Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, 7.30 am...

You probably thinking this is me with the kids going for a stroll at night ??

Hehehe, actually it's me with the kids sending Afeef to school.. the only day I've ever had to take Afeef to school.. that's because hubby had something to do very early in the morning..
So, this was 7.30 am in the morning, and it was icy cold.. see that thin layer of ice on each roof of every car.. ?
And.. yeah yeah.... 7.30 am and still is dark ?? mmm.. that's how its like during Winter..

I was the only one on the street with stroller and children.. people were like looking at me and thinking,
"Does she really has to drag all the small kids along ?? " hehe
Well, what can I do?
Afeef can't afford to miss school...

Anyway, it's really not that bad, except for the part when we'd reached the staircase and I had to leave the stroller at the foot of it and carried Aleena and guided Fatini and Afeef up the stairs.. and... fuuuuuhhhh, it was tiring and damn cold huhu.. I was panting terribly, haha.. lama dah tak exercise hehe..

The truth is, I've never picked Afeef up from school anymore, he made it all the way from school to home, half way with his friends and another half alone...
Amazing boy :) And because of that, all mama had to do was just leisurely 'lepaking' at home, while baking cheese cake, and in the end mama was the one finishing it all and that explains the extra fats ngeh ngeh..

So, this is the view from the top of the hill where Afeef's school situated.

The view when I've reached home, actually what I'm trying to show is the thin layer of ice on the grass, but I doubt anyone could really see it at all... ??
It's already mid of January, and still there's no snow.. only for two days, that was last December.. I doubt there'll be anymore snow after this...
So, I declared, that this is our first Winter without Snow man... kui kui kui..

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