Monday, January 23, 2012

One Lovely Sunday Evening... :)

Mike dropped by again yesterday, to have an evening coffee and popiah + cekodok pisang with us..
Mike is easily fascinated by the smallest and simplest thing, even a very little kind act is very valuable to him, and he appreciates every single thing we did for him..
Had one of the best chatting session yesterday, all four of us, hehehe, why four???
Me, Hubby, Mike and... little Aleena hehehe..
She was always there.... menyibuk... hehehe
What i'm trying to highlight this time, is about how Aleena adores him..

See.... ???
She chosed the seat next to Mike...
Awwwww.. momma pun die tolak tepi... hehe
Oh Man... Mike certainly has an aura that attracts children..
The moment he entered, Aleena straight away ran to him and gave him her toy puppy hehe..
So sweet :)

Sometimes, I feel a bit sad, that one day, we'll be leaving all these wonderful things behind, and start over in Malaysia, and will we ever have a wonderful neighbor again ??


ishamizu said...

Amboi aleena, smpi tk nmpk mama dh ye! Hehe. Aleena mmg tak tkt org ke atau dgn Mike je dia ok kak? :) btw, i saw the popiah! Look so tempting! Aihh teringin lah! Adoi bila plak nk buat? ;D

Alin Marlini said...

terpegun dengan Mike kot..hehehe

Frau Azmir said...

izu: Alahai kesian nye... akak pun baru2 ni je aktif berpopiah, kat M'sia jarang sangat makan, and tak pernah, ulang lagi skali TAK PERNAH terfikir pun nak buat hehehehe.. bila dah start buat ni, cam sedap pulak heheh.. and rasa nak buat lagi dan lagi :)
Aleena ni memang peramah sket, tak takut orang sgt, tapi x de la sampai berlari datang kat orang yg die tak berapa kenal macam ngan Mike ni.. ngan Mike mmg die suka, maybe sebab Mike ni pandai layan budak2.. hehe sweet tau..

Alin: hehehe, iye la kot :)

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