Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Desperate Houswife Hahaha..

New achievement for this new year, yesterday I went to the clinic all by myself, of course the kids were with me, but..... hubby wasn't around for the first time!!!!! hehehehehehe....
I know I know, it's probably nothing to most of you, but here in Deutschland, and for a desperate Housewife like me, it is really something, heheh..
Well, you know why, language problem..

I was always so afraid to converse in Deutsch, so afraid of any mistakes I might make, and so worried, what if I couldn't understand what they were saying...
But now, I have more confident, and also no longer afraid to make mistakes while talking in Deutsch and also used to 'muka tebal' when I didn't understand something ngeh ngeh..
So yesterday, at least, I made it through the receptionist fully in Deutsch, and tried full Deutsch with the Doctor too, but I had to surrender because......

She knows English, so why bother racking my brain right ??? Trying to find the right words and also straining my ears, trying to understand what the doctor was saying.
Ok, that was the first achievement,
Second achievement, again, in Deutsch class yesterday, I participated in discussion hehehe, no longer the quiet me.... ngeeeeeeeee

We were talking about our last Birthday's Celebration, and I know, I made lots of mistakes, but... so what ?? If I can speak fluently already, then why should I bother attending the class rite ???
Thank you Allah for this new confident in me.. may at least, I'll be as good in Deutsch as I am with English.. Amin... (walaupun English pun x bagus mana, ngeh ngeh )
And also, million thanx to friends and family who always give their words of encouragement, may Allah bless you guys.. :)


sitiezahim said...

wahhh dah hebat la tuh..saya ke klinik mmg surender..tambah plak klinik kinder tuh, receptionist nya kerek dan doktor tak mesra alam..huhu..btw Herzlich GLuckwunch Ana!! :D

Frau Azmir said...

Vielen dank cik hajar hehehe.. sy ni pemalu and penakut sgt kihkihkih, setengah org x kisah kan, bantai je cakap, klu x paham, buat2 paham ke ape ke.. tapi sy x bole camtu, ntah kenape ntah, tapi skrg dah x de dah rasa takut tu, klu x paham ape2, sy cakap je "tut mir leid, ich verstehe nicht".. lagipun, nasib baik la setakat ni, semua doktor2 yg kitorang jumpa kat sini mesra alam and friendly jugak :)

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