Monday, January 30, 2012

It's been 4 Years...

It's been 4 years...

Today is Fatini's birthday... her 4th birthday...
Wow, it feels like just yesterday I'd given birth to her and now....
Look at her..

A big girl... :)

I wrote bout her birth before in one of my entry, I wrote it on her 3rd birthday...
you can read it HERE

I must say, Fatini differ soooo much from Afeef, not because she's a girl, but every kid is special in his or her own way..
And she is special in her very own way... :)

She loves to draw... (this is definitely my genes :) )

Her very own way of drawing 'orang ' hahaha

She Loves books soooooo much... she reads while we were at the cafe having lunch..

She reads in the morning after she got up from bed...

And she reads before she sleeps too :)

And enjoy reading 'iklan' too... hehehe..

Today tengok iklan kucing and begged me to let her adopt a cat... hehehe soooo sweet...
I'm not against it at all, but I guess the time isn't rite.. we live in an apartment, which is not so suitable for a pet..
I told her, wait until we get back in Malaysia..
And she's ok, but still is dreaming of having her own pet..
Comel kan?

So, this is her most advanced birthday present hahaha..
This one is not from us, but from Aunty Tie (my elder sister)...
She gave the money, and Fatini gets to chose which one she wants..
We bought it last Christmas :)

Thank you very much Aunty Tie.. :)
Bukan Fatini je dapat hadiah tau, Aleena and Afeef pun ade jugak :D
Aunty Tie ni lah favorite aunty to both Fatini and Afeef..
Until today, the only two persons in Malaysia, Fatini often reminiscing bout, are Tok (my mom) and Aunty Tie hehehe..

Nampak tu, sampai tak makan :)

And, this one is for Aleena..
So every time ade birthday je, semua akan dapat hadiah?? hahaha

That's how sweet Aunty Tie is...
And yesterday, my mom said, she also had bought a Birthday gift for Fatini, adoi, terharu betul :)

And.... sesi berebut..

In the end, Fatini jugak yg main kan...
mmmm Afeef has a share too, he bought a beyblade, I hadn't snap a photo of it.

And... most importantly, we (mama and papa) bought her something too...
What is it??
It's a surprise, I'll reveal it later, after we've celebrated..
So, we will make a little party for her with some close friends...
I'm sooo excited... hehehe

To my beloved Fatini Az-Zahra, you are one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened in my life...
Happy 4th Birthday my dearest Princess...
May Allah bless you always, and guide you through the right path always always... Amin..
You complete Mama, Papa, Abg Afeef & Aleena :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's been 8 Years...

It's been 8 years since we tied the knot, and almost 10 years of togetherness..
mmmm... 8 years through thick and thin..
8 years of laughter and tears...
8 years of ups and downs...
8 years of everything...

I wanted to write bout our anniversary on the date itself, 24th of January, but...
mmmm... 28th of January is also our anniversary hehe.. which is today..
It's a long story, but to make it short, let me just put it this way...

It was Chinese New Year and silly me, I didn't get all the documents required for akad nikah ready because I did it last minute and couldn't get it done because 2 days before the BIG DAY, it was already a holiday, all offices were closed..
The tok kadi wouldn't come, and since people and friends have already been invited, we've decided to just proceed with the wedding, and my father performed the akad nikah..
No signing forms, etc etc..

From Islamic point of view, it was valid, we were officially husband and wife, but it was not valid legally, and we could have been fined huhu..
So the one involving tok kadi was done on the 28th of January 2004.. the one which was legally done and attended by only close friends and relatives and the one's written on our 'Surat nikah' as well.. hehe..

And for this past 8 years, we've celebrated only on the 24th January and this year, for the first time, I wanna acknowledge this 28th as well because it was the day we've signed the forms :)

I wanna make special dedication to my Hubby, Mr. Azmir, who's always there for me, through thick and thin, for his perseverance when the hardest hit, his words of consolation in his very own way, his ear to listen when I needed them, and when I found myself in the most unbearable situation, he'd always made it easy for me to bear, and make everything possible for me..

I mean, what else should I want???
Sometimes, I think I'm the luckiest housewife on earth !!
I have my very own piano, I have my very own PC, my very own kitchen with everything I need inside, my very own salary that goes into my account every month, I have everything !!
Whatever I want, he'll try his best to fulfill them, his words always would be...
" Asalkan isteri gembira..."
Isn't that sweet... :)

And I don't want anything else in this whole wide world,
I just pray that we'll be together till death do us part and that may Allah grant us happiness, Dunia & Akhirat...

To my dearest Hubby,
You Complete Me...

So, I dedicate this song to you, it's OUR SONG.. ( bila dengar lagu ni, teringat zaman kita di IIUM dulu :)

" Selama ini, ku mencari-cari, Teman yg sejati, buat menemani perjuangan suci...
Bersyukur kini pada mu Ilahi,
Teman yg di cari selama ini...
Telah ku temui... "

True Love doesn't have a happy ending, it simply doesn't end....

