Thursday, January 5, 2012

Those, who are close at HEART... :)

I'm called to write this after reading a nice entry by Izu, a friend since IIUM, and of course a wonderful friend :)

This past few days, I've been in a confused state, bout something, bout myself...
I might have not been a good wife, a good mother, daughter, friend, etc etc.. but I am actually striving to be a good person, to everybody...
Nevertheless, one way or another, all of us for sure have done mistakes in the past, derailed from the right path, regardless to Allah SWT, or to family, friends etc etc..
For us to realized our mistakes and repent immediately, is for me a huge achievement...
Because, for me, once you've realized your mistakes, that means Allah has shown you the right way, that means He hadn't blocked your heart entirely from receiving His blessings and mercy...
And thank Allah whenever you realized all the wrongdoings in life...

Allah will surely forgive us..

So, for this new year, I wanna make a huge improvement in life (harap2 bukan konon2 laaa), wanna treat all those people superbly, wonderfully, and wanna care for them wholeheartedly.. Those are the people close at heart, My husband, my mother, my children (oh my, they light up my life..), my family and all my friends out there, bak kata Izu, "you know who you are.."
Thanx to those who sees me as a wonderful person and the goods in me..
I really2 appreciate it :)

mmm.... someone sent me this message earlier on Facebook, his name is Afeef Ahmed (that's my son's name !! :) )

Salam , how r u ? my name is also Afeef , and i am ALLHamdullilah Muslim , u r great mom , Allah bless u

I wonder if he's the anonymous commenter asking me to write in English?
Whoever you are, thanx very very very very very very much for your message, I really really appreciate it.. Allah bless you too..
This message really make my day



ishamizu said...

Aww, what a sweet msg that u got there, k nana. Tak kisahla frr who but the good n nice msg reached you rite. I'm sure the sender really adore u :)
I'm lucky to know u too!! Hopefully, we can improve ourselve to be better this year. Amin!

sitiezahim said...

bermesra mesraan gitu u all berdua..i like hehe

Frau Azmir said...

Izu: Thanx for the warm comment... I'm lucky to know u too :)
Lets improve ourselves more and more :)

Hajar : jom kita bermesra2 beramai2.. the more the merrier!! hehe

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