Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year (",)

One and a half hours left before New Year begins... 2013!!!
Wow, how time flies fast.....

Nevertheless, this year's celebration will be a lil different for all of us, well, so far we have had 3 New year's celebration here, but non were celebrated with the kids. They were already in bed all 3 times, and it was just me and hubby watching the fireworks from our window, but this year will mark the different, insyAllah..
For the first time we bought some 'bunga api' for tonight, well it's the only time that we were allowed to do so anyway... (",)

Now everyone is counting the seconds to get downstairs and play 'bunga api' and 'mercun' hehe..
So cute how they keep asking, "Is it time yet??"
I forced all 3 of them to take a nap at 4pm, so now they are all wide awake!!

Earlier today, I was rummaging my wardrobe, (mmmmm x abis2 rummaging..) hehe, this time I'll tell you guys what I was looking for.....
An old winter jacket..

The first jacket I bought before we came to Deutschland, and guess what??
 I reached into one of its pockets hoping for a 'harta karun' and what I found was even more....


Priceless to me la at least hehe....

Just an old bus ticket and a receipt, but check out the date, January 2010... 
About a month after we reached Deutschland (",)
Wow, I was temporarily speechless...
It's not that alone that had made me feel a little warm inside, it's the memories that came with it....
I felt like I've just walked down the memory lane, and do you feel the same, that old things you've kept unintentionally gives you more meaning?

It is to me... (",)

As memories of these past 3 years came flooding, I've realised that I forgot to add one more important point to my previous entry, one of the most important one;

I think I have changed a lot, I think I've learned to appreciate people around me more than before... My family, my friends... It's indescribable... (",)

I guess, I kinda miss someone, a friend who had helped us A LOT on our early days here...
And I guess, I never really appreciate her..
But she's so far away now.... ****sigh***

So for this coming New Year, my resolution for years ahead of me if Allah allows me to live that long, is to have a strong will in everything I do, to discover the Beauty in everyone, and I'm determined to bring myself closer to the creator.
That after all, is our purpose of life...
Another new year, another birthday and that actually has one meaning, we are getting closer to our time, time to leave this earth, a fact that no one can deny...
Thank God that we are still given the chance to live today.

To all, forgive me for all my mistakes.... 
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My little IMAGINATION... (",)

I was rummaging, oh, don't ask what was I looking for, this is what happens when you never keep things properly in your house.
Ok, back to the story, as I was rummaging the book rack, my eyes fell on this book,

I talked about this book before in one of my entries HERE, and how I found it interesting, but this time when I looked at it, a thought came across my mind...

Lexi, the character in this story, had been in a car accident and she got amnesia and lost part of her memories, 3 years of her life to be exact.
So she got up in a hospital room, with no memories of the past 3 years of her life and found...
What the heck, A TOTALLY NEW HER!!!
I mean, a really really new Her, she had somehow turned into different person all together..

So, when I was reading this book, I did wonder, is it really possible that a person could transformed so much within just 3 years??
And, this morning, I found myself wondering, if I were to wake up in a Hospital room today, with no memories at all of the past 3 years of my Life, how different was I then than now??

Mmmmmmmmmmm.... Lets see....

