Monday, September 5, 2011

Fatini @ Dance Class :)

She has been dancing at home, she loves Angelina Ballerina, she loves watching ballet shows, she has been imitating the ballet dance moves, doing split, fantasizing about being on stage dancing like a beatiful ballerina :)
Hahaha that's my girl Fatini..
After observing and realizing this talent in her, we've decided to take her to a dance class.
It's not at all a problem for us here, for such courses are available everywhere and also very cheap.

So, this is her first day!! The dance class is held every Friday at 2.15pm until 3pm.
I had to accompany her last Friday and probably for the rest of the course ngeh ngeh.

See, she's the smallest !
The class is meant for children above 4 years old, and since she's barely 4 years old, they let her try the first class before deciding wether she should continue or not.

At first, she seemed a bit reluctant to do all the moves that the teacher had asked her to do, you can check the video out !

I was almost certain that they won't let her continue, hehe, but towards the end...

hahaha !!
Cute tak?

Prima means (great, fantastic ! )
Excited nak beli baju ballet and kasut ballet untuk Fatini :)


Liza @ Adzriel AB said...

alahai...seronoklah dancing. auntie nak join.

sitiezahim said...

puas chikgu dia dok schneller schneller..hihihi..tapi ada bakat la..:)

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