Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today's story..

Oh too bad...
Today she's sick, she vomited 5 times through the night, crying and kept asking me why is she sick? 
Oh my sweetie, don't know how to make her understand that being sick is neccessary so we'll appreciate being healthy. That way she'll take her apple everyday too hehe..

I was up all night so that I could tend to all her needs, mmmmm, wait, not really all night, I exaggerated a bit, I was actually able to sleep at 5.00am, and got up at 7.00am, the vomiting had stopped, but she complained of a stomach ache...
Mmmmm.. I was so sure she's infected by Rotavirus.... Again...
These viruses seemed to have loved us so much...
My children picked it up many times before, you can read HERE.

But, she didn't have a diarhea like I've expected she would today..
Nevertheless, I took extra precautions anyway, everybody has to wash their hands thoroughly, I myself have had a countless hand-washing, my hands are all dry out from the excess soap hehe..

Oh pity her, she's been sleeping all morning too..
Heheh ape la gaya tido camtu..
I hope there's nothing serious, I hope she'll be ok soon...

Yesterday she made this drawing, and the moment I looked at it, I knew what it was!

Haaaaaaa... a slight resemblance rite??
I mean, she's 4 years old, and she drew something which I knew immediately what it was, that means there's a slight resemblance, and I'm utterly impressed!!
This is definitely her aunty's genes!

All of them love painting so much, they would all make these row of paintings, and then asked me to chose which one is Number 1, number 2, number 3, and of course being a fair mommy, I'd say all were beautiful heheh..

Not bad huh??

Other than paintings, they love all kinds of arts too.. 

Afeef made this decoration on the glass himself (",)


Other than art lovers, there's also a computer nerd in the house..

She eats, drinks, and sleeps in front of the Computer hehehe!!!

Oh my, what will my Mom say if she sees this ????!!!!


sitiezahim said...

heheh pastikan ur mum tak tahu..hihihi
takdelah, tapi rasanya budak2 zaman sekarang mmg addicted dengan computer kan? huhu...
btw gute besserug fatini...kesiannya..

ishamizu said...

hehe cutenya mcm mama ke papa yg computer nerd ni? hihi..nway cantiknya glass Afeef..n yep ank2 akk all creative mcm kak Nana..i can see from their paintings. ;)

Nway, get well soon to Fatini! kesian tgk dia tido mcm tu..menahan sakit agaknya..:(

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Anna, I was at Ishamizu's blog noticed your callsign and busybody over.
Regret to read your daughter not well.
Here's hoping she's recovered.

Ya la, budak2 bila kechik will give parents worry...and they too young to understand why they don't feel good.
Just give her lots of TLC she'll be fine.

I love that pic of her sleeping in front of the computer, soooo cute.
Here's wishing you, from Canada, the very best of Seasons Greetings.
Have a great week, and keep a song in your heart.

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