1~~ I have a 3 year old daughter named Aleena??? Really??
2~~ I live in Germany?? In a nice and huge house? Really??
3~~ I play piano??? Biar betul!! 3 years ago, Playing piano was like, 'In your dream babe'..
4~~ I have a piano at home? My very own piano?? Really?? No way!!
5~~ I have this new habbit, an apple a day is a must! Seriously?? I never liked apples!!
6~~ I wear shawls everyday?? This better be for real!!! Shawls used to be a stack of 'harta karun' kept in my wardrobe because I was too shy to look different, and I looked pathetic in it, and many more excuses but now shawls are my Life!! A friend even call me the  'Queen of Shawls'!!! Hahaha!
7~~ I make my own Tiramisu, cupcakes, muffins, etc etc... This is unbelievable!!!! 3 years ago I had not the slightest ideas on how to bake anything!!! Hahaha!!
8~~ I have flowers in my house???!! And I've made flower base paintings to decorate my house?? No way!!! I was never into flowers, I have always dreamed of a house full of abstract paintings and 'flowers free' hehe..
9~~ I speak a little Deutsch? Wow..
10~~~ I have a collections of pots and plates?? Haaaaahhhh....!! I was never into pots and plates!!
11~~ I have many friends in Deutschland!! Really??!!
12~~ I've been to some interesting places in Europe!! Wow!!
13~~ I'm no longer a messy person, I can't stand to see a pile up in the sink, or a table full of stuffs and things like that, which was something I couldn't be bothered before hehe..
14~~ I kinda enjoy kenduri kendara which I used to hate, it's a chance to get together with friends and families, but I still hate the kind where woman do all the work and men just sit back and relax while coffee is being served!
15~~ What else?? I have a blog!! 3 years ago I had no idea what blogging was all about hehe! I never even thought I could write and continue to write because many things I did in life 'hangat2 taik ayam' je hehe.

Ok, I think that was all the little things that have changed over these past 3 years in my Life, nevertheless, they were enough to make me as dumbfounded as Lexi Smart in this novel.
Hei, why don't you guys do the same thing, just to find how dumbstruck you'll be in discovering how your life has changed in just a few years!!
It's kinda fun, Try it (",)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My little mission... not impossible (",)

I am now trying my best to pursue my mission, that is, to make my children love books, love to read books, to have passion for books..
My late father was someone who had so much passion for books, he had this huge collection of books, and we even had a library at home with racks full of books!!

I've been exposed to all kinds of reading materials since I was a little girl, such as Readers Digest, Time Magazines, Novels, etc etc and a Book Fair was something we would all looked forward to and were always always sooooo excited to go, and the best part was, 'abah' would always gave us the huge amount of money to buy as many books we like regardless of the amount, the price.. 

Oh, I've realized now how abah tried his best for me to love books, because unlike my other elder siblings, I used to be someone who disliked reading, maybe I even hated it!
The turning point was when I started reading English books, and it was all my father's effort, he had taught me to read in English (",)

When I started reading English books, I fell in Love immediately, because unlike Malay story books, English story books are far far more interesting..

So, in the process of teaching my children how to read in English, I observed these cute and funny differences between Afeef and Fatini, why they differ so much, I have absolutely no Idea!!

For instance, Fatini is now able to read these sentences on her own, and Afeef had long ago finished with this part, but when Afeef read this, he just read it and never questioned anything. 
I would then asked him what's the meaning of everything that he had just read..
So he would start thinking what had he read? 
And he would read again, this time to understand it so he could explain it to me..
If I didn't ask, he wouldn't bother to know what the story was all about!
He would read just for the sake of reading?? hehehe..
No wonder he found reading BORING!! haha

Ok, so it's a totally different story with Fatini, when she was reading these exact same sentences, when she came to the part,
"Sam sat on a cat...."
She started giggling all of a sudden, and I asked why??
She said, it's funny that Sam sat on a cat!! How could a person sit on a cat!!

She understands what she reads, isn't that great????!!!

Same goes here, with Afeef, he'd just read it like usual and never question a thing, but when it comes to Fatini, she immediately asked, why sit and then sat?...
Haha so smart (",)
She always explains to me what's the meaning of everything she'd read without being asked, and if she doesn't understand anything at all, she would always always asks!!!

And she is now able to read this!! 
It's amazing how fast she progresses (",)

Oh my, I guess children really are different, like I said before, at 4 years old, Afeef was always so satisfied with my 'Orang lidi version of Ultraman', but for Fatini, No way!! hehe..
I had to draw something, anything exactly the way she wanted it mmmmm..

Nevertheless, I believed that, no matter how different they are, they each have their own special talent and I'm going to discover it!!

Just a lil something to share here...
Aleena always has a teddy with her whenever she goes out, even just to fetch Fatini from kindergarten and it's a must for her to bring her teddy along haiiiihhh..

