Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Always in my Heart...

A picture worth a few words...

1~~ Hang out with friends.
2~~ Everyone is totally engrossed in a conversation that no one seemed to notice the camera.
3~~ Aleena is damn bored... heheheh.. and a bit left out at a corner there :)

More words?? 
Yeah, the food was great!! 

Friends come and go, but only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts..

And so will those people we love, those people who are very very special, they'll leave permanent footprints...
I play this song again, this time with an intro and also a better tempo and I dedicate this to all special people in my life,
You know who you are... (",)

When I play this song, I have this warm feeling inside ***sigh****



sitiezahim said...

walaupon muka saya takde dlm gamba tu (sbb takde yg pakai tudung haha :P) tapi saya berharap nama saya terselit dalam lagu yg u main ni hehehe

Miss Anna said...

kan dah cakap, u know who you are ;)

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