Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beautiful, mesmerizing, breathtaking....

One of the best thing about having to live in a house uphill is that, you'll get to lose weight frequently, or even if u don't lose weight quite frequently, at least u gain no weight at all!!

When my sister was here, I once took her for a walk downtown and on the way back, of course we had to walk up the hill, she said to me;

"No wonder you've never put on weight!!"

Mmmmmmmm... I guess she's right, though I've sometimes complained why did we even consider living in a house uphill, but now... I've realized that it benefits us actually.. Not only bout maintaining a suitable weight but also to maintain a good health..

Ok, another thing is, we get to see this wonderful, mesmerizing sight whenever the sun is about to set :)

Check it out, aren't they beautiful? Mesmerizing? Breathtaking?
Whatever words to describe them, but every time I gaze at them, I feel utterly gripped..

"Allah is the one who created the heavens and the earth and all that in between them in 6 days, then He positioned himself on the Throne. Other than Him there is neither a guardian for you nor an intercessor. Would you then not observe the advice?" As-Sajda ; 4.


sitiezahim said...

haaa yg time schnee tu bila? hehehhe...
tapi betul la. mmg ada kelebihan dan kekurangan umah atas bukit ni. tp duisburg mmg bukan kawasan berbukit..sbb tu schnee liat nak turun huhuhu

ishamizu said...

Bila izu dah sampai rumah kak Nana, izu pon terfikir patutlah akak slim, sebab selalu excercise turun-naik bukit tu..hehe

Nway, cantiknya kak sunset view tu..mmg awesome! i know the feeling too! ;)

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