And Fatini, refused to cut her hair, see how long it is now??
Macam2 perangai.... hehehe..

Till Later (",)

A Sign

He was about to jump, like as if he was standing at the edge of a cliff, ready to jump, and he needed that little push...
He was about to jump into Islam...
All he asked for was a sign, just a sign...
But he never got any, and he was very dissapointed, but, when he read the Quran again, he found the answers..

"For those who'd asked for a sign, have We not shown enough? Look around you, look at the star, look at the sun, the moon, these are the signs for the people of knowledge.."

Surah An-Nahl, 12;

 "And He has subjected to you the night and the day, the sun and the moon; and the stars are subjected by His Command. Surely, in this are proofs for people who understand..."

Surah Al-Jathiyah, 3-6;

"Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs for the believers.

And in your creation, and what He scattered (through the earth) of moving (living) creatures are signs for people who have Faith with certainty.

And in the alternation of night and day, and the provision (rain) that Allah sends down from the sky, and revives therewith the earth after its death, and in the turning about of the winds (i.e. sometimes towards the east or north, and sometimes towards the south or west etc., sometimes bringing glad tidings of rain etc., and sometimes bringing the torment), are signs for a people who understand.

These are the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, revelations, etc.) of Allah, which We recite to you (O Muhammad ) with truth. Then in which speech after Allah and His Ayat will they believe?"

Like what Ruben Abu Bakr here have discovered, that the signs that he was looking for weren't 
exactly something that appear infront of his very eyes, out of no where, but it's what that has been there all along, around him, he just have to open his eyes and heart to see it..
So just like us who always hope for a sign so we could change for the better, or a sign to make a decision then maybe we should open our eyes and heart too and stop searching and waiting for a sign, because we don't need a sign to be sure of anything, we just have to feel that Allah is watching us and He's near, and He listens to our prayers, so put our trust in Allah and that He'll guide us in everything we do.. (",)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today's story..

Oh too bad...
Today she's sick, she vomited 5 times through the night, crying and kept asking me why is she sick? 
Oh my sweetie, don't know how to make her understand that being sick is neccessary so we'll appreciate being healthy. That way she'll take her apple everyday too hehe..

I was up all night so that I could tend to all her needs, mmmmm, wait, not really all night, I exaggerated a bit, I was actually able to sleep at 5.00am, and got up at 7.00am, the vomiting had stopped, but she complained of a stomach ache...
Mmmmm.. I was so sure she's infected by Rotavirus.... Again...
These viruses seemed to have loved us so much...
My children picked it up many times before, you can read HERE.

But, she didn't have a diarhea like I've expected she would today..
Nevertheless, I took extra precautions anyway, everybody has to wash their hands thoroughly, I myself have had a countless hand-washing, my hands are all dry out from the excess soap hehe..

Oh pity her, she's been sleeping all morning too..
Heheh ape la gaya tido camtu..
I hope there's nothing serious, I hope she'll be ok soon...

Yesterday she made this drawing, and the moment I looked at it, I knew what it was!

Haaaaaaa... a slight resemblance rite??
I mean, she's 4 years old, and she drew something which I knew immediately what it was, that means there's a slight resemblance, and I'm utterly impressed!!
This is definitely her aunty's genes!

All of them love painting so much, they would all make these row of paintings, and then asked me to chose which one is Number 1, number 2, number 3, and of course being a fair mommy, I'd say all were beautiful heheh..

Not bad huh??

Other than paintings, they love all kinds of arts too.. 

Afeef made this decoration on the glass himself (",)


Other than art lovers, there's also a computer nerd in the house..

She eats, drinks, and sleeps in front of the Computer hehehe!!!

Oh my, what will my Mom say if she sees this ????!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Always in my Heart...

A picture worth a few words...

1~~ Hang out with friends.
2~~ Everyone is totally engrossed in a conversation that no one seemed to notice the camera.
3~~ Aleena is damn bored... heheheh.. and a bit left out at a corner there :)

More words?? 
Yeah, the food was great!! 

Friends come and go, but only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts..

