Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paintings, Friends, etc etc haha..

Mmmmmmmm.... It's been quite sometimes since I've last updated about my paintings. This one below is the latest which I've painted a few months ago. Then I've stopped painting temporarily because I dun know where else should I hang them? The house looks all flowery already, Lily had once said;
"Ahhhhhh Fruhling!!!", when she entered the house haha..
That means 'Spring' in English...

Ok, so what do you think?
 I've got a few fans for this painting, some even asked me to start selling my paintings online haha.. Very funny..
This particular painting however, was soooooo much adored by my mother, she'd even seriously thinking about taking it home with her..
Dun worry mom, I'll make another one for u, with a special touch :D
And not just that, it is also used as a background for a photo shoot, during Eid celebration and a few more events which I couldn't locate where have I stored those photos.

Maybe I should start a photography sessions or something with my painting as a background (yeah right, in my dream... Hehehe)

Ok, another huge fan of my paintings is of course, Mike.. Hahaha.. He's also into this painting, mmmmmmm or maybe he's just trying to be nice :D

So he was here last Sunday, and had lunch with us and another new Malaysian friend here. And this morning, again he and hubby headed for the Base, I guess checking things out, and I'm here at home wanting to share something with you guys...

When Mike was here, and as always when we meet, there's always something we've learnt from this knowledgeable guy.

Last week, he talked a lil bit bout the US army base to our new Malaysian friend here, bout things inside there, how cheap were the stuffs there..
 But something he said that day, made me think, really really think, like I've just been slapped..!

He said, though things are cheap in there, because they were free from tax, it is ILLEGAL, that's the word, 'ILLEGAL' for anyone to sneak them out and make money out of it!
Of course it's illegal, those are the special rights for all US armies here, and it is not meant for anyone to make a profit out of it!!!!!!!
And the thing is, how come I've never realized this before? I was so close to asking him why didn't he make profit from this? I've always thought, what a waste? He had all the opportunity, and I have so many Malaysian friends who are soooooo into Corelle!

Now I know why, why he never seemed the least interested, because it's 'ILLEGAL'...
And I feel a stab of shame, how could I even think about it? I'm a Muslim and he's not, and he has more moral values than me...
Thank God I've never voiced it out to him before about this 'Business' idea... Huhu..
Though it seems like a small matter, but...

"Walau sebesar zarah skali pun pasti akan menerima balasan...."

And it's true..... "Kefakiran menghampirkan kita dengan kekufuran....."

 I think, Mike will be the closest to a perfect Muslim if he is a Muslim, and I hope he receives the hidayah someday...

By the way, my mom had met him as well when she was here, and I heard her say, 
"You are a nice man! "


By the way, that whole roasted chicken in a green cover pyrex is specially made by hubby for him hehehe...

Ok, lastly, Lesson I've learnt, we as a Muslim, shouldn't take something so lightly, shouldn't act so indifferent when dealing with anything.... 
Shouldn't be so ignorant... *sigh*

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sitiezahim said...

mmg tak fair la kan kalau boleh dapat corelle dengan harga murah camtu (kalau kita tak entitled) sbb tax n shipping ke msia pon dah berapa..huhuhu

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