Monday, January 23, 2012

One Lovely Sunday Evening... :)

Mike dropped by again yesterday, to have an evening coffee and popiah + cekodok pisang with us..
Mike is easily fascinated by the smallest and simplest thing, even a very little kind act is very valuable to him, and he appreciates every single thing we did for him..
Had one of the best chatting session yesterday, all four of us, hehehe, why four???
Me, Hubby, Mike and... little Aleena hehehe..
She was always there.... menyibuk... hehehe
What i'm trying to highlight this time, is about how Aleena adores him..

See.... ???
She chosed the seat next to Mike...
Awwwww.. momma pun die tolak tepi... hehe
Oh Man... Mike certainly has an aura that attracts children..
The moment he entered, Aleena straight away ran to him and gave him her toy puppy hehe..
So sweet :)

Sometimes, I feel a bit sad, that one day, we'll be leaving all these wonderful things behind, and start over in Malaysia, and will we ever have a wonderful neighbor again ??

Friday, January 20, 2012

Afeef and Training...

Afeef has finally got his Karate uniform....
Baru la bertambah best nak gi training kan

Hensem jugak my boy ni hehehe...

This karate course really suits Afeef, I've never realized this Karate talent in him..
mmmm... which is why, we must always try then only we know kan..
When Yla (a friend of mine) was here 2 weeks ago, she said I should take Afeef to a Taekwondo or Karate Course, coz she could see that he has this talent..
I was surprised, how come I've never noticed this talent ??? hehe..
Nevertheless, alhamdulillah, it's never too late..

mmmm.. smart kan...
There's gonna be some sort of exam or test for a change of belt this April maybe, so I hope Afeef will make it...

So the routine every Friday, after they've finished Karate, they would spend a few hours together at Florian's home.
Camni la keadaan nya hehehe, bergomol dan sebagainya :)

And, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
Florian and his new piano... Gorgeous kan ??
Lily ni memang suka warna putih, seluruh rumah putih belaka :)

*** Friends come and go, but only those who are TRUE, stay in our HEARTS **

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Since my father passed away about 3 months ago, I hardly dreamt of him... once or twice I did, but in the dream I couldn't see him clearly, but I knew he was there..
3 nights ago, I saw him clearly in my dream, with his typical 'Baju melayu (his favorite dark green)', 'kain pelikat', a 'kopiah' and a loaf of bread in his hand, the way he often looked like long ago, when he returned home from the Mosque..
I said long ago because, a few years before he'd passed away, he'd been unable to walk properly and been bedridden for almost 2 years..
So the last time I saw him the way he was in my dream, was in 2007..

In that dream, I saw him walking, I was watching him from afar, then suddenly something happened to him, an accident perhaps, wasn't sure what it was, but I knew he fell and hit his head hard on something, and even from afar, I could see his face, he was in pain, I was terrified and screamed so loud and was awaken by my own shock and fear of what could've happend to him in that dream..
I cried for a while and couldn't sleep afterwards...
Then, I started to wonder if the dream meant something or anything at all...
I made doa for him over and over again, I recited Al-Fatihah for him over and over again, and the whole day went on like that, while cooking, while cleaning the house, all I could think of, was him and the dream I had.. and he was my last thought before I dozed off that night..
And, surprisingly, I dreamt of him again that second night..
This time he was so near to me, facing me whilst smiling !!!
With the same 'kopiah' and 'baju melayu', but I couldn't see his 'kain pelikat' nor the bread... but he's smiling and held his hand out to me.. and I voluntarily hugged him, it felt so right, soooo good to be in his embrace and it felt sooooooo REAL, I could feel the fabric of his clothes on my cheek.. and I felt so relief for unknown reason...
Then it was over, and I was awaken from that dream, this time it wasn't from the fear but... Gladness..
I lie awake for a while, staring at the ceiling, and tears of gladness fell from my eyes..
I don't know if those dreams really mean anything at all, but at least, I saw him smile and I got the chance to hugg him even if it wasn't real...
May Allah bless him always...

And as a reminder, we must always always make doa for those we loved who'd already passed away, doa anak2 soleh tu antara yg tak putus... kita lah yg kena bantu mereka di sana...
No matter how busy, memadai lah dengan hanya sepotong Al-Fatihah..

Al-Fatihah juga utk sepupu hubby, arwah Mohd Faris Mohd Shuhaimi yang meninggal dunia tengah malam tadi akibat kemalangan jalan raya di Terengganu.. it was on the news..
Semoga di tempatkan di kalangan orang2 beriman dan semoga roh nya di cucuri rahmat..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, 7.30 am...

You probably thinking this is me with the kids going for a stroll at night ??