And so will those people we love, those people who are very very special, they'll leave permanent footprints...
I play this song again, this time with an intro and also a better tempo and I dedicate this to all special people in my life,
You know who you are... (",)

When I play this song, I have this warm feeling inside ***sigh****


Monday, December 17, 2012

From my HEART....

This shall be short and precise heheh..
I have so many stories to tell, so many things to share, but I'm currently in the mood for piano and reading...
Not writing...
But I do have something important to write here...
I have encountered a few things on Facebook about how some people found it annoying for a Malay Blogger to write in English, and these persons mentioned things like how some of us made some grammatical mistakes in his or her posts, and yet still wanna write in English.
I assumed that person was referring to no one in particular, it was just a general statement..
But, it did occur to me that maybe I'm also annoying to some people for writing in English here..
And forgive me, I'm sure I've done some grammatical errors as well!!

There's also some people who had requested for me to continue writing in English, maybe I've done errors yeah, my English is not perfect, I'm still learning, and whenever I write, sometimes, words don't just flow like rivers in my head, I still have to seek help from Mr. Google, or check out online Dictionaries for things I'm not so sure of..

By writing in English, I know I've broadened my audience, though there were errors, I believed people could still understand my stories..

And, yes my English isn't perfect, but isn't it through practice that I could make it perfect?
Writing in English here is my practice...
It is also a way for me to improve English..

So again, I apologize for any mistakes made in my writing, and to those who found my blog enjoyable, inspiring, etc etc...
I'm glad, really really glad and I'll continue to write...
From my Heart..

Piano cover by me, this is an Indonesian song, I've got a request from someone that I should replay this song with no background noise, so here it is...
So many people are into this song, and yes the melody is lovely (",)

And this one is my latest cover, Hold My Hand by Maher Zain, I just Love Maher Zain's song, but never really tried his songs before on Piano because I thought it's hard to play, but actually Nope, Maher Zain's song are among the easiest, they repeat the same chords over and over again, within one day, I've finished it..
Hope you all like it, Enjoy!! 

"Now we share the same bright sun, the same round moon,
Why don't we share the same LOVE?...."

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For The Rest Of My Life...

I didn't plan to update this blog today, but suddenly, I noticed today's date:



I mean, will u see a nice date like this again?
You know what I mean, next year will be the year 2013, and we can't have 13.13.13 

So, because of this nice date, I suddenly feel the need to update my blog, (alasan ntah ape2) though I'm not really up to it.. so,
I've decided to just share my latest piano cover....

Actually, I've played this songs long time ago but never recorded it,
So now, here it is....

While searching for this video on my channel this morning, I suddenly saw a link to Maher Zain's song, For The Rest Of My Life, and I was like, 
"How come I've never really listened to this song before?"
I mean, I've listened to it before, many times, but... never mind...

So I listened to it again, this time wholeheartedly...
It is lovely, I listened to the lyrics carefully, and I was like soooooo touched by the lyrics and melody..
It's really really lovely, and how come I've never realized this before?

That's what happens when you listen to a song but never pay attention to the lyrics..
So, I quickly tried it on piano, all morning until I've got most of it, and here it is, just finished recording and editing...

To me, the lyrics of this song represent how marriage should be like from Islam point of view (",)

Specially for Hubby and the kids, love you guys very much, 
For The Rest Of My Life, InsyaAllah...

"For the rest of my life, I'll be with you,
I stand by your side honest and true,
Till end of my time, I'll be loving you, loving you,
For the rest of my life, through days and nights,
I'll thank Allah for open my eyes,
Now and forever, I'll be there for you....
I know it deep in my Heart....."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Pet @ Home...

This is Aleena's pet hehe..
She's just showing her pet how beautiful the view is outside (",)

They've all been asking me for a pet at home, they want a cat..
I kept telling them,
"Later in Malaysia we can have a cat..."

I guess I'm gonna have to open my heart again for a cat in my life... 
To have them, is to love them..
It's been so long since I last really really loved a cat, more than 10 years I guess... 
I mean, now I still like cats, I do play with them, I still feed stray cats, but to get seriously involve, meaning to love them, is something I've stopped doing since.... long time ago....

