feel like I'm truly blessed with wonderful people around me (",) Alhamdulillah...

Overall, We had a great time at Izu & Hisham's, and unfortunately we had to leave early in the morning, it's not a school holidays just yet in London, The Eins (their two beautiful girls) had to go to school and my hubby had to renew his passport.
So we left about 10.30am, and our train to Loughborough UK was due at 10pm that very same day.. It's a long day, yes... But it was great, we went to Malaysian hall again, Hyde park, and Tower bridge. We didn't have the chance to visit Tower bridge the last time we were in London (",)
I'll continue tomorrow, insyaAllah, or day after tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow haha!!
You know, being with your loved ones, other activities seemed like a waste of time!!
Oh, this time around, this Spring's holiday, is by far the best holiday for me.. Can't believe I get to meet my mom again and my sister in just a few months after we'd last get together. Ini pun dikira rezeki kan...? I've never had to ask, He gave, if I asked, He never dissappoint..... 
Thank you Allah!

Till later, salam... (",)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quick Update... (",)

I know I'm supposed to be updating about rotten stories, but... that can be delayed...
They were already rotten anyway hehehe!

Ok, just a quick update....
Rite now I'm in an exhilarating mood.. yihaaaa...
I just got a new niece, which I'll be meeting soon!! InsyaAllah..

Ok, enough of that, what I wanna share here is, Fatini's progress so far...

She did a good job in Mathematics, I explained to her once and then she did everything herself... I prepared Smarties candies for her to use for counting, but she prefers mental calculation!
The best part is, her enthusiasms in learning, everytime she's so excited to do some Maths and some reading..
Her usual words everyday, "mama, jangan lupa hari ni baca Read Easy!"
So mama tak boleh lupe okeh!! 
Bukan dia nak buat2 lupe ke ape, dia lagi ingatkan mama hehe..
 "Things are hard before they're easy..."
Fatini had always given me a hard time when she was small, now she makes everything easy for me.. alhamdulillah.. (",)

Now she's able to read text like above (",)
I know I know, kids her age in Malaysia are also able to read this even better, but, it's just something special and different when it's entirely my own effort... 
I feel like I've just succeeded in something... hmmm...

And yesterday she did this (pic above)... 
Satu je salah, ok la kan hehe.. So proud of her. She calculated it all mentally (",)

Haaaaaaa melukis pun terer! Ade sama la kan? Hehe..

Mmmmmmmm... Always talked about Fatini's progress, how bout Afeef? 
 Afeef not as fast as Fatini, and not as much enthusiasms as Fatini, but at least he enjoys reading this book now. Baby Blues deutsch version. This book really is funny, I highly recommend this book for those wants to encourage your kids to read. They have English version in Malaysia. 
I remember my late father, in his effort to make us all love reading, he would buy us whatever books we liked regardless, as long as we read!
Including comic book macam Baby Blues ni lah..
Though mom disagreed sometimes because mom always preferred us reading educational materials..
But I think, being a parent myself now, what my late father did was right, it's important for the kids to find reading enjoyable.. once they enjoyed it, they will start looking for more..

And most importantly, like I said before, if you want your kids to eat vegetables, you have to start with yourself first and same goes here, if you want your kids to love and enjoy reading, 


Mmmmmmm... same goes, if mama loves to beautify herself, then like mother like daughter laaaa hehe..
  Rambut yang mendapat pujian setiap hari dari cikgu2 Kindergarten.. Ade sape2 berkenan? Hehe.... 

Lastly, gambar selingan...
Just got the Fasching photos @Kindergarten yesterday...

Fatini and friends and some of her teachers.. 

Fatini jeling ape ler tu hehe.. spoil gambar...

Ok, that's all for today, till later....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rotten Stories ~~Bowling with Lily & Victor (",)

Last year, there was this period where I opened my blog only for invited readers, that time Spring had just started if I'm not mistaken. 
But, I had never really updated this blog during that period, because.... you know... I just lost the desire to write... 
So, there's lots and lots of stories left unwritten.. like the days we spent with Florian's family, our Summer trip, Aidilfitri 2012, our first time organizing kenduri arwah here, my mom's visit, my sister's visit and many2 more!!
Sooooo rugi, because this blog is like a diary to me, and someday (kalau dipanjangkan umur) we might want to read this again, reminisce about it again, and most importantly, someday my children might want to read it too, things from my heart, things we did together when they were young, and they couldn't remember them..
I know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we don't need writings actually because we have many photos together!
But, nothing can ever replace words that comes from the heart....

So, back to the topic...
Recently, a friend asked about our last year's Summer trip and one of the country we had visited, Switzerland..
So, As I was explaining to my friend about our trip, I found myself thinking hard on which one came first, this or that? 
Oh my! I've forgotten some events???!!!
And as I was browsing the photos again to determine the sequence of events, I found many many more photos, events from last Spring, last Summer and last Autumn....
Ooooooohhhh.. So I decided to just share them here on this blog even though those stories were all rotten hehe.. 

So the first one is....

About end of Spring last year, we went bowling together with Lily, Victor and Florian...
Mike couldn't join us, I think he had to work.. Mmmm.. Not so sure of the reason actually, mmmmmm nampak tu dah lupe pun hehe..
Pic above: the talented Fatini (",)

And the 'let me do it my way' Afeef... (",)
I think I took Florian's photo too, but I couldn't find the photo.. 
Nevertheless, they all enjoyed bowling so much!
Maybe we'll go bowling together again, insyaAllah (",)

The results, I think hubby was 1st, and I couldn't recall who's 2nd, 3rd, but one thing for sure, Fatini scored more than me hahaaha!!

Afterwards, we invited them over for Bihun Tomyam, Tiramisu and cups and cups of coffee at our place... 
mmmmmmm I don't have any photos of that, because I didn't take any, thank God I still remember all of it! (",)
So we chatted, and also this same day Victor gave me some advices on Gastritis and he did a little therapy on me, hubby took a photo of that haha, but I'm not gonna share that photo! It's private!
Nevertheless, I'm thankful to experience a therapy and receive advices from a Physiotherapist for free.. 
I wonder how much that would cost... huhu
A few days after that, they bought a special Tea for me, a natural treatment and a specialized Tea for Gastritis, I was utterly touched by their kindness... (",)

The next meet-up session after this one, was during Summer last year, they invited us over to their place, and we did some family things together, I'll write about it tomorrow insyaAllah...

Since Winter started, we've had no get together sessions with them, but Afeef still meets Florian regularly twice a week during Karate. 

And we did get together with Mike once in a while... 

This was a few weeks ago...
mmmmmmm... does this means my kids cakap orang puteh??? hehehe..

Anyway, Mike has a girlfriend now, so he's busy dating, which explains why Aleena is not in this photo?

Till tomorrow, Salam...


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