Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 6 at UK... (",)

Phewwwww... I know I'm supposed to be writing about the continuation of previous entry, but.... I just have no time!! All we did for these past few days was; chit chatting, makan2, chit chatting again, makan2 again, chit chatting again, coffee drinking, chit chatting, makan2, chit chatting, hahaha!! One word to describe it all ~~~~ HEAVEN~~~~~

Alhamdulillah for this opportunity to get together.. (",)

Mmmm.... Earlier today, hubby headed back to Kaiserslautern for some work he has to settle leaving me and the kids here at my sister's home.. (",)
Hubby will return end of this week and then we'll rent a car and travel a little before mom's flight is due, insyaAllah... Hopefully the weather will be perfect by then..

Also today we had a guest over, my sister's friend and she's from London. She's also a friend of Izu and another friend also staying in London (",) Kagum dengan mereka2 yang stay di UK ni, semua saling kenal mengenal... Kuat ukhwah yg terbina.. They are all so connected... Nice (",)

Ok, InsyaAllah tomorrow I'll write about our journey after Izu's house last Wednesday. For today just wanna share something cute: 
Sesi solat jemaah bersama Tok....

Yang menentang kiblat pun ade hehehe... That's my niece (",) 


An amazing sambal sotong by.... Sape lagi kalau bukan mak tersayang kan... Hehehe

Dan jugak my first time trying this recipe from Izu!! (Pic below)
Izu, you are absolutely right, it is devine, delicious, yummy, and today habis licin hingga ke titisan terakhir hehe! 
I'll definitely gonna make this again!!
I'll share the recipe later insyaAllah (",)

Ok, till later, Salam... (",)


ishamizu said...

Bestnya dgr..spent most of the time with family. Jeles ok..huhu. By the way, sape kwn adik akk yg dok kt London tu? Nama dia sape? Hehe bukan Yati, kan? Hihi nti kak Nana bgtau eh :)

Wah rosted fish!! Yummy kan? Terliur plak pagi2 buta ni! Hihihi. Ok kak Nana, keep us updated k. Tak sangka abg Azmir blk KL jap..hehe

Eta said...

mcm sedap je menu yang last tu. tak sabo nk tunggu resepi =)

Miss Anna said...

Izu, kwn yg dtg tu name die shira, kanal kan? Die sebaya izu :) sweet and peramah org nye macam izu jugak :)
Anyway, mmg dah plan dr awal abg azme akan balik KL kejap sbb mmg die ade hal minggu ni. Nak wat camana kebetulan ade hal pulak, tapi syukur at least dapat jugak smpai sini kan.

Miss Anna said...

Eta: resipi insyaAllah akan di update ;) klu nak cepat boleh cek blog izu ;)

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