Hehehe, actually it's me with the kids sending Afeef to school.. the only day I've ever had to take Afeef to school.. that's because hubby had something to do very early in the morning..
So, this was 7.30 am in the morning, and it was icy cold.. see that thin layer of ice on each roof of every car.. ?
And.. yeah yeah.... 7.30 am and still is dark ?? mmm.. that's how its like during Winter..

I was the only one on the street with stroller and children.. people were like looking at me and thinking,
"Does she really has to drag all the small kids along ?? " hehe
Well, what can I do?
Afeef can't afford to miss school...

Anyway, it's really not that bad, except for the part when we'd reached the staircase and I had to leave the stroller at the foot of it and carried Aleena and guided Fatini and Afeef up the stairs.. and... fuuuuuhhhh, it was tiring and damn cold huhu.. I was panting terribly, haha.. lama dah tak exercise hehe..

The truth is, I've never picked Afeef up from school anymore, he made it all the way from school to home, half way with his friends and another half alone...
Amazing boy :) And because of that, all mama had to do was just leisurely 'lepaking' at home, while baking cheese cake, and in the end mama was the one finishing it all and that explains the extra fats ngeh ngeh..

So, this is the view from the top of the hill where Afeef's school situated.

The view when I've reached home, actually what I'm trying to show is the thin layer of ice on the grass, but I doubt anyone could really see it at all... ??
It's already mid of January, and still there's no snow.. only for two days, that was last December.. I doubt there'll be anymore snow after this...
So, I declared, that this is our first Winter without Snow man... kui kui kui..

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hitting Zweibrucken With Friends... !!

Well, ini bukan lah cerita yg nak di ceritakan hehe.. tapi saje je letak gmbar bunga cantik ni..
Cik hubby yang beli, mat bunga jugak rupa2 nye cik hubby ku ini hehe..
Tapi memang cantik, Roses and Tulips are my favorites !

Hehehe, next to me is Yla, kami sungguh serasi, nampak tu, sengaja plan sama2 nak pakai merah, sweet tau yla ni, sangat lemah lembut orang nye :)

Ok, the real story, nak cerita sblom ia basi, last Saturday's project, we went to Factory outlet in Zweibrucken, bersempena Yla dan Kak pah yg datang ke Kaiserslautern, bermalam di rumah kami 2 malam, kenangan2 indah bersama tak kan sy lupakan...

Jugak kenangan2 lilit shawl bersama2.....
Berhibur bersama2... Million thanx to kak pah and yla sefamily, for the wonderful time together :)
Gambar yang cantik ni, credit untuk Amyr (husband Yla), nasib baik la dia snap gambar ni, klu tak, tak de la gambar kenangan beramai2 di Zweibrucken :)

Basically, Factory outlet ni semua nya kedai2 barang berjenama, so for those who are not into branded stuffs will find this a lil bit boring.
As for me, I'm not so into branded stuffs as well, so for me, I would say, biasa aje, tak rasa pun nak pergi lagi huhu..
Mungkin akan pergi kalau ada barang nak beli or waktu SALE ke, bole la layan..
Beli jugak something waktu pergi ni, but not much la..

Aleena bila dah jumpa cermin...

There, Espirit, ada juga Ralph Lauren, Guess, Adidas, Nike, Crocs, ... etc etc semua ada.. you name it, you got it..

Ni lah habuan kami yg tak seberapa... ehem ehem.. all these are for me, tapi I tak mintak, cik Hubby yg volunteer nak belikan hahaha
Sweet la cik Hubby ni..
Thank you very much my dear :)

Inside Adidas outlet, ada tempat main budak2 jugak.. so lepak sini semntara menunggu yg lain2 bershopping hehe

Percubaan ambik gambar sendiri hehe.. ni kes boring and penat hehe..

Sampai Kaiserslautern, dinner di Restoran Kebab, that's Kak pah... :)
Kak Pah ni cool je orang nye, sangat banyak bagi nasihat and tunjuk ajar, and salu tegur saya bila sy buat silap.. tegur untuk kebaikan, saya sayaaaangg Kak pah..
Sebenarnye, saya ni sayang semua ngeh ngeh..
Last time I wrote about One Sweet Day in Koblenz, HERE, that was @ Kak pah's house :)

Kanak2 yg paling happy and excited kat mana2 pun :)

That's yla and Amyr..
ooooo tak nampak muka Danish la, baby Yla and Amyr ni, sangat comel tau !!

Credit to Amyr for this wonderful photo :)

Lastly, a gift from Yla, thanx sooo much yla dear, both Kak pah and Yla are so sweet, so kind, so helpful, so lovely...
Love you guys so much..
Teringat kata2 Wardina,
" Bila kita ingin jadi orang yg baik , maka Allah akan hantarkan kawan2 yg baik untuk kita.. "
It's really a bless to know you guys...
Hopefully, after this we'll have the chance to get together again...
May Allah bless all of us !!

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