This is my long story, for those who understand how it's like to really really love a pet, please read.. :)

Being a pet lover, I couldn't recall a day in my childhood years without a single pet around. 
 I've gone through the fun of having them around and also the pain and sadness when they were gone..
Some died, some just gone missing, but most of them were replaceable...
But, there was this time when I got myself involved in taking care of a little kittens left abandoned without a mother, there were three of them if I'm not mistaken, one of them had somehow grown up to be so close and special to me.. she had a very special place in my heart, I've named her Puteri Balqish!! hahah

She had been the one I hugged when I was sad, the one I took with me when I went to bed, the one who greeted me when I got home from anywhere!!!
I loved her soooo much, that when I recall now, it was the same feeling, the same kind of love I have for my children..

But then, one tragic day in 2001, it was morning, I was sooo busy dealing with a Calculus assignment, that I did not pay any attention to Balqish.. maybe I even forgot to feed her... 
So, when my assignment was finally done, I went to get ready for class, and when I got downstairs again, I saw Balqish on the table, she was all over my assignments maybe searching for something to eat, and I got soooo angry that I yelled at her to get down from the table at once. 

I remember the look of shock on her face... because.... I've never raised my voice at her.. 
But I did that day, because she was on my assignment....
Then I left home for a lecture I must attend..
I didn't even say goodbye to her..

When I reached home that evening, I saw her lying on the floor like she was taking a nap or something.. (oh my, while I'm writing this, I see it all again in my head, still so vivid...)
She didn't greet me like she usually does, so I thought she was asleep, and I ran to her excitedly...

She wasn't napping, her eyes were wide open, she was breathing fast and there were bubbles forming at the corner of her mouth!! 
She did't respond to anything I was saying, nor looked at me.. 
She was just staring into space.....
I started to panick, and went a lil bit hysterical, I couldn't believe what I saw, because somehow, I knew, I knew in my heart, i knew she was going to leave me...

Refused to accept that idea, I took her to the vet..
I was crying all the way, sobbing and shaking and I held her on my lap.. 
At one point, she went convulsive and I knew, I knew for sure she's not gonna make it.. 

She was dying...

I couldn't accept it, couldn't believe it, I hadn't even told her I was sorry....

I knew she's gone even before we've reached the vet, but I took her inside anyway hoping for a miracle...
But, she was gone, I still couldn't believe it, I remember staring at her still and lifeless body, overwhelmed with sadness, I cried and cried until there's no more tears left..

There's nothing the vet could do.. 
They only said that by looking at her symptoms, she had probably eaten a rat poison..
Yeah, I've had later found out that my father had inadvertantly left it outside that morning and forgot about it.. 
She must have then eaten it...

 Feeling all empty and lost, I took her lifeless body home, spent the entire evening staring at her body.. Wishing that this was all just a bad dream, that I would soon wake up and my Balqish was still alive!

But, it wasn't a dream...
 It was real... 
And it was hard to handle.. 
Hard to believe, hard to accept..
I couldn't focus on anything for a week or so, had a fever the whole week, a terrible headache and a constant dream bout balqish coming home, that she was still alive, still there for me to hold and hug..
I've missed her soooooo much..

But that was all so long ago, though it was just between me and a cat, losing her was like a huge blow in my life, that incident really taught me a lesson and was enough to make me a different person...

For instance, I have no more desire to have a pet, let alone create a bond with them, (that's in a negative way..)
And in a positive ways, whenever I started to get angry at my children for anything at all, my mind would always gone back to that morning when I was mad at Balqish, and then she' gone..

I'm so scared if something like that happens again, 
and because of that one incident, I've learned to make doa everyday, that if I were to lose someone I love, let me be ready for it, and strong to handle it...
We will lose someone we love someday, either we leave them or they leave us..
Either way, somebody will grieve...

