Saturday, November 9, 2013

He had turned 9 last wednesday...
6th November 2004, the day I'd for the first time experienced birth pain....
The day I swore I would never get pregnant again... Hehe
And now I have 3 kids hehehe..

Ok, ok, so it was Afeef's birthday last Wednesday, his 9th birthday!
And really, feels like yesterday that I'd given birth to him...
Mmmm.... Stop exagerating, maybe it doesn't really feel like yesterday, more like a few days ago, or maybe a few months ago, or a year ago, ok, to be exact, it feels like a few years ago, or let just be accurate, it feels like 9 years ago that I'd given birth to him..
And yes, it's been 9 years!!!

Ok, how do I describe him as my son...?
I think he's very sensitive, kind-hearted, obedient, caring, and...
Of course all mothers will say that about their child!


                      Well, he certainly is caring and a responsible brother too...
 Always takes good care of his two little sisters..

And they both love him so much! The only big brother for them!

And he is loved by his friends, especially his best friend Luan... (",)

Picnic together with 2 'penyibuk'

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Warms the heart kan?
Solat sama-sama... :')
He is the Imam now to his sister, will be the Imam for the whole family one day insyaAllah :)

At Florian's birthday party last month (",)

And, he is super duper excited for this year's birthday because he will have all his favorite friends over, and they will catch a movie, a little game at home, cakes, presents etc etc...
We all stayed up late last Wednesday after a little celebration (papa bought a cake, eh why didn't I bake one? Eheh, I also don't know why hehe!!)
And we've prepared these invitation cards together, all on our own, from searching the best photos on internet, to printing, cutting, pasting etc etc)
Afeef was so excited that night and tonight was even more!
Because tomorrow is the big day for him!

So, tomorrow is the real celebration, I am so sleepy right now, but I just have to update this, because I was supposed to make an entry for his birthday last wednesday, but I just been a bit busy and I can't delay this anymore. 

So, to my Afeef:

My doa is always with you, and when you read this entry someday, know that you are one of the most precious, priceless gift I've ever had my whole life...
You complete Us! 

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