Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mommy moment @ Gartenschau

Once again, cerita yg dah basi hehe... this visit to Gartenschau was about 2 weeks ago, it's a very nice place , very suitable for children and also adult for lepaking, chit chatting, etc etc..
We knew bout this place long ago, I think bout last winter we discovered it, but it was closed during winter and so we had to wait..
Now it's open again, and look at the view from afar..
Bole nampak dinosor dari jauh, hehe, cam real..

Besar betul dinasor nye, cam real kan.. hehe

Me posing with my feveret dinasor hehe..

Kat celah2 pokok pun ade hehe..

Ade jugak section untuk fairytale, this one is Hansel & Gratel.

This one is Cinderella, Fatini's feveret..

That's me and Anna :)

This is Eliz, Anna's daughter.. Anna has three children too, just like me hehe.. but look at her, she's way slimmer than me hehe..

From left : Anna, Charlotte, me and Naliah. All are working mother except Anna and me. Naliah is a midwife and she only takes care of home birth, so she has lots of free time, so they often spend their time at Gartenschau ni..
in short, this is their feveret place to lepak la haha.. and they had asked me to join them again next time.. so sweet of them.. :)

I'm impressed by their ability to speak in many languages, for example, Naliah, she can speak good French, Deutsch and English. Anna can also speak good french and Deutsch, but her English is not so good. But it's enough for us to communicate. And Charlotte speaks really good English and Deutsch of course. Charlotte had once lived in London for bout two years if i'm not mistaken, and already she could speak so good with the British accent lagi hehe..

Anyway, after hanging out with them, I realized that I have a huge opportunity to practice Deutsch and also English with them. Learning language isn't enough, we need somebody to practice it with, after all, practice makes perfect right?
All these while, I always depend on English, searching for people who's able to speak in English, but now, I think the time has come for me to try Deutsch, try with friends like this, tak la malu sangat kalau silap2 kan, infact diorang pun bole tolong tunjuk ajar ngeh ngeh :)

Anyway, they are great friends, always showing concerns, very helpful, funny, easy going and friendly.. :)
They've added more colors in my life here in Deutschland :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fatini @ Dance Class :)

She has been dancing at home, she loves Angelina Ballerina, she loves watching ballet shows, she has been imitating the ballet dance moves, doing split, fantasizing about being on stage dancing like a beatiful ballerina :)
Hahaha that's my girl Fatini..
After observing and realizing this talent in her, we've decided to take her to a dance class.
It's not at all a problem for us here, for such courses are available everywhere and also very cheap.

So, this is her first day!! The dance class is held every Friday at 2.15pm until 3pm.
I had to accompany her last Friday and probably for the rest of the course ngeh ngeh.

See, she's the smallest !
The class is meant for children above 4 years old, and since she's barely 4 years old, they let her try the first class before deciding wether she should continue or not.

At first, she seemed a bit reluctant to do all the moves that the teacher had asked her to do, you can check the video out !

I was almost certain that they won't let her continue, hehe, but towards the end...

hahaha !!
Cute tak?

Prima means (great, fantastic ! )
Excited nak beli baju ballet and kasut ballet untuk Fatini :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lemang Oven

Salam Lebaran to all, since lots of people had asked me on how to make this lemang, so I'll post the recipe and methods here..
Hopefully it is helpful for those who want to try making lemang on their own...
credits to my beloved mother for the recipe :)


Glutinous Rice (beras pulut) about 2 cups.
Santan bout 1 cup mixed with a bit of salts.
Daun pisang and Aluminium foil for wrapping purposes.


Rendam beras pulut satu malam, then tos kan. Kukus beras pulut yang dah di tos tu sampai beras tu lembut sket. Lebih kurang 1/2 jam kukus kot.
Lepas tu tuangkan santan yg dah di campur garam tadi sikit demi sedikit sambil kacau rata santan tu.
Kadang2 x sampai secawan santan pun, kena agak2 sendiri bila nampak macam santan tu dah cover seluruh beras pulut tadi, and x bole terlalu berair sampai nampak santan bertakung kat bawah mangkuk, nanti jadi lembik.
Sebab tu kena masuk kan sket2 santan tu, and sambil gaul ratakan.
Bila dah siap, cedok letak atas daun pisang and wrap, guna aluminium foil sebagai lapisan kedua and mampatkan pulut tu, gulung la cantik2 utk dapatkan hasil yg memuaskan hati :)

Then bakar la dalam oven pada suhu 180 degree selama lebih kurang 1/2 jam.
Selamat mencuba !!

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