So, if I were to let my kids have a pet at home, this will be as much important to me as it is to them, because I know, my kids will love it as much as I used to.
And I wanna share that love (",)

And I wanna be there for them, to comfort them and to understand how they feel when they've lost the pet they loved, and cry with them.. 
So that they know, that they are not alone, and that it's not wrong to Love, Lose and Love again...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Purpose....

Ehem... I'm about to give a speech here :D

Ok, 1st of all, a friend tagged me in a post today on Facebook so I could give a little opinion on something...
About being a housewife and at the same time a Bachelor Degree holder..
Ok, from my point of view, I mean being a housewife myself and at the same time a Degree holder, I would say this :

If you find yourself in these situation :
You have a degree, you have a family, children, and a responsible husband who provides everything that you and your kids need, then ask yourself,
"Why do I want to work???"

If your answers are:
I have a loan to settle, and it's quite an amount which my husband can't afford to cover or you've just completed a Bachelor degree in Medicine or any other equivalent with which your presence in the working field would contribute so much to the Ummah, or you have this opportunity that you must grab, then I would say, go for it, provided your children will not be neglected!

But, if your anwers are:
I can't stand to stay at home with my children or being a housewife is humiliating, boring, or I can't bear the way people look at me when they knew I'm a housewife, or I have a Degree, it's such a waste if I just stay at home, or I need a friend then I must go out and work or anything like that,

Then I would say, ladies, what is our purpose of life? What is our purpose as a wife and a mother? Going out to work is not our responsibility but, taking care of our children is our responsibility.. don't stress yourself and strive to make yourself 'somebody' too much until you miss the whole purpose..

Facts that most of us rarely realized;

1~~ You are already 'somebody' when you chose to be a housewife.
2~~ You are more than just 'somebody' to your children.
3~~ It is not such a waste to have a Degree and yet you chose not to work, because knowledge and education is not a preparation for life but it is a life itself.
4~~ You have all the time at home with your children, you are educated, use your knowledge to teach your children at home, educate them so that they'll be a successful person fiddunya wal akhirah.
5~~ Isn't that what we should aim for as a mother? And most importantly, you are there all the time for your children when they need you. Isn't that really something?

I know it's not easy being a housewife in Malaysia, I was there, I know how it's like to feel so small when they give you this 'look' the moment they've discovered that you are a housewife..
The kind of 'look' that says,
'Oh, she's just a housewife, she must have not completed SPM!!'  Hahaha!

But then, so what??? Let them think whatever they wanna think, let them talk behind us, let them
Underestimate us, because after all, it's never between us and them, it's always between us and God..
Our missions in life is, to fulfill our responsibilities, to have God's blessings, to give as much love and joy as we can to our loved ones, to give the best for our children and to make them a successful person fiddunya wal akhirah, so that someday they could contribute to the Ummah.
Life is too short, live it wisely and always always be thankful with what you have...

Ps: To Siti Hajar, saya ada PTPTN yg perlu di bayar, cuma jumlah nye sangat sedikit hehehe ;)

Yesterday's activity,
Seharian bersama Snowman (",)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow Lagi!!!! Hooorrraaayyyy!!

It has been snowing...
It was Friday, and it was almost time to pick little Fatini up from kindergarten, and I looked out the window, and........
It's all white!!!

"Cepat-cepat, jom Aleena kita turun bawah!!!"

mmmmmmmmhhhhh.... melompat la si kecik Ratu snow nih! hehehe

She's soooooo excited!!! 
mama pun sama excited, jakun tetibe macam tak pernah jumpa snow hahaha!
Bukan ape, like I said before, perhaps this will be our last Winter here :(

Lepas tu tak sempat2 la nak main snow, keluar2 kindergarten je terus nak main... haaaaaiiiihhhh...
Menggigil-gigil mama kat tepi tunggu budak berdua ni main snow huhu..

I like! I like!!

Antara view yg di snap on the way home :)

Dah sampai rumah, tak puas lagi tu, sambung lagi...
haaaiiiihhhh terer betul.. 

Memang la budak2 gile snow hehehe..

Iye Fatini, nice snow ball :)
Aleena ternganga tengok, camne kakak buat tu ye??

Dan kami pun tersengih2 gumbira hehehe..

Oh, my feveret!!!

Ok, enough of it, lets get inside! Brush yourself up!!

And today was sunny, view sgt2 cantik!!

Kaaaaaaannnnnnn.... ;)

I'll definitely miss all these someday....
I'll cherish it all while I still have the chance :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

If You Could See Me Now...

Mmmmmm.. Something to share here..
I'm currently reading this, this was a gift from a nice friend, Izu :)
Thanx Izu, really really appreciate it...
 I don't know if she has read this before, but this book is seriously interesting!
And really is my cup of tea hehehe..

It's about a woman named Elizabeth who'd been abandoned by her mother when she was only a child in her endless search for freedom.. In the beginning, her mother would returned home once in a while, and Elizabeth would wait endlessly for that moment to come, and at the same time racked her brain for something, anything which would make her mom stay, something her mom would love so much that she would never leave again..
It had never occured to her that she should be that SOMETHING... 
Sob sob sob...
Oh believe it or not, I got all emotional, and this time around I no longer laughed like an idiot in the middle of the night, but I got tears run down my cheeks!!
Ok, ok, call me an emotional freak :)
But that part of the story really breaks my heart..

And then later, her mother gave birth to a baby sister and not long after that she'd left for good, leaving Elizabeth with a brooding father, who'd sat by the fireplace all the time reading news paper but never turned the page hehe, and a baby sister she had to take care of.. 

So, Elizabeth grew up to be someone who believed that letting someone in her heart would only make her fragile and it would not do her any good.. She'd blocked her heart from any sorts of emotional feelings toward others...

But then, enters Luke in her life, her sister's son, (her sister has somehow turned into a psycopath and always wanders around that she had no idea how she had gotten herself pregnant!!)

And also enters Ivan, Luke's invisible best friend :D 
Is this best friend really exist? Or just Luke's imagination? Either way, this Ivan is about to make a difference in their life...
And Elizabeth was about to discover what she had been missing all along...

Nevertheless, I haven't finished reading this book, I'm only about 1/3 and already it's hard for me to put it down.

With a touch of a fairytale, this book is a must read!!
And for those who's been wondering, 
'What to read next??'
This is the answer!!!

PS: Anyway, in case you don't already know, Cecilia Ahern is the No.1 bestselling author of 'PS, I Love You.'

Thursday, December 6, 2012

More projects...

One whole day with a piano, iMovie, Garage band, and iTunes really make my back ache.. Fuuuuuuhhhhh...
And the product is....

I know, i know... 
It's no difference from my previous videos, but if you notice, there's no background sounds, and the quality of the sound is better  too...
mmmmm.. ye ke..??
Never mind, enjoy the song, it's an old song, but I loved it very much and still is... 

Below is a last 2 week's project, also 'lagu basi', but I still love to listen to it till today..
And this one is not so good, I didn't have much practice, too many projects are in progress, can't spend too much time on any particular song :)
Anyway, Enjoy!
While reminiscing about old times..

"Sesuatu yang tak di sangka, 
Seringkali mendatangi kita....... " 
Silalah sambung sendiri hehe..

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Perhaps, this will be our last winter here...
Perhaps this will be the last time we will ever feel the snow falling on our face...
Perhaps this will the last time for us to feel it in our hands..
I'll miss it all, I'll miss to see the snow falling from the sky, I'll miss to see the kids cheering and jumping in excitement and open their arms wide welcoming the snow, I'll miss the beautiful sight it created after it has settled on the trees, on the grass, on the roof top, etc etc...
And I'll miss to see Fatini walking all the way from kindergarten to home with her mouth wide open as the snow fell directly into her mouth :D
(Kat Malaysia boleh buat masa hujan ye Fatini hehe)

I'll just miss it someday... I know I will.....
Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to feel it all, even if I have to leave it all behind someday, at least I know, in my heart, the memories remain... (If i don't get amnesia or someting like that hehe)

Till later...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paintings, Friends, etc etc haha..

Mmmmmmmm.... It's been quite sometimes since I've last updated about my paintings. This one below is the latest which I've painted a few months ago. Then I've stopped painting temporarily because I dun know where else should I hang them? The house looks all flowery already, Lily had once said;
"Ahhhhhh Fruhling!!!", when she entered the house haha..
That means 'Spring' in English...

Ok, so what do you think?
 I've got a few fans for this painting, some even asked me to start selling my paintings online haha.. Very funny..
This particular painting however, was soooooo much adored by my mother, she'd even seriously thinking about taking it home with her..
Dun worry mom, I'll make another one for u, with a special touch :D
And not just that, it is also used as a background for a photo shoot, during Eid celebration and a few more events which I couldn't locate where have I stored those photos.

Maybe I should start a photography sessions or something with my painting as a background (yeah right, in my dream... Hehehe)

Ok, another huge fan of my paintings is of course, Mike.. Hahaha.. He's also into this painting, mmmmmmm or maybe he's just trying to be nice :D

So he was here last Sunday, and had lunch with us and another new Malaysian friend here. And this morning, again he and hubby headed for the Base, I guess checking things out, and I'm here at home wanting to share something with you guys...

When Mike was here, and as always when we meet, there's always something we've learnt from this knowledgeable guy.

Last week, he talked a lil bit bout the US army base to our new Malaysian friend here, bout things inside there, how cheap were the stuffs there..
 But something he said that day, made me think, really really think, like I've just been slapped..!

He said, though things are cheap in there, because they were free from tax, it is ILLEGAL, that's the word, 'ILLEGAL' for anyone to sneak them out and make money out of it!
Of course it's illegal, those are the special rights for all US armies here, and it is not meant for anyone to make a profit out of it!!!!!!!
And the thing is, how come I've never realized this before? I was so close to asking him why didn't he make profit from this? I've always thought, what a waste? He had all the opportunity, and I have so many Malaysian friends who are soooooo into Corelle!

Now I know why, why he never seemed the least interested, because it's 'ILLEGAL'...
And I feel a stab of shame, how could I even think about it? I'm a Muslim and he's not, and he has more moral values than me...
Thank God I've never voiced it out to him before about this 'Business' idea... Huhu..
Though it seems like a small matter, but...

"Walau sebesar zarah skali pun pasti akan menerima balasan...."

And it's true..... "Kefakiran menghampirkan kita dengan kekufuran....."

 I think, Mike will be the closest to a perfect Muslim if he is a Muslim, and I hope he receives the hidayah someday...

By the way, my mom had met him as well when she was here, and I heard her say, 
"You are a nice man! "


By the way, that whole roasted chicken in a green cover pyrex is specially made by hubby for him hehehe...

Ok, lastly, Lesson I've learnt, we as a Muslim, shouldn't take something so lightly, shouldn't act so indifferent when dealing with anything.... 
Shouldn't be so ignorant... *sigh*

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beautiful, mesmerizing, breathtaking....

One of the best thing about having to live in a house uphill is that, you'll get to lose weight frequently, or even if u don't lose weight quite frequently, at least u gain no weight at all!!

When my sister was here, I once took her for a walk downtown and on the way back, of course we had to walk up the hill, she said to me;

"No wonder you've never put on weight!!"

Mmmmmmmm... I guess she's right, though I've sometimes complained why did we even consider living in a house uphill, but now... I've realized that it benefits us actually.. Not only bout maintaining a suitable weight but also to maintain a good health..

Ok, another thing is, we get to see this wonderful, mesmerizing sight whenever the sun is about to set :)

Check it out, aren't they beautiful? Mesmerizing? Breathtaking?
Whatever words to describe them, but every time I gaze at them, I feel utterly gripped..

"Allah is the one who created the heavens and the earth and all that in between them in 6 days, then He positioned himself on the Throne. Other than Him there is neither a guardian for you nor an intercessor. Would you then not observe the advice?" As-Sajda ; 4.

Link within

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